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Seamill & West Kilbride are two Villages next to each other in Ayrshire, southwest Scotland.

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The Villages are popular for the Beaches, Meals at the Hotel Restaurants by the Beaches, two Castles, Seaside Walking Route, and Golf.

Seamill is next to the Sea and West Kilbride inland.
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The image top is of the Beach on the south side of Seamill, about 4 miles north of the ferry port town of Ardrossan, with Ferries running all day to the Isle of Arran.

There are a number of car parks beside the Beach in this area and Restaurants with sea views.

The image second top right is of the Waterside Hotel, on the south side of Seamill, with a popular large Restaurant next to the Sea.

The third image is of Seamill Main Street looking north, with the seaside town of Largs being 8 miles further north.

The Hydro Hotel is in Seamill centre, right next to the Beach. This is a popular Hotel for meals, holidays and special events.

The Beach at Seamill Hydro is right next to the Hotel Gardens. There was a Wedding taking place when this image was taken with guests enjoying the Gardens, Beach, and Views over the Arran Mountains.

The image right is of West Kilbride Golf Club, on the north side of Seamill, west side of West Kilbride.

This is a popular Links Course right next to the Sea.

West Kilbride is inland from Seamill, on the hillside. The image right is looking down the Main Street.

The next image is of the West Kilbride Village Hall on the Main Street. There are a few small Shops in this area and Cafes.

West Kilbride Parish Church is at the bottom of the Main Street. This Church was built in 1882.

The name West Kilbride is thought to have come from St. Bride or Bridget, an Irish virgin of the 400s, distinguished for her religious devotion. It is believed early Missionaries established a cell in her honour. Records seem to suggest there was a Chapel in the Seamill area in the 1100s.

West Kilbride Railway Station opened in 1887. Trains run about one an hour, north to Largs, south to Ardrossan and Kilwinning, then from Kilwinning to Glasgow Central.

West Kilbride Glen is at the bottom of the Main Street. The Glen is a popular Walk in the area.

Law Castle sits on the hillside above West Kilbride, a few hundred yards up the very steep and narrow road past the Railway Station. The Castle was built in the 1400s for King James III's sister Mary after she married Thomas Boyd, Earl of Arran.

An Englishman restored the Castle in the 1990s to serve as his family home.

Law Castle was acquired in the early 2000s to serve as a Self Catering Holiday Let, and for Weddings.

Portencross Castle is on the north side of Seamill. This Castle was built on lands originally owned by the Ross Clan. King Robert the Bruce awarded these lands to the Boyd's of Kilmarnock for their support at the Battle of Bannockburn.

Robert Boyd built the Castle from the 1300s to make use of the small Harbour. There is a seaside Car Park close to the Castle for picnics, visits to the Castle, and for a popular Walk along the shore.

The Cliffs along the shore Walk have Birds of Prey nesting certain times of the year, a popular place for wildlife photographs.

Signposts on the A78 road, less than one mile north of Seamill, show the road down to Portencross Castle.

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