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Belleisle House

Belleisle House, in Ayr, was once the Mansion house of the private Estate of Belleisle. The House and Gardens present looks are attributed to the Hamiltons of Pinmore, who took over the Estate in the late 1700s.

Belleisle House

They acquired more land for the Estate, and extended the Mansion House to its present day form.

Ayr Burgh Council purchased the Estate in 1926 for £25,000, it has been opened to the public free of charge since.

Next to the Mansion is a Pergola with Tropical Plants & Walled Garden, a top spot for Wedding Photos.

Work to convert the other side of the Estate, to the Belleisle and Seafield golf courses, began in 1927. Belleisle Mansion House was then run as a Hotel overlooking the Golf Courses.

The Hotel was being redesigned and extended by a private company with the work expected to be completed in 2016. This work was delayed when almost complete, then in 2019, the Mansion caught fire while repair work on the roof was taking place, leaving only the shell.

The Council has since bought the Mansion back, they are now looking for companies to restore the Mansion so it can be used once again as a top Wedding Hotel.

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