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The image below is of the Lagg Hotel with a large beer garden, the main attraction in Lagg. This is a peaceful area with a hotel, about 30 houses, church, town hall, walk to the Torrylinn Cairn, and the Kilmory Workshop for Handmade Woodwork and Stoneware Pottery. The Lagg Distillery opened in 2019 with a Shop, Cafe, Diner, and Tours, under half of a mile north of Lagg.
Brodick to Lagg Map

Lagg Arran image

The image below is of the gardens in front of the Lagg Hotel.

Lagg Gardens image

The image below is from the gardens looking at the entrqance to the Lagg Hotel. This is a popular spot for refreshments in the beer garden.

Lagg Hotel Map / Reviews / Offers

Lagg Hotel image

The image below is of the Kilmory Stores and Post Office just across the bridge from the Lagg Hotel. The Stores were closed the last time I visited.

There is a sign there pointing to the path out to the Torrylinn Cairn, about a 1 mile walk. This route is uphill the first section, nothing too steep.

Kilmory Stores image

The image below is of the Kilmory Hall and Kilmory Bunkhouse, about 200 yards up the hill from the Kilmory Stores. There is another route out to the Torrylinn Cairn from here that is more level.

Kilmory Hall image

The image below is of the Torrylin Cairn from the path leading out. That is Ailsa Craig island in the distance.

Torrylin Cairn Photo Page

Torrylin Cairn image