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Irvine is one of the largest towns in Ayrshire, situated on the coast about 13 miles north of Ayr, with a long sandy beach, boat museum, country park, and a good selection of bar diners and restaurants.

Irvine stretches from the area of Gailes in the south, with some top links golf courses, to Eglinton Country Park 4 miles north.

The Main Street in the centre of town, and the large Rivergate shopping centre next to the Main Street, are the busiest parts of town, with a good selection of shops.

The train station is situated next to the Rivergate shopping centre, with the harbour and beach to the west of the train station. The beach is long with fine sand and the grassland alongside is miles long. The beach area has free parking for hundreds of cars. By the beach is the large Magnum Leisure Centre with a large variety of sports catered for.

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The Magnum Leisure Centre is Irvine Beach Park’s main attraction. The centre has vast car parking facilities free of charge. Some of the facilities are ice skating summer/ curling winter, swimming, bowls, badmington, football, fitness centre and more. For a full list of facilities visit the website

You can just turn up and use many of the facilities for a small charge, or book in advance any specific facility through the website. Tel: Tel: 01294 278 381.

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Irvine vast Beach Park image

Left is a view of the vast Beach Park in Irvine with a lake that is ideal for remote control boats, and an area for skateboarding.

Cycle lanes run throughout the park that seem to run for miles with parking facilities for hundreds of cars free of charge.

The Ship Inn, oldest pub in Irvine, is situated by the entrance to the Magnum, popular for drinks and meals.

Right is the long sandy beach at Irvine, next to the Beach Park, with great views over the Firth of Clyde and Island of Arran.

This view shows the beach with a small car park that sits out on the pier. Irvine Beach is always in great condition.

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Prices for the museum are around £7.50 for adults or £5.50 Concession. Tickets for the museum also allow concessions for visiting the Denny Ship Model Experiment Tank at Dumbarton.

The Irvine Scottish Maritime Museum, on Montgomery Street, is situated a few hundred yards upriver from the Magnum. Tours start from the main building and take in restored vessels moored along the harbour and larger vessels in dock.

Inside the main building of the museum is a collection of small vessels and different types of marine engines. There are three restored vessels along the quay that you can visit. These vessels however are sometimes away on tours or in dock being repaired. Tel: 01294 278 283.

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West of the train station in Irvine is the Beach Park, and to the east, as seen in the image right, is the Rivergate shopping complex and Retail Park.

This is now the busiest part of Irvine as there is free parking for hundreds of cars, and a variety of shops that sell everything from sweets to furniture.

Irvine Rivergate shopping complex image

Irvine Rivergate shopping complex image

Left is a view of the large Rivergate shopping complex as it crosses River Irvine leading towards the town centre.

After crossing the river, there is an exit onto a pedestrian only street that leads from the east side of the Rivergate centre to Irvine High Street, named Bridgegate.

This area was re-developed between 2012 and 2014. The area now has sculptures and a vast stairway leading up to the church.

The Trinity Church Irvine underwent restoration work at the same time, it is unclear what the church will be used as.

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Irvine High Street image

Left is a view of Irvine High Street looking east towards Kilmarnock. West leads to Kilwinning Road, Eglinton Country Park, Kilwinning, Ardrossan and Largs.

There are a few bar diners along the High Street popular for a drink and inexpensive meals.

Eglinton Country Park is situated about one mile northeast of Irvine centre. It is open to the public free of charge all year round. There is a visitor centre, tea house, children's play areas and many scenic walks in the park. Tel: 01294 551 776.

Eglinton Estate was awarded to the Montgomery’s in the 1500s for their support of Scottish Kings. The Montgomery’s abandoned Eglinton Castle and estate in 1929 after hitting financial difficulties. The castle fell into disrepair and is said to have been used as target practice for tanks during World War Two.

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For all Irvine Area Golf Courses, visit:

Western Gailes golf course is a challenging 6,639-yard par 74 used for Open qualifying. This is the most testing and well-known of the 5 golf courses in Irvine. A really challenging links course with all holes being right next to the sea.

Further information on this course can be found at the website:

For inexpensive golf in Irvine there is the parks course on the north side of town named Ravenspark.

For more information visit the website

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