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No.22 Bar & Grill / Ayr

A mix of flavours from around the world with specials nights and a fantastic range of cocktails.

No.22 Bar & Grill
22 Beresford Tearrace
KA7 2EG . Reviews.
Phone: (01292) 280 820

No.22 Bar & Grill Ayr

Mr Basrai's World Cuisines / Ayr

A unique dining experience with complete freedom to choose from a wide range of global cuisines. Over 100 dishes from around the globe created every day.

Mr Basrai's World Cuisines
3-7 Beresford Terrace
KA7 2ER . Reviews .
Tel: (01292) 267 888

Mr Basrai's World Cuisines in Ayr

Tudor Kitchen & Grill / Ayr

The Tudor Kitchen & Grill that serves traditional Scottish food is situated on Beresford Terrace close to Burns Statue Square. Breakfasts, lunches, dinner and snacks are served from 09.00 - 21.30, tea and coffee available all day.

Tudor Kitchen & Grill
8 Beresford Tearrace
KA7 2EG . Reviews . Large Image
Tel: (01292) 261 404

The Tudor Restaurant Ayr

Meridian Cafe Bar / Ayr

The Meridian Cafe Bar (part of the Ayrshire & Galloway Hotel) is situated on Killoch Place with views over Burns Statue Square. Meals are served 12.00 - 21.45 each day.

Meridian Cafe Bar
Killoch Place
KA7 2EA . Reviews.
Tel: (01292) 287 032

Meridian Cafe Bar Ayr

Vito's Italian Restaurant / Ayr

Vito's restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere with views over Burns Statue Square. There is seating for over 100 over 2 floors linked by a glass staircase.

Vito's Italian Restaurant
25 Burns Statue Square
KA7 1SU . Reviews . Large Image
Tel: (01292) 290 777

Vito's Italian Restaurant in Ayr

Ruby Cantonese Restaurant / Ayr

The Ruby Cantonese Restaurant is situated at the bottom of the Sandgate close to River Ayr. Meals are available from 12.00 - 23.30 Monday to Saturday and 12.30 - 23.30 Sunday.

Ruby Cantonese Restaurant
KA7 1JX . Reviews . Large Image
Tel: (01292) 267 131

Ruby Chinese Restaurant Ayr

New City Cantonese Restaurant / Ayr

The New City Cantonese Restaurant is situated in the middle of the Sandgate. Meals are available from 12.00 - 23.30 Monday - Saturday and 12.30 - 23.30 Sunday. Low cost three course lunches served between 12.00 and 15.00 Monday - Saturday.

New City Cantonese Restaurant
27 - 29 Sandgate
KA7 1BG . Reviews.
Tel: (01292) 265 051

New City Chinese Restaurant Ayr

The Waterfront Restaurant / Ayr

The Waterfront Restaurant-Bar-Terrace is a stylish venue overlooking the River Ayr. Offering a wide range of food and drinks in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

The Waterfront
4 South Harbour Street
KA7 1HZ . Reviews . Large Image
Tel: (01292) 280 212

The Waterfront Restaurant Ayr

Royal Blossom Chinese Restaurant / Ayr

The Royal Blossom is a popular Chinese restaurant situated by the harbour. Open for dinner, lunch & takeaway.

Royal Blossom
241 South Harbour Street
KA7 1JA . Reviews .
Tel: (01292) 288 565

Royal Blossom Chinese Restaurant Ayr

Kashmir Indian Restaurant / Ayr

The Kashmir Indian Restaurant is situated on the Sandgate midway between the river and Wellington Square. Meals are available from 12.00 - 15.00 and 17.00 - 20.00 Monday to Saturday and 17.00 - 20.00 Sunday. Low priced three course lunches from 12.00 - 15.00 Monday to Saturday. Buffet night every Tuesday.

Kashmir Indian Restaurant
42 Sandgate
KA7 1BX . Reviews .
Tel: (01292) 611 772

Kashmir Indian Restaurant Ayr

Bonfanti Italian Restaurant / Ayr

Ayr's longest serving Italian Reastaurant, Bonfanti, is situated at the top of the Sandgate. Meals served from 17.00 - 22.30 each day.

Bonfanti Italian Restaurant
64 Sandgate
KA7 1BX . Reviews .
Tel: (01292) 266 577

Bonfanti Italian Restaurant Ayr

Cecchini's Italian Restaurant / Ayr

A family business with a warm welcome and Italian atmosphere, serving traditional Italian and continental cuisine. Lunches 12.00 - 2.30pm, Dinners 6pm - 10.30pm. Open Mon-Sat. Personally run by the owners.

Cecchini's Italian Restaurant
Wellington Square
KA7 1EH . Reviews .
Phone: (01292) 263 607

Cecchini's Italian Restaurant Ayr

Rupee Room Indian Restaurant / Ayr

The Rupee Room Indian Restaurant is situated on Alloway Place overlooking Wellington Square. Meals are served 16.00 - 23.00 Mon, Tue, Wed, 12.00 - 14.30 and 16.00 - 23.30 Thu, Fri & Sat.

Rupee Room Indian Restaurant
26A Wellington Square
KA7 1HH . Reviews .
Tel: (01292) 283 002

Rupee Room Indian Restaurant Ayr

Ayr India Indian Restaurant / Ayr

Ayr India Indian Restaurant is situated on Alloway Place by Wellington Square. Open 7 Days From 12 noon 'til Late.

Ayr India Indian Restaurant
1 Alloway Place
KA7 2AA . Reviews .
Phone: (01292) 261 026

Ayr India Alloway Place Ayr

Ayr India Indian Restaurant / Ayr

Ayr India Indian Restaurant is situated off Seafield Road overlooking the beach one mile south of Ayr centre. 4 pm - 11 pm

Ayr India Indian Restaurant
10 Seafield Road
KA7 4AD . Reviews .
Phone: (01292) 263 731

Ayr India Indian Restaurant Ayr

The Balgarth Pines / Ayr

The Balgarth Pines is a contemporary, ambient Bar & Restaurant in the suburbs of Ayr with high quality food & drink in a relaxed, modern and comfortable venue. Has a large garden with a kids play.

The Balgarth Pines
8 Dunure Road
KA7 4HR . Reviews.
Tel: (01292) 442 441

The Balgarth Restaurant Ayr

La Luce / Ayr

La Luce’s cuisine has an emphasis on simple traditional recipes made with fresh ingredients for authentic fresh Italian food. Ideal for an intimate dinner, small celebration, christening, family gathering or any special occasion.

La Luce
6 Cumbrae Drive
KA7 4GA / Map Reviews
Tel: 01292 737 727

La Luce Italian Restaurant Ayr

Filippo's Italian Restaurant / Ayr

Filippo's offer real italian taste made from the finest ingredients. Filippo's is part of Mancini's Ice Cream, pushing the boundaries of what you can do with ice cream and unique wedding cakes.

11/15 New Road
KA8 8DA . Reviews . Large Image
Tel: (01292) 263 058

Filippo's Italian Restaurant in Ayr

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