Lendalfoot Hill Walk

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Where: Lendalfoot Hill/Balsalloch Hill in South Ayrshire
Height: 614 feet
When: May 25th 2012
Who: I Parker
Why: good weather so a day out to take some photos
Weather: Sunny about 25c/ 76f
Distance: ? miles

Lendalfoot Hill or real name Balsalloch Hill, is situated right next to the sea at the small holiday village of Lendalfoot, 6 miles south of Girvan, 27 miles south of Ayr.

This is an impressive hill when driving down the A77 road as it rises steeply above the road and village. The hill looks more than 614 feet, probably because it is right next to the sea with no adjoining hills.

Road Map .

Lendalfoot Balsalloch Hill image

On the south side of Lendalfoot is the Varyag Memorial for the Russian Cruiser that sunk just off the coast here in the early 1900s. This is a popular rest area with a large car park.

I asked a local resident about any official routes up the hill. I was informed there was a path from the row of houses at the north side of the hill, but that was a bit overgrown. The locals say they hope to be clearing the path soon.

Varyag Memorial at Lendalfoot image

I decided to cross the road at the memorial and climb straight up the highest and one of the steepest parts, as seen below, then go back down the less steep north side by the official way up and down.

There was an electric sheep fence alongside the road that I had to hop over, not sure if it was connected up or not, glad to say I did not find out. Been a long time since I was zapped by an electric sheep fence.

Lendalfoot Hill west side image

Below is a view looking north from close to the top. Not many hills in Scotland give a view like this one, especially after only about 30 minutes hiking. Was quite steep up here in places, had to dig the toes and hiking poles into the hillside now and again to avoid slipping.

Large Image.

Lendalfoot Hill north view image

Below is a view west towards Ailsa Craig from the top.

Ailsa Craig from Lendalfoot Hill image

Below is a view south towards the 870 feet Knockdolian Hill. This is another good lone standing hill for a hike in the area.

South view to Knockdolian Hill image

Below is a view south to Bennane Shore holiday park. Just beyond the park, where the road rises over Bennane Head, is a car park sitting above Sawney Bean the cannibals cave. This is a couple of hundred feet hike down to the cave, worth doing if you are here.

South view to Bennane Shore holiday park image

The north side of Lendalfoot hill is about 100 feet lower than the south side. The stone dyke here also had an electric fence along it. I managed to cross this one as well without finding if it was connected up.

Lower north side view back image

The views from the lower north end of the west side are amazing with a few 500 feet drops almost straight down into the back gardens of the houses below. There are a number of testing steep routes along the west side making this a hill that could be fun on a few visits.

Large Image.

Lendalfoot from Balsalloch Hill image

Below is the north side official way up and down with Carleton Castle next to a farm. This is a steady hike up this route. The Hills in the distance are the Girvan Hills that run from 1 mile north of Lendalfoot to Girvan 5 miles north. The highest hill is the 974 feet Grey Hill and the route ends at the 703 feet Byne Hill overlooking Girvan.

Lendalfoot Hill north side image

Below is Carleton Castle from where the north side route turns round towards the houses at Lendalfoot.

Carleton Castle image

Below is the north side path up or down. Locals say they hope to clear the path soon.

Lendalfoot Hill path image

Below is a view of Carleton Crescent where the Lendalfoot Hill route starts on the right in this image.

Carleton Road at Lendalfoot image

The image below is the beach walk back to the Varyag Memorial.

Lendalfoot Beach monument image

Below is a view of Sawney Bean's Cave about 1 mile south of Lendalfoot. I had to visit the cave when in the area. The car park is above the high point top right in this image. The main route up or down is from the north side of the car park that winds its way down past the old trailer as in the image below. The route up or down from the south side of the car park is a bit steeper.

Sawney Bean Cave image

Heading home north through Kennedy's Pass, 5 miles south of Girvan.

Kennedys Pass by Girvan image

This was a cracking, testing hike with amazing views after such a short time hiking. The Varyag Memorial and beach are also peaceful places to spend an hour or two when the weather is good.