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Largs is a beach resort town in North Ayrshire, 31 miles north of Ayr, 33 miles west of Glasgow, popular for its cafes, restaurants, bar diners, hotels, beach, kids play, boat trips, and viking history.

Largs Train Station is about 300 yards from Largs Beach and Ferry Slip for ferries to the Isle of Cumbrae. Regular trains and buses run between Largs and Ayr, or Glasgow.

North of the Ferry Slip is Largs Bay with a long promenade, shingle beach, and vast grassland. South of the Ferry Slip is Castle Bay also with a long promenade, vast grassland and outdoor leisure activities. Largs Shops Click On Map.

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Right is a view showing the small town of Largs beach area lined by palm trees. The Gulf Stream that runs from the Gulf of Mexico is supposed to run to here. This is why Largs and other Ayrshire coastal towns normally have mild winters.

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Largs Train Station is only a few hundred yards from the beach, and the Ferry Slip for ferries to the Isle of Cumbrae is in the centre of town, between the north promenade and south promenade.
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Largs beach on the north side of the town, overlooking Largs Bay, is mostly shingle.

There are at times speed boats at the beach for fast tours around Largs Bay. Large Image

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There are a number of cafe's, restaurants, and bar diners alongside the north promenade.

Close to the town centre is a kids play area with rides and large amusements with a bowling alley. At the north end there is a scenic boating pond that is rarely used.
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The Vikingar, 300 yards north of the town centre, has a swimming pool, theatre/cinema, gift & craft shop, children’s soft play area and the Vikingar Experience.
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Vikingar Largs

This visitor attraction covers Viking life in Scotland. Part of the experience is an 18-minute film that depicts the saga of the Vikings in Scotland through 400 years to their defeat at the Battle of Largs in 1263. Tel: 01475 689 777.
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Speedboats often offers trips around Largs Bay. They operate from the jetty in the middle of Largs beach most summer days when the weather is suitable.Large Image

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Right is the ferry that runs between Largs and the island of Great Cumbrae every 30 minutes. The trip takes just 10 minutes.
Tour of Cumbrae

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There is a bus service from the slip on the island that allows passengers without cars or bikes to travel the short distance to the islands town of Millport. Prices are about £3 per passenger return and £12 per car. Cumbrae is famous for its cycle lane around the Island. Ferry Website

Largs south promenade overlooking Castle Bay is extremely scenic with a large war memorial, fountain, and leisure areas. The south promenade runs for about 1 mile towards Largs Marina.

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The Campbell Fountain is in honour of John Campbell, for 61 years their beloved physician. Born 1791, died 1873.

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Largs Yacht Haven and Sailing Club are situated about 1 mile south of Largs off Irvine Road.


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Scotsail Yacht Charters offer a selection of yachts for charter out of Largs Yacht Haven, sailing or powered, with or without an instructor, skipper or hostess.

Scotts Restaurant is a popular place to dine at Largs Marina.
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The Pencil Monument is situated next to Largs Marina with a two hundred yard path from the car parks at the marina. You can also walk about one mile from Largs south promenade. Large Image

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The Pencil Monument is to commemorate the Battle of Largs in 1263 between the forces of King Alexander III of Scotland and Hakon the Old of Norway.

Although the battle had no clear winner, the Vikings began withdrawing from Scotland from that time, ending 400 years of settlements throughout the western isles and northwest of Scotland.

Kelburn Castle and Country Centre is situated about one mile south of Largs.

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The interior of the Castle is run separate from the Country Centre as it is used for holiday accommodation, banquets, weddings, conferences and guided tours when available.

The Country Centre is a children's paradise with an adventure course, indoor play barn, pets corner, pony trekking, ranger service and scenic gardens for the children and adults with plaques giving information on the trees and plants, many from around the world.

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Largs Golf Club is situated on the south side of Largs next to the Kelburn Country Centre with views over the Island of Great Cumbrae. Large Image

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This scenic 6,115-yard par 70 parks course welcomes visitors, about £44 per round. You can also just use the restaurant with views over the course. Tel: 01475 673 594.
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Routenburn Golf Club is situated on the north side of Largs. This course, although less formal and not as pristine as Largs Golf Club, has great views over Largs, the Firth of Clyde and many islands. Tel: 01475 687 240.
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Scuba Diving from Largs visit

Fast Boat Tours of the Cumbrae Isles from Largs visit

Greeto Waterfalls Walk into the hills above Largs.

The local website for Largs is

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