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This page lists a number of Ayrshire Castles that offer holidays. Accommodation can consist of apartments or the complete castle.

Most of these castles are also popular for weddings.

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Blair House is situated in a large estate near the town of Dalry in north Ayrshire. The earliest part of Blair House is believed to be a tower from 1105.

Blair House image

The house has an interesting history with links to royalty. Blair House is now available for weddings, accommodation and self contained holidays. For more information on the history of Blair House, the Clan and photos, visit the website. Tel: 01294 833 100.
blairestate.com . KA24 4ER

Blairquhan Castle is set in a 2000-acre estate 14 miles south of Ayr near the small village of Straiton. The castle was completed in 1842 for Sir David Hunter Blair (son of a banker and Lord Provost of Edinburgh).

Blairquhan Castle image

The estates castle, lodge, dower house and six cottages are now available for holidays, special events and weddings. The castles full history, tour of rooms, gardens, information on shooting, fishing, weddings, corporate events and occasional guided tours can be found on the website. Tel: 01655 770 239.
Website . KA19 7LY

Carnell Castle / Mansion House is situated between Kilmarnock and Ayr. The tower of Carnell was built in the 16th Century for the Wallace’s. Carnell was extended to what can be seen today by the architect William Burn in the 1840s.

Carnell Castle

Set in a 2000 acre estate, Carnell offers accommodation, weddings, falconry, archery, shooting - clays, pheasant and grouse. For the full history, tour of Carnell’s rooms, gardens and bookings, visit the website. Tel: 01563 884 236.
carnellestates.com . KA1 5JS

Culzean Castle is situated about 16 miles south of Ayr on the coast close to the village of Maidens. Culzean Castle was completed in 1792 for David Kennedy (10th Earl of Cassillis).

Culzean image

The Kennedy’s handed the castle and estate over to the National Trust for Scotland in 1945. Views of the castles interior and Eisenhower apartments that are available for holidays and weddings can be found at the website. Tel: 01655 884 455.
Website . Postcode: KA19 8LE.

Glenapp Castle is situated near the small village of Ballantrae on the southwest coast of Ayrshire. Glenapp Castle was completed in 1870 for James Hunter (Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Ayrshire).

Glenapp Castle image

The present owners offer the castle for holidays, corporate events and weddings. Numerous sporting and leisure activities can be arranged for guests. More information on the castles history, views of rooms, gardens and information on accommodation can be found on the website. Tel: 01465 831 212.
glenappcastle.com . KA26 0NZ

Kelburn Castle is situated about one mile south of Largs in north Ayrshire. The earliest parts of Kelburn Castle date back to the13th Century.

Kelburn Castle image

The castle was built for the Boyle’s (Earls of Glasgow) and still remains in that family to this day. Since 1977, much of Kelburn’s grounds have been opened to the public as a country park. The castle has been made available for holiday accommodation, conferences, banquets, receptions and weddings. More information and views of the castles interior can be found on the website. Tel: 01475 568 685.
kelburncastle.com . KA29 0BE

Law Castle is situated in the hills overlooking West Kilbride. This castle was built for Princess Mary, eldest daughter of James II (Stewart) upon her marriage to Master Thomas Boyd (later Earl of Arran).

Law Castle image

Thomas and his father Lord Kilmnarnock had to flee Scotland when they were accused of kidnapping King James III. Mary divorced Thomas soon after and married Lord Hamilton. The castle passed to the Bontine family in 1670. They abandoned the castle though time leaving it to fall into a ruinous state. Work to restore Law Castle began in the 1990s. Law Castle is now available for holidays, corporate events and weddings. Tel.: 07977 281 866.
lawcastle.com . KA23 9PB

Sorn Castle is situated about 14 miles north of Ayr, overlooking the River Ayr, 4 miles east of Mauchline. The earliest parts of this castle were built in the early 1400s for the Hamilton’s.

Sorn Castle image

Sorn has served as a sporting estate for many years, fishing /shooting. The castle has recently been made available for holidays and weddings. Tel: 01290 551 476.
sorncastle.com . KA5 6HR

Sundrum Castle is situated about 4 miles east of Ayr. The earliest parts of Sundrum Castle were built in the 14th Century for the Sheriff of Ayr, Sir Duncan Wallace (relation of William Wallace).

Sundrum Castle image

The castle has changed ownership many times with its present day looks attributed to work carried out in the 1790s. Sundrum Castle served as a hotel from the 1930s to 1970s. After the hotel closed, the building was converted to apartments, some of which are now available for holidays. There is a holiday park close to the castle. Tel: 01530 244 436.
sundrumcastle.com . KA6 5JY

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