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Most of the people to emigrate from Ayrshire settled in America, Australia and Canada. If you are looking to find information on anyone, in Ayrshire or abroad, you can post a message with as much information about them as you can, hopefully, someone will then be able to give information on the person you are enquiring about.

Records of Births, Deaths and Marriages dating back to 1855, in South Ayrshire, are held in four Registration Offices. We have a team of courteous and experienced staff who will be happy to offer advice and assistance with any enquiries you may have, website & contacts: www.south-ayrshire.gov.uk. Old Parish Records date from 1553 to 1854.

Births Deaths and Marriages information for North Ayrshire from 1855 - present day, website: www.north-ayrshire.gov.uk. Old Parish Records date from 1553 to 1854.

Births Deaths and Marriages information for East Ayrshire from 1855 - present day, website: www.east-ayrshire.gov.uk. Old Parish Records date from 1553 to 1854.

East Ayrshire is from Kilmarnock to Cumnock in the east.

North Ayrshire is from Irvine to Largs in the north.

South Ayrshire is from Troon and Ayr to Ballantrae in the south.

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John Gray & Mary Woods / Ayrshire / 14. 04. 2023

I do family history research and am working on a special project relating to health as my mother has a health issue and would like to see the family history relating to health & deaths. I have a question that I hope someone can help me out with... Is there a history with biographies of Sheriff's, Town Clerks, etc. for Ayrshire County in Scotland? On my 2x great-grandma, Mary (Gray) Irvine's 1893 death certificate, it has her father listed as a (deceased) Town Officer. I found about 70 articles, mostly in 1863 naming John Gray as a Sheriff or Town Clerk.  His name is John Gray (born 1799 in Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland) & was married to Mary Wood/s in 1822 in Kilmarnock. I cannot find a death record for him or Mary (Wood) Gray, I do most of my research on ScotlandsPeople. I found the 1841 & 51 censuses listing a John Gray stating he is a Sheriff. Maybe that's him??? In the one census it shows him being born in Ayr, which is where my John Gray was born. This one shows he's married to a Jean... Maybe that's a nickname or Mary's middle name or maybe a 2nd wife??? Thank you. Rhonda Kennedy USA Email: kennedyhicks_r@yahoo.com

Maureen Harper / Kilmarnock / 17. 03. 2023

I’m looking for information of Maureen Harper, sister of John Harper. Born in or near Kilmarnock, Scotland. Maureen is probably around 70 years old. Born 1949 to 1952. Has a brother named John Harper a few years older. She had a hand disorder. She was living in Edinburgh in the 1970’s then I lost track of her. John had married an Asia/ Canadian girl and was living in Canada, they had a son (Tim ) ?? Thank you Alma Wilson Email: accenthifi@aol.com

William Struthers / Cumnock / 17. 03. 2023

Would appreciate information re William Struthers who died in Cumnock unmarried in 1847. Struthers carried letters etc. to and from Scotland to Otonabee Twp., Peterborough, Ontario. "His brother John has Power of Attorney & Deed Unexecuted" re a James Hunter who came from Scotland in 1820 to claim property in Otonabee. Any info would be helpful. Thank You Brett Cairns Email: brettcairns3337@hotmail.com

Henry Wark / Kilmarnock / 10. 02. 2023

I would be interested in birth, family, and ancestry information regarding Henry Wark and Mary Jane McClay. He was supposedly born in 1815 or so in Kilmarnock and they were married in Mearns on 3 Apr 1836. Luren Dickinson Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA Email: lurend@msn.com

David Reid / Tarbolton / 29. 01. 2023

I moved to Scotland last year and one of the main reasons was to find out more about my family and ancestors. I have a small family tree which goes back to my Great, Great, Great Grandfather; David Reid. He was born in Tarbolton on 30 August, 1793. He married Agnes Struthers, born on 10 October, 1800 in Sorn. I would love to be able to research this in person and spend some days in Ayrshire to see what I can find and would love to know anyone who would know where and how to begin my search, or if anyone is related to these two in their own family tree. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Happy to give more information about other generations as well if anyone wants to chat. Thank you for your time! -- Cheers, Lyndall : Email: lyndall.reid@gmail.com

Jeanie McIntyre Stevenson / Ayrshire / 24. 01. 2023

Before anything else, I'd like to thank the reader(s) of this for their time. I'm primarily Scottish, despite the adopted English name, and many of my ancestors came from the west coast and the highlands. There is one in particular that has had me stumped for a while, meaning I can't go past her on my tree. Here is her info: Jeanie McIntyre Stevenson B. 1855 in Ayrshire, Scotland Married David Stevenson (b. 1854, Kilwinning) on 24Sep1875 in Stevenston, Scotland. Daughter Jeanie born 28Jan1876 in Ayrshire. D. 1890 in Illinois, USA Any information on her or her parents would be so incredibly helpful. Respectfully, Jesco : Email: jesse.rushton@secretlydistribution.com

Robinson - Kilpatrick / Ayrshire / 16. 11. 2022

Looking for information on my great great grandparents: Thomas Robinson and wife Mary Kilpatrick. Also their son, my great grandfather: Samuel Robinson born Nov 15, 1857 / died Nov 1, 1922 His wife, my great grandmother: Mary "Minnie" Merritt born 1867 / died1929. I believe they immigrated to Canada as my grandfather, David Robinson, appears to have been born in naniamo, BC, Canada Thank you in advance for any help or directions in finding them. Good day. : Email: andyoftheislands@gmail.com

Allan Marshall White / Kilmarnock / 12. 10. 2022

My dad, Allan Marshall White was born on Kilmarnock 12th March 1946. He was born to John MaCrae White and Isa White. He had one older brother, John. They moved to Australia in 1950. My grandfather was a cobbler in Kilmarnock. I'm coming over in early 2023 and will be visiting Kilmarnock. I'm hoping to find the street they lived in if it is still there. Unfortunately all have passed on but ive been told that it may have been in Beansburn Rd or Gillsburn Gardens??? Google maps doesn't help much but of anyone knew of them, it would be a great help. If it helps, Esther Douglas (née White) was my Dads cousin. She recently passed away and was a teacher who lived in Kilmarnock: Email: 39673nw@gmail.com

John Harvie / Dalry / 25. 08. 2022

I am looking for information about the Ayrshire descendants of John Harvie of Dalry, born Dec 22, 1792, died July 26, 1826 by accidental drowning at Largs, age 33. He married Agnes Hamilton (Dec 14, 1875 - Dec 5, 1879) and they had 2 children: Robert and Elizabeth. Robert had 5 children, John, Robert, James, Wiliam and Jeanie. The last 3 had no children and the son Robert emigrated to Canada and is my great-grandfather. However, the son John Harvie (1842-1893) seems to have stayed in Scotland, married Mary Montgomerie and they had 6 children: Mary, Jeannette, Robert, John, William, and James. We are trying to find out information about the descendants of John Harvie (1842-1893) and whether any of them are still in Ayrshire or Scotland. There is a memorial headstone in the Old Dalry Cemetery for John Harvie (1792-1826) apparently erected by his son Robert in 1869 or so and which also records the interment of Robert’s son James in 1939. So we assume that one of the Harvie family must have instructed the memorial inscription for James in 1939. We would like to contact any of the descendants of John Harvie (1842-1893) who may be able to give us some information on that branch of the family. Don Simpson, Ottawa, Canada: Email: donjsimpson@hotmail.com

Hamilton / Stevenston / 15. 08. 2022

Hi, my name is Brad Adgate. I live in the U.S. and my mother was born in Glasgow. (years ago my Mom and grandparents took me & my brothers to Ayrshire leaving me fond memories) I have been tracing my Scottish ancestry which is incredible. I am seeking information on my Hamilton ancestors of Stevenston. My 3X great grandmother was Merion Hamilton born on April 11, 1819 in Stevenston to William Hamilton and Merrion Harvey, they were married on December 12, 1810 in Stevenston. As far as I can tell they had four children (three daughters) Margaret Hamilton (named after the paternal mother) born 1817, Merion Hamilton, my ancestor (named after the maternal mother Merion Allan), Jean Hamilton born 1823 and William Hamilton born 1826. Specifically, I was hoping if someone could add any insights to which William Hamilton is Merion Hamilton's father (and my 4X great grandfather). Since there are two William Hamilton possibilities There is a William Hamilton, born on June 1, 1788, the son of John Hamilton and Margaret Snodgrass in Stevenston. The Hamilton-Snodgrass wedding took place on December 4, 1778 in Stevenston. There is also a William Hamilton born on December 1, 1789, to Robert Hamilton and Margaret Craig in Stevenston. The Hamilton-Craig wedding took place on February 2, 1787 in Stevenston. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Brad Adgate. Email: bradadgate@gmail.com

John Whannel family /Ayr/ 04. 07. 2022

My husband's family emigrated from Ayr Scotland in the 1857. We are planning a trip to Scotland in May of 2023 and would love to explore the area that his family came from. Any information you might have to assist us would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Lisa Whannel John Whannel was born 1/15/1799 in Ayrshire Scotland. He married Margaret Kelly on 3/13/1832. Margaret Kelly was born on 9/13/1803. They had four sons and a daughter. The daughter died in her teens. They entire family emigrated to the United States in 1857 -- Lisa Whannel. Email: whannellisa@gmail.com

Hugh Robertson /St Quivox/ 16. 06. 2022

Am trying to find information on Hugh Robertson born 1812 in St Quivox. Find my Past has a death for him 1871 recorded from a monument erected by his son William G Robertson. Can find no information on William G Any help greatly appreciated. Email: phflowers@hotmail.com.au

Montgomery /Ayrshire/ 12. 06. 2022

I will be in Scotland from 6/9 - 6/29. I am from the Earls of Eglington. Looking to find living relatives, Jan Montgomery. Email: janismontgomery66@gmail.com

James Hutchison /Riccarton/ 06. 06. 2022

Looking for information about James Hutchison (June 5 1783 - 1854) born in Riccarton, Ayrshire. Thank you. Erik Hill. Email: fenianson@aol.com

Daniel McMath /Ayrshire/ 27. 05. 2022

Looking for Daniel McMath born 1717 in Ayrshire Scotland and Helen Mason born 1715 Ayrshire, Scotland my fifth great grandparents. I have traced my fathers line to Robert Tucker 1487 now looking on my mothers side of the family which ends with Mc Math in 1717. GG Grandmother Mary Rellis McMath in the United States. Email: gmt181437@gmail.com

Mary Jane Small /Ayrshire/ 17. 04. 2022

My grandmother, Mary Jane Small (Fairfield), was born in Ayrshire in approximately 1891 and died in Canada in 1940. She lived in Belfast, Ireland between 1898 and 1913. Her mother's name was Jane Small, although she remarried with David Fairfield in Belfast in 1898. I am searching for the Small family in Scotland, and do not know her birth father's first name. I can be contacted by email at: judy123@shaw.ca

Doris Cooper /Ayr & Prestwick/ 05. 04. 2022

I am trying to trace my family history. I only have a few names and I'm not proving very successful on ancestory and was wondering if you could help. My grandmother was born in Scotland and lived at 9 Charlotte Street Ayrshire. Her name was Doris Cooper 30/04/1932 and she was raised by her mother Jean Cooper and her aunt Sarah Ellen Cooper. We know they lived at this address for some years but that is all we know. If you have any information about any of these people-DOB, family names etc, I would be most grateful if you could help. I know Doris moved to 6 fullerton Road, Prestwick when they married in late 1950's... possibly 1958. His name was Jesse Bowlder Wilson. We have some information on him but is her history we are intretsed in. I know her family had military background with her grandad being in Scots Guards but again, I don't have dates nor his name. Kind Regards, Pippa. Email: pippawilson1989@hotmail.co.uk

David Auld /Irvine / 29. 03. 2022

I’m trying to locate my brother David Auld, born in Irvine on or about June 15 1958 to Agnes Auld, wife of Sam Auld. Any contact info would be appreciated. Email: tomauld24@gmail.com

Joseph Murray /Irvine / 29. 03. 2022

I am trying to trace my brother last known to be living in Irvine Scotland, his name is Joseph Murray married to Margaret, Two sons Colin Murray and John Murray. My name is Allen McLeod Murray born Glasgow now living in perth Scotland. Contact number 07561 317 356. Email: lindaparsons2010@hotmail.co.uk

John Allen /Ayrshire / 21. 02. 2022

John Allen born about 1803 from Ayrshire. I’m trying to find information on my great great grandfather JohnAllen. According to my Aunt Bessie’s autobiography, John Allen was born in Ayrshire, Scotland and came to America during the civil war. John received his education in Scotland and taught school in Pikeville, TN. He married Liza Pendergrass Gregory and they had one child Rosa Lee Allen. Email: janey257@gmail.com

Jonty Wilson/Ayr / 02. 02. 2022

Trying to track down information about my great grandfather, Jonty Wilson, who died in Ayr in about 1970. He was a miner. We know the name Hoggins was associated with him but we're unsure why exactly. He has a daughter named Jane (Jean) who married John Couhgtrie. I'm afraid that's all we have – any help greatly appreciated! Elliott Haworth, London. Email: elliott.haworth@gmail.com

James Duncan/Helen Bryan/Maybole / 13. 01. 2022

Researching James DUNCAN, illegitimate son of James DUNCAN and Helen BRYAN who was baptised in Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland 3 Mar 1822. James moved to London prior to 1845.

James married Mary WILLIAMS St Marylebone Middlesex 14 August 1845. Kirk Session records say James Snr was a Merchant in 1821/22. Nothing further known about him. Mother Helen according to census records was born Maybole but no record found. Helen married John PATON in Maybole 1833. Issue from this union was Hugh 1833, Helen 1835 and John 1837. Helen died 1866 in Maybole. Death certificate gives her father as .?... BRYAN, Inn Keeper and mother as Jane Bryan (MS McGILL).

No record or Kirk Session record ever found re parents. It has been suggested that Jane may have been born Maybole 1772 as Jean McGILL (McDill) daughter of Thomas McGILL and Agnes McNAB but no proof of this.

Seeking assistance with any details relating to above mentioned people. Would so like to confirm grandparents of James so that I may venture further back in time. Contact Terry via email at: denerry@bigpond.com.au

Agnes Thom / Dalrymple / 05. 01. 2022

I am looking for information on my 3rd Great Grandmother, Agnes Thom (nee Mitchell) She married William Thom. She died in Pickering Ontario Canada on September 7 1859. She is buried with her daughter Janet and her husband William. She may have been born on February 7 1809 at the Dalrymple Parish in East Ayrshire Scotland. I am hoping to find birth records, records of her siblings and parents, marriage records, emigration records etc. Thank you SO much, Shelley. You can email me at. Email: slgosse@gmail.com

Jane McConnachie / Patna / 05. 01. 2022

My great grandmother, Jane McConnachie 17/06/1901 was born at 134 Lethamhill, Patna. She was illegitimate and the daughter of Jane Gilmour McConnachie (born 1884)- father unknown. I'm informed via family mythology that she ended up in Kilmarnock and may have been known a Jeanie Hyslop. She has a son, James McConnachie, in 1922 at Galston - my grandfather. He was also illegitimate and was raised by his great uncle James McConnachie (born 1881 and a coal miner on the Hill at Patna).y grandfather never knew or met his mother. It was never disclosed who his father was. A sea of time has passed and our family would like to fill in some of the history before the echoes disappear completely. If anyone has information, no matter how scant or sensitive, Any help is appreciated, please contact me at. Email: james.mcconnachie74@gmail.com

James Campbell / Ayrshire / 20. 11. 2021

Does anyone have any info on my 4th great grandfather, James Campbell born 22 February 1819 in Ayrshire. He was in the Army and sent to Kingston Ontario to quell the Kingston rebellion. He was born on the above date. He died in Niagara Falls, Ontario March 24, 1871. Email: jfcsoup@gmail.com

Henry McGill / Stevenston / 25. 07. 2021

I am seeking information regarding Henry McGill. He lived in Stevenston, Scotland. He came to American as a young man and then worked and brought over his parents and 13 bothers and sisters. That is all I know. I am his grand-daughter, daughter of Peter John McGill, his son. My dad was born in New Jersey and the family moved to Oak Cliff, Tx at some point when dad was a young child. I do not know Henry’s parent’s names or any history other than he was born and lived in Stevenston. Hope someone knows his family. I would really like to take my daughter to visit Stevenston. Both my grand-father and father have passed away and really want to share with my daughter family history. Thanks, Shelby. Email: shelby.mcgill@cyxtera.com

Mr James Mc Anally / Ayr / 25. 07. 2021

My name is John Said, and I reside in Wagga Wagga New South Wales In Australia. Many years ago some items belonging to Mr James Mc Anally came into my possession in Sydney approximately 40 plus years ago. At the time I was unable to find or locate the owner, as I was going through my office cleaning up I came across the items again which has led me to writing this email. I am writing here as for some small chance that someone might still know his family as I would love to return the small items to the family overseas or here is Australia. To assist in finding his descendants information I have is listed below;
Name: James Mc Anally
DOB; 4 January 1922
Location; Ayr / Scotland
Fought in the World War 2
Army Number; 2766222
Enlisted; 18/2/1941
Height; 5’5 and a half inches
Weight; 130.5 lbs.
Distinctive marks; Small scare right temple
Worked ; South Western Area Fire Brigade Comprising The Counties of Ayr, Dumfries, Kirkcudbright and Wigtown and the Burghs of Ayr, Kilmarnock and Dumfries (this information was taken from a letter from the Fire master dated 5/9/1957).
From 18/10/1948 - 21/8/1952 Migrating to Australia
Mother; Rachael Mc Anally 33 Elba Street Ayr
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Email: havashed@gmail.com

Brodie (Kirk)Patrick / Dalry / 11. 07. 2021

Seeking information regarding the parents and any siblings of Brodie (Brody) Kirkpatrick, born possibly May 1806 in Dalry. A 1970 family history states that Brodie married Elizabeth Muir Anderson on 20 October 1833, by the Reverend Anderson in Ayrshire, Scotland. The same history states that Elizabeth was born in the Renfrenshire area of Scotland near Edinburg. He is said to have dropped the "Kirk" from his last name and was known as Brodie Patrick. Brodie purportedly was a miner by trade, and in 1834, the family, which would have included Brodie, Elizabeth, and their infant son John, immigrated to Nova Scotia to the town of Pictou. They eventually settled in Allegany County, Maryland. Email: krlarson1985@yahoo.com

McTaggarts Maybole & Dalmellington / 05. 07. 2021

I’ve been able to trace my 3x Great Grandfather Patrick B McTaggart who moved to Maybole with his wife Isabella O’Neil from Cork, Ireland, sometime before the birth of their first child in 1821… they had a son, Edward, who lived in Dalmellington where he lived in 54 Waterside Row before the family immigrated to Australia in 1862. Wondering if anyone has connections with this family or know more about the McTaggarts immigration from Ireland?: Email: cam@selwood.me

Thomson / Monkton & Prestwick / 03. 06. 2021

I have been able to trace my Thomson family ancestry to David Thomson who was born in 1738 in Monkton and Prestwick, Ayrshire. Scotland. He married Francissa Boyle. 4 kids, Jean, John (my ancestor), David and Janet. His mother and father are unknown. I would be interested to know his parents and the family line going forward from there. Thanks Stephen Pratt: Email: sjpmft1@gmail.com

McCall/Kerr / Dalmellington / 17. 05. 2021

Looking for any information on Margaret Kerr. I only have her marriage to David McCall in 1813. They had five children....John Gilbert Margaret Hugh and Jean between 1814 and 1824. Another child (David) was born in 1825 and although his death certificate has David and Margaret as his parents, I cannot find a birth for him with those parents, and suspect it’s been wrongly transcribed, or wrong information given. I have a birth for David with the same father different mother. Margaret was probably born about 1790ish in Dalmellington, as her husband was born in 1794. Her death was probably around 1824. Any info would be gratefully received. Please contact me on: fthomson05@hotmail.com

Galt/Malcolm / Ayrshire / 17. 05. 2021

My great-great grandfather was adopted in about 1811. His birth parents were Captain William Galt born in Ayrshire and Jean (Or Jane) Malcolm born 4 February 1781 in Irvine. They both died between 1807 and 1811. I would like to know the names of William’s parents and where they might be buried. William and Jean were married 3 February 1789 in Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland. My DNA matches descendants of John Galt (23 Aug 1717 — 1793) and Agnes Margaret Allan (1722-30 April 1778). Their son William adopted the orphaned children of William & Jean. Family tradition said that the two Williams were first cousins. Any assistance that you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Mary Trumbull. Email: marysuetrumbull@gmail.com

Leitch/McAllister / Ayr / 08. 05. 2021

I am looking for any information on the Leitch and McAllister families of Ayr. John Leitch (spelled Leech) a Taylor, married Katharine McAllister 22 October 1766 in Ayr They had: Archibald 1769, Rachel 1771, Margaret 1773, Mary 1775 and John 1778 all baptised in Ayr surname spelled Leech. John's death occurred 22 February 1802 aged 62 and he is listed as Pale Town drummer disease Wasting parish of Ayr spelled as Leitch. I would like to find John's and Katharine's Baptisms and when Katharine died. I don't know if they were born in Ayr. I have been unable to trace the children except for John who married in 1803 in Glasgow Elizabeth (Bethia) Laurie dau of George Laurie Merchant of Glasgow. It was his grandson John who emigrated to Australia. Any assistance would be gratefully received. Marianne. Email: marianne@rmyoung.ie

William King / Stewarton / 18. 04. 2021

Could some-one please help: *William King* (his parents William John King 1754-1816, Died Scroggiemill Stewarton and Mary Aitken 1760-1847), married *Elizabeth Wilson *(parents James Wilson Christened 27.04.1760 and Janet Gray/Grey-they married 15.01.1785 in Stewarton) on 07 June 1816 in Stewarton. Elizabeth born in Stevenson, Ayrshire, they had 2 children. William then married Margaret McKillp who was born in Cladock, Kilbride, Arran. I am a descendant who lives in NZ. Their son James went to live in Hobart Tasmania. Would like information on James siblings, well anything really would be wonderful Sharon Ross Napier NZ. Email: norahs.ross@gmail.com

Blackford / Ayrshire / 14. 03. 2021

Trying establish documentation for my family tree. Martin Anthony Blackford was allegedly born in Ayrshire Scotland in 1729. His father was Benjamin Blackford. It is told, that Benjamin Blackford fought in the Battle of Culloden in 1746. Benjamin, along with a large number of officers were confined in Warwick Castle. It is said Benjamin scratched his name so deeply into the wall, it was still visible in the early 1900's. He was then banished. He went to New Jersey, where Martin and the rest of the family followed. All this is just a story right now. I am looking for any and all information, documentation, etc. that will prove any of this. Thanks for any help you can provide. Gary Blackford USA. Email: gblackford52@gmail.com

Mcglashen / Kilmarnock / 14. 03. 2021

Looking for information on William and Margaret Mcglashen Born 1839 1840 and immigrated to the USA probably Boston in 1860. My Great Grandfather from Kilmainock Scotland was Thomas Barrie McGlashen. Email: tom_mcglashen@yahoo.com

Bell / Stevenson / 16. 02. 2021

My Great Grandfather Charles Bell Married a Girl from Stenvenson early 1900 , not sure about the date, she was from a good family called Boyd, Dunlop, She was called Julia Dunlop and came from a good family The family disowned her because of the age difference , if you could please try and find out any info that could help me that would be great. Best regards James Bell. Email: jimbell1953@hotmail.com

Walker / Dalry / 16. 02. 2021

Looking for ancestral generations preceding their Births Resided in Dalry before they immigrated to USA. I Have a Scotland's people that ID Robert's family thru Grandparents Robert Walker 1770–1845 Margaret McDonald 1775– Robert Paden “Fisters” Walker Coal Miner B:14 Nov 1833 ToronYard Toll, Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland D:26 SEP 1909 Braidwood, Will, Illinois, USA Marriage 9 Sept 1854 • Dalry, Ayrshire Lillias "Lillie" Kilpatrick (1835–1908) Lillias "Lillie" Kilpatrick 1835–1908 BIRTH 30 NOV 1835 • Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland DEATH 27 SEP 1908 • South Wilmington, Grundy County, Illinois, United States of America 2nd great-grandmother When Lillias "Lillie" Kilpatrick was born on November 30, 1835, in Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland, her father, James, was 36, and her mother, Anne Haddow, was 36. Any Ancestry on her side of family anyone can share?? Thanks Rob N Looking for Ancestors that precede My ggrandfather. Census says William was born in Ireland as was Agnes. No Idea where. Finding nothing in Irish records, do not know where to start (Antrim??) Robert Alexander (Coal Miner) was born on October 24, 1873, Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland the son of Agnes Gemmell and William Alexander. He married Lizzie Walker in 1903 in Grundy, Illinois. Elizabeth Walker and he had one daughter together. He died on January 9, 1941, in South Wilmington, Illinois, at the age of 67, and was buried in Braceville, Illinois. Thanks, Robert G Nielsen. I have a number of Photos. Email: rniels@comcast.net

Graham / Dunlop / 16. 02. 2021

My gran was born on Muirhouse farm in Dunlop. She was born in 1933 6th April on the farm to a mother named Christina Graham whos fathers name was George Cunninghame Graham and mother was named Christina Martin Graham They all worked on the farm. She has no information on who her father could be as she was given away at 2days old and spent her young years in Glasgow city. My gran was also named Christina and has this name to this day she was given away at 2days old and theres no information reguarding this. Apparently this was quite the scandal in the area and was hoping this would jog some memories for our family. Email: Linseybyars@icloud.com

Andrew Barclay / Ayrshire / 02. 02. 2021

I’m searching for my great grandfather who was born in Scotland in May 1863 (or at least in 1863) and emigrated to the US approximately 1880. I’ve narrowed down my search to about 3 Andrew Barclays - one is listed in Ayrshire. I would be so grateful to find him and know his family and the place he was born. He died in Chicago, Il on November 1, 1909. Kelly Barclay Deterding. Email: heatherhillfloral@gmail.com

Grahams / Maybole / 29. 01. 2021

I am trying to locate any Grahams who can trace their family to Maybole area before 1800. Bob Graham. Email: bobgrahambook-keeping.co.uk

Lawson / Irvine / 03. 01. 2021

I'm desperately looking to find my Uncle, Aunt and 4 cousins. My name is Heather Lawson (only daughter of Charles and Alice Lawson). My darling Daddy was very active in Freemasonry; that was his birth right. My parents moved to America in 1971 to make a better life (financially) for myself and my 3 older brothers, William Graham Lawson, Ian Charles Lawson and Bruce Robert Gordon. My paternal Grandmother's name was Mary. The woman I acknowledge as my maternal grandmother was my Granny Rose (and her beloved husband, my Pappa Jack, I considered my grand dad). My daddys first cousin (also his best friend) was James Muir and his wife Lynn. It would be greatly appreciated if someone can give anyone in my family my contact information. I can get in touch with anyone of my family. I'm all alone since my parents have now gone to be together in Heaven. My telephone number is 201-725-8640 (my cell in the U.S. - in New Jersey). I truly appreciate all replies that will result in my family reconnecting. SCOTLAND FOREVER! All this lassies love - Heather Ann Lawson. Email: awesomehbomb0430@gmail.com

Rankin / Ayrshire / 05. 12. 2020

I am a Rankin by birth and administrator of the Rankin DNA Project. Many of the Rankin project members (not all of whom are genetically related) believe their ancestors migrated to America straight from Ayrshire, or else from Ayrshire to Ireland and then to the colonies. I am trying to locate a Rankin who is interested in his/her Rankin family history and who is willing to talk about Ayrshire Rankins. Website

William Brown / Kilmarnock ? / 13. 11. 2020

I have many generations who are from living in Ayrshire, SCOT, Most are from Kilmarnock or close by but I have hit a wall with William Brown (1729-1822). He was born either in Kilmarnock/Old Cummock or Riccarton, Ayrshire. His wife was Ann Crichton/Creichton (1732-1825). I know his parent were James Brown and Anna Symont/Symond but I cannot find anything else about them. Email: glenrda@aol.com

David Gibson / Kilmarnock / 31. 10. 2020

I am trying to track down my family history. My great grandfather, David Gibson was born in Kilmarnock around June 1873 to William Gibson and Agnes Baird (we think). He moved to and married in South Africa. I am looking for more information on his parents - my great great grandparents. Any advice on where to look or access information would be very helpful. Many Thanks Michele Email: micheleliebenberg@hotmail.com

John Montgomerie / West Kilbride / 20. 08. 2020

I am trying to identify the John Montgomerie who married Grizzel Boyd in West Kilbride in 1704. Many on Ancestry.com (including myself) initially had him as Governor John Montgomerie who for a time was appointed Governor of New York prior to American Independence and was a descendant of the Montgomerie Earls of Eglinton. But now I do not believe this is the case. All Montgomerie histories and Scottish Peerage records identify only his marriage to Lady Mary Carmichael and one daughter from that marriage who predeceased him. I do believe the John Montgomerie who married Grizell is very likely related to the Earls of Eglinton as both he and Grizell Boyd are identified on the marriage record as being from the Little Isle of Cumbray (modern spelling Cumbrae) which was owned by the Montgomerie Earls of Eglinton and also had a strong population of Boyds. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Bernard. Email: berlo2@bigpond.com

Margaret Roxburgh / Kilmarnock / 20. 10. 2020

I am trying to find information on Margaret Roxburgh who married John Rowat on 29th Dec 1871. Two of their children died in December 1874 in Kilmarnock, Ayshire. I am working on my family tree and I was wondering if anyone had information on the two children who died. I found it interesting that both children died 4 days apart one on 21st December 1874 and another 25th Dec 1874. I have tried to find information myself but with no luck. I do remember years ago getting an email from someone with information about them and that was there was a house fire but I lost a lot of information from my computer. Any information would be much appreciated thankyou. Regards Diane Neill. Email: dianen@live.com.au

James Morton / Ayrshire / 08. 08. 2020

Hi - my Grandfather was named James Morton (aka James Morton Young) and I believe he was born in 1907 in Ayrshire (perhaps Newmilns or area). He was, apparently adopted by the “Young” family and had a sister called “Annie Young”. I would really like to get to the bottom of the story in why he was adopted. My Grandfather named his real mother and father in his marriage certificate of 1931 as being James Morton and Agnes Morton (maiden name “Dunsmuir”). Really hoping to find someone who can shed some light on this as I always thought his side of the family was untraceable until I found a copy of his marriage certificate naming his real parents. This means that my genealogy comes from the Morton family and I am really hoping to find someone who knows the story. Thanks. Louise Rennie. Email: lmrennie@telus.net

William Mckie / Cumnock / 08. 08. 2020

Looking for information on William McKie who migrated to Chile in 1853 with him originating from the area of Comlic, Cumnock or Auchinleck. Could someone from the area give me information on how to find out more about this family. I have a lot of information I can share. Email: santiago.mackay@gmail.com

Mary Ross / Ayr / 27. 07. 2020

Hello - I am working on my family tree and hoping to find information on my wife’s grandmother Mary Ross. She was born in 1904 in Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland. She moved with her parents John Ross and Elizabeth Crawford to Winnipeg Canada around 1910-1916. We’d like to learn about the Ross/Crawford families in Ayr and any potential relatives still there. You can reach me by e-mail at cr0938@ymail.com. Yes, that’s a “Y’ and not a “G” in my e-mail. Thank you for reading and reaching out. Charlie Robinson. Email: cr0938@ymail.com

Daniel McCabe / Kilbirnie / 27. 07. 2020

I would like some information in relation to Daniel McCabe born: 1872 Kilbirnie, Ayrshire Married: Margaret Creeley 1893 Irvine. In 1901 they were living in 90 Mains Road Beith, Ayrshire with 2 children Felix and John. I am unable to find their death records. I have information that they did not emigrate. Any information would be helpful Robyn McCabe - Australia. Email: anunaka4580@hotmail.com

Robert Elliot / Craigie / 17. 07. 2020

Trying to find details of my 5thGGF Robert Elliot who married Janet Wardrob born ant 1776. They were married on 12 Oct 1798 at Craigie, Ayrshire... looking for details of Roberts Parents, date and place of birth? I live in the Falkland Islands so am a bit out off the way. From. Jock Elliot. Email: elliot@horizon.co.fk

Thomas Cannon of Saltcoats / 17. 07. 2020

I am searching for the Ayrshire family of my grandfather, John Cannon’s brother Thomas Cannon. Thomas Cannon was born on 21st December 1893 in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland. He was the son of James Canna/Cannon and Mary Keegan. James & Mary had 4 children. James died in Bray in 1897, the year after my grandfather was born, and Mary died in 1943 in Ireland. Their surname is variously recorded as Canna, Kenna & Cannon. Children of James Canna/Cannon & Mary Keegan 1) John James Joseph Cannon. Born about 1889, died of TB in 1906, Bray, Ireland 2) Mary Jane Cannon. Born 1891, died of TB in 1908, Bray, Ireland. 3) Thomas Cannon. Born 21st December 1893, Bray, Ireland. 4) John Cannon (my grandfather) born 1896, Bray, Ireland. Enlisted as a Royal Marine & survived WW1. Returned to Ireland & married Elizabeth Vance in 1920 in Bray, Ireland. Moved to Scotland, where he became a policeman, before migrating to Western Australia in 1924, where he remained for the rest of his life. John & Elizabeth had three children: Lilian ( 1926 - 2019), Ronald William ( 1928 - 2015) and Benedicta Cannon ( 1930 - 2013). I am the daughter of Ronald William Cannon. Information given to me from my late aunt Sr Benedicta Cannon (she was a nun in the Order of St Joseph of the Apparition) was that Thomas Cannon left Ireland and went first to live in Glasgow, where he worked in the mines. He married, moved to Saltcoats, where he had four children (names are perhaps Mary, Sheila, Jack & Tom.) Benedicta Cannon’s sister Lilian (married name Bowden) visited family members of Thomas in Scotland 1976. My research into the Cannon family is missing this branch & I would love to complete their story. I am more than happy to pass on what I have done so far to any of Thomas’s family and descendants.. Email: philip.burns@optusnet.com.au

John Murdock / Ayrshire / 01. 07. 2020

Hi I am trying to find out more about my relative John Murdock who was born 15 Oct 1828 at Drakemyre, North Ayrshire and married Elizabeth Elliot from Lincolnshire England. If anyone has more information would like to hear from you. Roger. Email: supre2000@yahoo.com

McCrindle Family tree / Ayr / 22. 06. 2020

I'm trying to get information on my Grampa George McCrindle born 12/06/1909 in Ayr he had 2 children from his first marriage in 20/06/1933 in Irvine to an Elizabeth Gilmour Muir Findlay Wilson born 04/03/1914. They adopted a Catherine McNair Wilson Clark on the 03/05/1945. They also had two children of their own my dads half sisters. My Dad remembers them being Called Jessie, Rena and Betty. Jessie was born 9th October 1933 and Betty was born 22nd August 1939. Anymore information on the sisters and their mum would be greatly received. Thankyou George McCrindle. Email: gmccrindle@gmail.com

John Shaw / Kilwinning / 22. 06. 2020

I am looking for the birth records for John Shaw who was born in roughly 1849- 1851 in Kilwinning to Thomas Shaw and Mary McIntyre. 1851 Census has him at Kyle, Ayreshire. 1861 in Kilwinning as a drawer of coal, He immigrated to NZ aboard the Viola in 1866 he is my Great Great Grandfather. He came to Australia and married Margaret Syme in Wallsend New South Wales where a lot of the Ayreshire people came to for the mining. Margaret's father was killed in a mine explosion. Any information on this Shaw line would be greatly appreciated. I believe that there are still many Shaw's that live in Kilwinning today!! Email: Joanne.Brown@allambicare.org

Bells and Hutchisons / Ayrshire / 22. 06. 2020

1869 in Cambusnethan in Lanarkshire John Hutchison m Catherine Bell Catherine's father Duncan Bell had died in a pit accident in Wishaw in 1849. This Duncan Bell left a family and a pregnant wife, Mary ( ms Nichol ) [ She named the child Duncan, after his late father ] Amongst John and Catherine Hutchison's large family in Carluke was Duncan Hutchison b 1872 1891 Carstairs Duncan Hutchison 19 was in Carstairs 1898 Duncan Hutchison m Grace F Paterson in Carluke 1906 a son Duncan Bell Hutchison was born in Dalziel 1933 Duncan Bell Hutchison married Elizabeth Robertson in Kilmarnock 1997. Duncan Bell Hutchison died in Prestwick age 90, mother's ms Paterson Interesting how the family kept the Bell name going. I think all this ties together, but I would welcome any more flesh on the bones. Obviously being on the Ayrshire site, looking at the Kilmarnock/Prestwick connection, but any views welcome. Peter Aikman. Email: peterraikman@btinternet.com

Maxwell / Ayr / 09. 05. 2020

I am looking for Any info about the parents of Alexander Maxwell (possibly born about 1663 )who marries Margaret Couttert (Born possibly 1666 ) in Ayr Scotland on the 23 Feb 1691. They then have a son John born about 1700. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Alan Maxwell. Email: wandshoppe@outlook.com

Walker or Alexander / Dalry / 16. 01. 2020

Looking for info on Walker and / or Alexander clan who lived in Dalry and emigrated to the USA. Can you please help me with any birth or residence info regarding my Great Grandmother/Grandfather from Dalry? Elizabeth K Walker, Den Dalry Ayrshire, born Dec 29, 1877. Father Robert Walker married to Lillias Kilpatrick Robert Alexander Born Oct 24, 1873. Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland. Father William Alexander, Mother Agnes Gemmell Possible addresses 12 Brick Row Or. 2 Peesweep Row, Dalry. We are planning a trip there sit week in September, any info would help to look for lost relatives. Thanks in advance Rob Nielsen. Email: rgnielse@gmail.com

Michael King, Prestwick? / 24. 10. 2019

I am working on my family tree and I am trying to trace relatives of my 1st cousin 2x removed. He was a Michael King, born 1909 in County Clare, Ireland. Michael we believe married a woman from Northern Ireland and had 5 children born in Ayrshire, Prestwick perhaps , names of 4 of these are Brian, Tom, Charles and Ellen. Births of the children were in the 1940's/50's. We believe based on information in old family letters that Charles lived in Australia at some point. Brian. Email: bryan2609@yahoo.co.uk

Mcmillan & Logan, Ayr / 11. 10. 2019

I have been researching the Mcmillan and Logan family in Ayr with a date of birth for Marion Mcmillan 1715 . The birth of the father of her 12 children is Hugh Logan , date of birth is Aug 1759 . Baptismal dates are listed for the children are listed in Family Search. They are my 6th great grandmother and great grandfather father, I am not finding any information before 1715. I would like to learn more about them. I am hoping to learn more to them. Any help us appreciated. thank you. Email: sunflowerz808@gmail.com

Nathaniel Peebles, Ballantrae / 11. 10. 2019

My ancestry trail here in Canada leads to a settlement in New Richmond, Bonaventure Quebec of early settlers from Scotland. In 1840 two brothers William and John Peebles came, later followed by several of their other siblings. Their parents, Nathaniel Peebles ( 1781-1853 ) (1781- ) and Agnes Brown remained in the hometown of Ballantrea and I think their son Andrew Peebles remained as well. I cannot get further than the parents. I have researched through ancestry.ca, Scotland’s people etc and records are nil to find out who Nathan and Agnes’s parents were. I think I found a baptismal record for record that indicates his father may have been Nathaniel as well. I also cannot find records for the first Peebles to go to Canada. As so many came in a large group there must have been someone scouting it out at first. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Phil Peebles. Email: peebles7@sympatico.ca

C.T. Wilson, Ayr / 04. 10. 2019

I am seeking information on C.T. Wilson, Boot and Shoemaker, Ayr. I have a pair of children's shoes he made around 1850. I found him in a list of citizens of Ayr. I don't know his birthdate, etc. I'm just interested in anything I can find about him. The original label inside the little shoes reads: C.T. Wilson, Boot and Shoemaker, Ayr. Email: jumeaujs1@aol.com

Maureen Campbell, Ayr / 23. 09. 2019

I am looking for a woman named Maureen Campbell who lived in a guest house I believe owned by her family in Ayr up till and maybe after 1969 when she was 17yo so her birthdate was in 1952. I am her first born but was adopted and brought to Australia where i live near Byron Bay. I was born Mary Campbell 23/12/1969. If anyone knows my blood family I would love to know for I am a tree without roots with three grown up daughters soon to sell my home and maybe travel. I feel the Campbell blood and want to know more about my family if possible and perhaps meet some of them. My name is Kate Marson and email is: kate.marson@bigpond.com

Moore, Dalmellington / 23. 09. 2019

My 'Moore' ancestors came from the Ayrshire area, particularly Dalmellington, but possibly other areas. They originally came to Donaghadee, N Ireland as part of the Montgomery Plantation in the 1600's. John Moore was involved in the original building of Donaghadee Harbour at that time. His wife's name was, Margaret Thomson. Later in the 1800's another ancestor, also John Moore worked at the Dalmellington Ironworks and lived at 4 Burnfoothill, before coming to Donaghadee to manage the flax mill at 'Ballynoe'on the outskirts of Donaghadee. I am trying to fill the gap between the 1600 - 1800's. Any information would be helpful. Email: maxwellhouse5748@yahoo.com

John Millar, Ayrshire / 20. 07. 2019

My name is Alejandro Millar, chilean, who's looking for some information about the family of John Millar a 35 y.o coal miner who left Ayrshire on August, the 4th.,1853 on the Colinda ship (chartered by Hudson Bay Co. with Norwegians workers and Scottish coal miners and their families). She sailed for Victoria, Canada but on the way to Canada, some issues between Captain and crew arose and the passengers and crew decided to land in the first nearest port. That date was November, the 07th., and the port was Corral in Valdivia, many passengers left the barque and heading north to the new coal mines in Lota province (Concepcion - Chile). One of them was John Millar (35 y.o), and his family. The big question is: How could I get or track the information about the names of his wife and sons because in the HBCo., in Canada, this information is not detailed and all the passenger lists and ship records, indicates the name of the father and just the ages for the wife, the daughters (3) and sons (4). He signed a contract with HBCo., on June, 17th., 1853 in Kilmarnock. I'll be very appreciated if someone there could help me a little bit more with this question, please. Thanks you !!! Email: millarvete@gmail.com

David Robert Mitchell, Kilmarnock / 20. 06. 2019

Hi there i have been searching/looking for my dad for a number of years now. I heard he had passed away on 2012. I know he was and lived in Kilmarnock his name was David Robert Mitchell born on 7/11/1973 he would have been roughly 38 when he died, just trying to see if anyone could help me with some information about him etc, thanks. Email: dechlan2014@gmail.com

Robert Dunn, Ayr / 02. 05. 2019

Hello, My father was born Feb. 17, 1943 in Litchfield or Staffordshire England in a Salvation Army Hospital for unwed mothers. My grandmother Ena Isabel Wright met a man from Scotland during WWII and he was in the Air Force. His name is Robert Dunn from Ayr, Ayrshire. They registered to be married in England but then his commanding officer told her parents he was married with a family in Scotland. I am told my dad looks a lot like him. She never saw him again and I can't be sure he even knew she was pregnant. My grandmother just turned 96 years old this month. She has siblings George, Margaret and Eileen Wright who all lived their lives in England. The only Robert Dunn I could find through Ancestry.com died within a few years of his birth. I recently sent my DNA kit in to learn about my heritage and would love to know about my dad's side of my family. Dawn Harper Nee Wright. Email: odawn67@hotmail.com

Flanagan and Kennedy marriages, Ayr / 18. 04. 2019

I descend from Flanagan and have Kennedy in my DNA. By 1879 my ancestor was in South Australia. I would be grateful for any information re marriages which happened between Flanagan’s and Kennedy’s before 1879. Email: marilyn.synnes@gmail.com

Caddis Or Thomson Families, Ayr / 18. 04. 2019

My father Andrew (born Thomson now a Caddis) was born in 1935 in Ayr. I’m trying to trace any information either about the Caddis or Thomson families. His mother from birth was Jeanie Thomson however father unknown. Jeanie Thomson then lived at 43 Green Street Lane Ayr. Her profession was Domestic Servant ( general) Where I don’t know. I know nothing else of her or whereabouts after she adopted out my father. My father as I believe was then adopted by the Caddis family. Mr Caddis ( a barber) and Mrs Caddis had then a large family of their own and all grown up. My father’s stepfather Mr Caddis who was a barber had a shop somewhere in Ayr that is now a Supermarket. Which one I don’t know. Mr Caddis ( barber ) passed away when my dad was very young. Then his mother passed away when he was about 10 to 13 maybe. And was then raised by one of his step sisters Rose Caddis. All his other siblings had left my then. My father after finishing primary school did an apprenticeship as a bricklayer and stonemason. Then at the age of 18 he left by ship to live in Australia. Then roughly in 1978 Rose passed away and that has been the last contact my father had with the Caddis family. It’s very difficult with so little to work with. Shirley ( Caddis) Poulos l: shirley@poulos1.com

William Wilson, Kirkoswald / 18. 04. 2019

I have an ancestor, William Wilson, born in 1853 and his Old Parish Birth Record entry states that he was born in Cozyden, Kirkoswald. In subsequent census the address is given as Cosyglen or Cosieglen, none of which I can find. As his father was a labourer I think it was possibly a farm. Can you help me with this please. Sheila Stirling,. Email: sheila.stirling@btinternet.com

Finlay family from Ayr / 25. 03. 2019

My ancestor is in the records from the Greenville, Mississippi (USA) cemetery, John Finlay born 1794, from Ayr, Scotland and was a Methodist minister. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh and emigrated to the U.S. c. 1840. We have his diploma. It's beautiful—handwritten in Latin and it has a case that used to hold the wax seal. We believe he was both a minister and a doctor. He may have landed in Connecticut and lived there for a time. He somehow ended up in Mississippi. His son, John Lewis Finlay, was a doctor in Greenville, Mississippi and was considered to be a Yellow Fever specialist. We have his portrait. Please send any information you may have. Jane Gullyemail: jhgully@att.net

Thomas Cunningham / 21. 02. 2019

I am looking for parents of Thomas Cunningham born April 4, 1828 in Ayrshire. He immigrated to Boston, MA, USA. Started a steel/iron works. Died July , 1881 in Boston. Any help appreciated. email: cdcunningham@comcast.net

Dalziel Family History / Sorn / 21. 02. 2019

Dear Sir/ Madam, I am searching for information on my family history in regards to the Dalziel Clan, Dalziel Coat of Arms and the Dalziel Tartan in Sorn, Ayshire, Scotland or the related area. Gavin DALZIEL born 18 Mar 1722 in Sorn, Ayshire, Scotland. Married Marta FISHER 1745 in Sorn. Died in Lanark, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Parents of Gavin are; James and Agnes DALZIEL James Born 19 Jan 1693 in Sorn, Ayshire, Scotland. Gavin is one of six siblings. Three generations later one of the family sons came out to New Zealand. If you can tell me the details regarding to the Clan and the Family name connection in Sorn or related area. My contact details are email: am.team@xtra.co.nz

Hector Hamilton / Largs / 08. 02. 2019

Hello, my name is Judith Mitchell (nee Hall) and I live in Melbourne Victoria Australia. I am searching for a relative Hector Hamilton born aro 1790 in Largs Ayrshire Scotland. Married Janet McKecknie/McKekeney/McEachen abt 18 Mar 1815 Kilcalmonell and Kilberry, Argyll, Scotland. I believe they lived and died in Scotland. They apparently had three children: 1) Archibald Hamilton born in Largs Ayrshire abt 11 April 1821 d: Victoria BDM Death Reg No.5005/1884; Married Catherine O’Grady on 25 Nov 1852 (who emigrated from Scotland to Australia at 17yrs old.) Catherine was born around 1836 Belfast Newross Co. Wexford Ireland. She died in 1916. 2) David Hamilton born in Largs Ayrshire abt 1819 Died: 1896, aged 77yrs, Victorian BDM Death Reg. No. 12533 Brunswick Victoria Australia, on death certificate: Father's name Hamilton Hector Mother's name Jane (Mackean) David may have been married to an Elizabeth Baker in 1887 in Brunswick Victoria Australia. I could find no records of this marriage on our BDM site. 3) Mary Hamilton born in Scotland abt 1825 further information unknown. Archibald and David emigrated to Victoria Australia around : Emigration: 8 JAN 1841 Ship Adriadne Source: Burns Family Tree – Rootsweb Any information on Hector Hamilton and his wife Janet and their family above would be most appreciated. Email: judith-mitchell@bigpond.com

Allan / Bryce Wedding / Old Cumnock / 25. 01. 2019

Jacobina Crawford Allan and William Bryce were married at Old Cumnock on July 12 , 1912. I am looking for any photos of this event. Particularly, a group photo with both families. Jim Allan Toronto, Ontario. Email: jslsa2@gmail.com

Hamilton / Ayrshire / 05. 01. 2019

I live in Nova Scotia Canada and have been been surrounded by my "Hamilton" ancestors living in Shelburne N.S. Captain James Hamilton - Son of William Hamilton and Jean Walker North Ayrshire, UK Born: June 19, 1747 or March 2nd, 1735 Died in Nova Scotia Sept 9th 1823 Married 6 June 1771 to Anna McGeorge I do have more information that links Captain James to my immediate family but we are really looking for information in regards to his parents William Hamilton and Jean Walker. Please contact: jreynolds@win.eastlink.ca if you have any information or questions. Thanks Julie

Young / Dundonald / Ayrshire / 15. 12. 2018

Hi myself and my second cousin are researching the youngs of Dundonald. Robert Young came out to New Zealand on the Clontarf in the 1870s with his brother James. Married an Annie Lambert and settled in Waikari Canterbury. I am looking for his fathers records - Robert Young (weaver) who married a Margaret Lockhart in the early 1800s and any records earlier if possible. Looking at the reasons for leaving Dundonald to come out to New Zealand and what relatives are still residing in Scotland or elsewhere. Any information appreciated. My email address is: vadavies27@gmail.com

McCrea / McKerrow / Ayrshire / 28. 11. 2018

I've been working on my family tree and traced one branch to James McCrea (Born 18 Sep 1737 & died 1797 in America). I have his parents as Father - James McCrea (1685-1750) Born in Ulva Scotland and died in Ayrshire Mother - Jonet Craig (1679-1742) Born in Glasgow and died in White Holm My question revolves around James McCrea. I have a number of other people stating that his parents are Father - Robert McKerrow (1650-1702) Born in New Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland died in Ayr Mother - Jonet Wilsone (1650-1710) Born in Dunfermline and died in Ayreshire. I've found no supporting documentation and the drastic change in last name has me confused. On top of that, why would James be born in Ulva if Robert McKerrow and Jonet Wilsone are indeed his parents. Any help or direction that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I'll be visiting Scotland next year and wanted to wrap up my Scottish history before planning the trip as I would like to make sure we see some places from my family history. Thanks. Joe. Email.: JBailey@usautoforce.com

McClure / Cochrane / Ayrshire / 28. 11. 2018

I am attempting to establish a Scottish connection with the McClure clan who I have been able to trace back to Raphoe County Donegal, Ireland. My family insists that the McClures came to Ireland from Ayrshire but I can find no evidence to confirm. Father-John McClure b.1630 d.1705 Raphoe Ireland married Janey Jenat Cochrane b.1645 in Kirkcudbright d.9-9-1720 in Raphoe. Marriage was in 1665, Raphoe. Two children, one died at birth. Survivor was James Andrew McClure Son-James Andrew McClure b.1650 or 1660 d.1732 or 1739. Married Francis Ludlowe b.1664 d.1738. Both born and died in Raphoe. No marriage date. 7 children, all boys Any help in establishing a Scottish connection would be appreciated. Email.: davisonduke@yahoo.com

Martin family / Ayrshire / 11. 11. 2018

I am looking for any records on Sarah Clark born abt 1841 in Ireland and Henry Martin born abt 1835 in Ireland they married and lived in Ayrshire, Children Alexander, Susanna, William, and Mary. I know Alexander went to Canada around 1900 and William New Zealand. I believe Mary married John Chapman and they Had a daughter Mary Chapman. I am interested in any records on Henry Martin, his children Mary and Susanna and if there were any other children besides those four? I have found them in census records from 1871 to 1901 any advice on how to find records would be appreciated . Thank you Robin. Email.: robinleemark@msn.com

Harvey / Auchinleck / Ayrshire / 15. 10. 2018

I’m currently planning a trip to Ayrshire and I have been studying my family ancestors. My GG Robert “Rob” James Harvey immigrated to America 1910. Most of my other Harvey GG were born in Ayrshire. I can go all the way back to my 5th GG William Harvey born 1717. I’m looking for any information pertaining to this part of my family and any key areas to visit during our future trip to Scottland. Please send any information you may have to Email.: mrsterick@gmail.com

Hutchison Family / Ayrshire / 15. 10. 2018

I am looking for information concerning members of the Hutchison family, who I believe were tenant farmers at Dalgig Farm near New Cumnock, Ayrshire and elsewhere in the mid to late 1600's. I am particularly interested in learning who the parents of David Hutchison b. about 1650 might have been. I have found information about some Hutchisons from this period, but nothing that ties them directly to David Hutchison. Added note: David and his brother James fled Scotland about 1680 for Northern Ireland to escape religious persecution and several of David's sons migrated to America Bill Hutchison; Email.: flabill89@yahoo.com

Steele / Ayrshire / 04. 10. 2018

I’m curious to know more about the origins of the Steele family surname in Ayrshire. I understand that in East Ayrshire the surname is 3rd most common. Why is this area of Scotland a stronghold for this surname? I’ve been told the surname is of Norman origin. ; Email.: storring@rogers.com

Tarbet / Ayr / 04. 10. 2018

I have traced my ancestry back to Hugh Tarbet, born in Ayr in 1667, who married his wife Ealsie Boyle in Ayr. They had a son also named Hugh in 1691. It was this son and the other brothers who migrated to America around 1730 or so. I am seeking to determine the parentage of Hugh (the dad) and his wife Ealsie. Any help would be appreciated, Kind Regards, Jason Tarbet; Email.: jtarbet1@hotmail.com

John Robertson / Delmelinton / 14. 09. 2018

I am researching John Robertson born 2 February 1811 in Delmelinton Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland to Hugh Robertson and Margaret. He married Mary Jane Pier and had 7 children. Mary Pier then married Robert Affleck Robertson and moved to Australia. John then married Caroline Elizabeth Elford. John died 9 March 1882 in Victoria Australia. Children of John and Mary Pier included John Henry B. 1847, Frank Williard 1853; Sarah Louisa 1856; Carrie Cornelia 1859; Douglas Pier 1851; Mary Hattie 1854; Lilly Louisa 1858. John married Mary Jane Pier USA or Canada. Thank you; Email.: pldore@iprimus.com.au

Jane Paisley / Kilmarnock / 1826 / 30. 07. 2018

Searching for information about Douglass Hunter, born 19 Feb 1828, Glasgow, and his wife Jane Paisley, b. 13 Oct 1826, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. They both emigrated to the U.S. and married in Wisconsin. Jane's parents were Ninian Paisley and Jane Barclay, actuarials unknown. I would like to trace their ancestry & their wider family tree, possibly via Douglass's father John Hunter (b. 11 Jun 1794), mother Agnes Ferguson (b. abt, 1794), both from Scotland, and their descendants. Thanks & best regards, Diane, Marietta, Georgia; Email.: dineyfrench@att.net

Richmond family of Ayrshire / 24. 07. 2018

I am searching for information on John Richmond born 1726 Ayrshire Scotland. He was listed as a shipbuilder in early documents in North Carolina, USA. I am his descendant. Anything that you feel might help would be appreciated. About a decade ago I found a listing for a John Richmond who was baptized about then in Scotland and it listed a Mathew as his father, but I am not sure that this is correct. Email.: timrich1952@gmail.com

Richard / Ritchie / St Quivox area / 17. 07. 2018

I believe that My GGG Grandfather was born Alexander Richard. I find an Alexander Richard married to Euphemia Boyd in the late 1840 to early 1850s. They had multiple children in the area under the name Richard. Elizabeth, Isabella, John, Euphemia, William, Alexander, to name a few. Sometime between 1860 and 1870 the surname name changed from Richard to Ritchie sometime between 1860 and 1870. I am interested in why the name would have changed as will as connecting with family. I know that sons William and John immigrated to Illinois United States in the mid to late 1880s. Any information would be appreciated. I can be reached at: bcabat@yahoo.com

McGarvie / Scobie / Dailly / 11. 07. 2018

Good evening I am posting in regards to the McGarvie family, especially that of my great great grandfather James Glen McGarvie, born in 1858 in Dailly. His father was William McGarvie, born 1829 also in Dailly and his mother Margaret Scobie born abt 1822 in Dailly. Any information would be very much appreciated I look forward to hearing from anyone who may be able to help me. Email: jo_dodd@optusnet.com.au

Janet Hunter of Kilmarnock / 15. 06. 2018

I am searching for the source of Janet Hunter’s baptism in Kilmarnock; she was baptized 3 July 1757 in Kilmarnock, but I have been unable to find the primary source. Please help me. Her parents are listed as Henry and Mary Hunter. Thank you so much, Eugene C. Rasband. Email: eugene.c.rasband@gmail.com

Johnston / Johnstoun family / 09. 06. 2018

I am looking for information on the family of John Johnston and his life before he left Ayrshire. He was son to George Johnson/Johnstoun and Elizabeth Bowie/Booy, his spouse (married Nov.17,1751), was born August 15th 1756.Baptized19th by Mr. David Shaw, Minister of the Gospel in Coylton." It is also probable that John had four siblings: Mary - born February 17, 1751. Baptized February 19, 1751: William - born December 31, 1752. Baptized January 3, 1753 Peter - Baptized February 1, 1761. James - born February 7, 1763. Baptized February 10, 1763 The father, George, may have been a Troweler in Ayr, but it was also said that John left Scotland to avoid an arranged marriage, which may mean that his family had money. The story goes that John stowed away a board a ship that was carrying Colonel John Campbell's newly formed regiment of foot, -The 74th Argyll Highlanders- bound for Halifax. Departure date was May 1778. After he died his family offered to bring his family from Canada back to Scotland to make sure that his 3 sons were educated. His widow declined and remained in New Brunswick, Canada. I would be very grateful for any information you can provide. Thank you. Email: knitwit_a236@yahoo.com

Vincent Smith / Prestwick / 14. 05. 2018

I have attached two photos one is of my mother on the left and her friend who we believe is married to the man in the photo named Jimmy with the Boxer. I believe they lived next door to us and had been very close friends to the family. My father Vincent Smith and mother Jacqueline transferred from Coco Beach Florida to Prestwick Scotland in 1955 with two small children ages 1 and 3, my sister Corrinne was born at the Greystone in Prestwick and my sister Michele was also born. They returned to the USA in California in 1958. Three weeks ago my mother passed away at age 89 and she had told me that out of all the places she had lived she enjoyed Prestwick Scotland the most. I was hoping to notify Jimmy his wife and family that my mother and father had passed. These photos were taken in 1957, do you think you could pass these photos around to your contacts in the Prestwick area and see if we can get Jimmy's last name or family information. I believe Jimmy was a local to Prestwick area. So thankful. Email: smithjfs@gmail.com

Dalrymple / Kennedy / Ross / 23. 04. 2018

Hello, my name is Mark Wales, I'm looking for as much information as possible on my 8th Great Grandfather James Dalrymple the 1st Viscount of Stair born May 1619, died 23 Nov. 1695. Married to Margaret Ross born 1623 Wigtonshire, died 1692 Midlothian. I have found some information about him and would like to try and gather information on his wife, parents, grandparents and so on as much as possible. His father was James Dalrymple born 1589 Barr, died Jan 1625 Barr. Married to Janet Kennedy born 1598 Knockdow, died 1663. One of the problems I'm running into is with his grandfather and great grandfather. Please contact me with any information you may have. Thank you.. Email: mawales@gmail.com

Graham Family / Maybole / 23. 04. 2018

Elizabeth Garvin Graham married Donald Clark and with several small children sailed for Australia. Several more children were born and the last one was Archibald Robert Clark who was my darling grandfather. Iam trying to find out about Elizabeth,s family. I know that her mother was Mary Jones and her father was James Graham, but I don’t know anything else. Can anybody out there help me in my quest Yours truly Jan Evelyn. Email: jayme1955@yahoo.com

Margaret Ann Hosie / Stevenston / 03. 04. 2018

I am looking for any information on the birth of a Margaret Ann Hosie/Hosey born around 1852 in Stevenston? who married Archibald Morrison in Glasgow in 1873. Her parents are recorded as Joseph Hosie (Hasse/Hossick)and Elizabeth Newall from Ayrshire. This seems unlikely, given their age. A Margaret Ann Tomes, aged 8, appears in the 1861 census, living with Joseph and Elizabeth in Saltcoats. I am trying to find out if this was Margaret Ann Hosie, and if so how to establish this. Margaret Ann Hosie was my father's grandmother and it would be great to solve this mystery for him. Thank you.. Email: jillstables@hotmail.com

John C. Wilson / Troon / 18. 03. 2018

My grandfather John C. Wilson was born in Dec 1885 in Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland. This is all the information I have on him. It would be a great help if you could link me to his parents. Thank You Sean V. Wilson / Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. Email: wilsons@pulsesecure.net

Flanagan / Ayrshire / 09. 03. 2018

Looking for any information available of Flanagan(s) migrating from Ayrshire to County Donegal, Ireland prior to 1743. Flanagan ancestors were Presbyterian. First names probably James and/or Ambrose. From Donegal immigrated to America in 1743. Please advise of any connections or sources you may have. Thank you! Robert McNair Flanagan Frisco, Texas. Email: bob@internationalbrandingassociates.com

McDowall William 1824 / Colmonell / 18. 02. 2018

I am looking for any information on the McDowall family who were living in South Ayrshire in 1852. My great great Grandfather William McDowall was living in Colmonell at the time he married. He married Jane/Jean Smith who was living at the time in Girvan, and originally born somewhere in Ireland in 1827. They had a daughter, Elizabeth McDowall who was born in Colmonell in 1853. While this is the spelling of the last name (McDowall), Elizabeth's generation took on a new spelling in Canada of MacDouell. I have record of them living in Canada in about 1856 in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. They later moved to Caledonia, Ontario area. I would like to know what the conditions were like in South Ayrshire at that time, that may have attributed their move to Canada, and also where they would have departed from, and possibly the ship name. Any information is helpful to me. It has taken me 7.5 years to find this out.. Email: hhaywood@xplornet.ca

Hunter / Troon /19. 10. 2017

Looking for any info regarding John "Skip" Hunter of Troon. Worked John Brown Shipyard 1920-1930's? Also Nancy Hunter or Agnes Hunter of Troon. Born and resided 1929 -1939. Cheers Claud Jones, Anchorage Alaska. Email: inspectorclaudjones@gmail.com

Families from Saltcoats /24. 07. 2017

Trying to research several prominent nautical families from Saltcoats and surrounding area from the 1775 - 1850 period. Any help would be greatly appreciated. James Shanks and Jean Ferguson, daughter of Walter Ferguson and Janet Barclay. They had eleven children, nine of whom survived infancy. Key families I am trying to discover are obviously the Shanks, plus Captain William Barclay, William Howie, Captain William Black, Robert McGregor, James Kerr Gemmell, Hyslop, Livingston, Captain William Miller and McKenzie. These were all families the Shanks married into. Any connections out there?. Email: gdshank@comcast.net

Relatives of David Muckle / 03. 07. 2017

My Great-Grandfather was born 1861 in Ayrshire. He moved to the U.S. at some point. He married Amelia Frances Cole while in America. I am looking for relative's in Ayrshire of my Grandfather's. If you could please let me know my father would so appreciate it. Thank you. Email: alwaysdannys@gmail.com

Burns/Tannehill / Ayshire / 10. 06. 2017

My Great Grandfather is Allen William Burns. Born about Sep 1853 in Scotland and died, I assume in the United States, about 1920. This is all we know of him. His son, my grandfather, Samuel Amonette (Amonete, changed to Allen) Burns was born in Athens, Texas, USA in 1906. I then get to the Tannehill side and am lost. I see there is the likelyhood of a long history in the United States and then on to Scotland but all I know is my Great Grandmother is Fannie M Tannehill born in Athens, Texas 15 Apr 1870. Parents seem to be Amonette (Amonete) Sucre Tannehill and Frances Marion Bass. Both born in the United States. I don't know for sure at this time how far back in the United States the Tannehills go though but would love to find the information going into Scotland for both sides. Especially the Burns side as we have very little information there. Thanks Anna. Email: strawberry1short@aol.com

Crawford of Ayshire and Durham. / 08. 06. 2017

I am descended from Henry Crawford of Staindrop Durham. I have come across a pedigree that gives his gr.gr.grandfather as John Crawford born 1618 in Aryshire Scotland. I would be grateful if anyone could enlighten me about him. I have found many Scottish people in my line but Henry Crawford is the closest to me. Lefayre Heslehurst Palmer in Australia.. Email: lefayrep@optusnet.com.au

Mary Sinclair Boyd /Saltcoats / 28. 05. 2017

I am looking for information on my maternal Grandmother Mary Sinclair Boyd (dob May 29 1904) from Saltcoats Ayrshire Scotland who married William Harvie Ross (dob 1906) from Stevenon Scotland. It is my understanding they had 2 children born there Samuel Ross and Robert Ross (my uncles) Thank you for your attention to this matter Yours truly Lora Jones. Email: firespirit99@hotmail.com

Crawfords of Beith /09. 05. 2017

I am looking for any information about my ancestors from Beith. Clan Crawford. What I have uncovered is that the Clan Crawford goes back as far as 1660. William Crawford was born around 1660. No wife is mentioned but he did have children. John, William, Martha and Thomas. Eventually our family did immigrate to Quebec. Gavin Crawford was born in Beith 1787 but died in Rimouski Quebec around 1842. I certainly would appreciate any information about my family in Scotland. I also believe they were related to Clan Lindsay of Scotland. Someone has mentioned that somewhere William Wallace is related to us. Thank you very much Kathy Davis-Verzyden. Email: seren_dip@sympatico.ca

Cassidy Family / Stevenston /23. 04. 2017

My name is Michael Cassidy. I am looking for information on my GreatGreat Grandfather and his family. They immigrated from Enniskillen, Ireland to Stevenston, Scotland where he died on 21 Feb 1880. I believe his widow Ann continued to live in Scotland. His three sons Charles P, Michael and Edward J along with their sister Rose Ann immigrated to the United State some time around 1860. I have found an address of 41 Old Vennal, Lanarkshire, Glasgow College where I believe they settled according to 1851 Scotland Census. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Email: fcmikec84@gmail.com

Williamson family / Ayrshire /11. 04. 2017

Hi my name is Joanne Blair , I'm trying to trace the family of Hugh Henry Williamson and Jane Fergurson they had a son Hugh Henry Williamson born 1854 Ayrshire Scotland. There is a story that Hugh (1854) one step ahead of the law of poaching he joined a ship as a cabin boy, he jumped ship in India and joined the Indian Army. He later immigrated to Victoria and became a farmer. Any information that may help me find his father's Date of birth or marriage if any as I'm having trouble with this family history. Email: blairites@dodo.com.au

James Morrison Reid / Troon born 1886 / 09. 03. 2017

Next month my mother, cousins and I will be traveling to Scotland and we're curious to see if any relatives remain in Troon or thereabouts. My great grandfather, James Morrison Reid was born in Troon in 1886. He was a CPO in the Royal Navy on the HMS Neptune. He married Annie Prentice (born Dublin, Ireland, 1893) and settled on either Miller Street or Bruce Street in Clydebank. My grandmother, Anne Leonora Reid was born in January, 1915. They lost 3 children, Agnes is the only name I remember, then had Elizabeth, Honora and John. They left Scotland and came to America November, 1928. We were all told growing up we were from the Morrison Clan but I'm having difficulty locating information on that. Thank you Linda Hardy Email: lhardy0786@aol.com

William Connell / Ayrshire /21. 02. 2017

My name is Don Connell and I am looking to inquire about my Great, great Grandfather whose name was William Connell. Using a friend's Ancestry .com account I managed to trace him back to Ayrshire, born in 1832 or 1833. He married a young lady named Agnes whom I believe was also from Ayrshire, and they had either 5 or 6 children, one being my great grandfather John Connell, born around 1872. I am most interested to find out if any of the other children from the marriage survived and immigrated as did John. I know he had a brother named William who made it to America with John in about 1886. I am also interested in finding out if my 2nd great grandfather William had any family that stayed in Ayrshire, and if there are any descendants left there today. Sadly, my access to my friends account is no longer available as they have let it expire. I am hoping that someone in Ayrshire genealogy site will have some idea of where I can turn to next. Thank you for any help with this genealogy search. Sincerely, Don Connell Email: filgisher@hotmail.com

Ronald Graham / Kilmarnock /21. 02. 2017

Hi i am trying to trace any info you have on a RONALD GRAHAM his mother was an AGNES MORGAN who came from Australia and settled in Kilmarnock Scotland her brother died in Kilmarnock in 2002 and is buried there. RONALD GRAHAM's father was a GORDON GRAHAM who was born in Edinburgh. The reason i am trying to trace the records is because I have pen friends who live in Ballarat ,Australia and they are trying to locate details of Ronald Graham so when they are over here in July 2017 I can take MARION KERR one of my penfriends to visit her husbands Grave somewhere in a Kilmarnock cemetry. I would be very oblidged if you could send any details on to me at this e-mail adress Thanks ALEX JOHNSTON HAMILTON SOUTH LANARKSHIRE Email: alexjohnston321@gmail.com

James MacRae dob 1764 / Muirkirk /09. 02. 2017

Hi Ayrshire! I'm looking for ancestry on James MacRae and Margaret Ross. James was born in 1764 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire. Here is what I know: One of his sons is William McRae (Sr.) (Our ancestors) and Agnes McFarlane born in Scotland and immigrated to Canada. I believe they were married in 1832 in Dalrymple Ayrshire. His son in our line was William Remmington McRae (1845-12/02/1914) and down, Alexander Worth McRae (04/11/1885 - 03/05/1948) William Donald McRae (03/02/1907 - 07/14/1969) my husbands grandfather. Can you help me with the ancestry gaps going back? I don't have an ancestry.com account.: lauramcrae2117@gmail.com

Henderson family in Kirkoswald Ayrshire / 09. 02. 2017

I am trying to get information my great grandparents William Henderson he married Jane McClelland on the 24th Nov 1848 Jane was 16yrs of age born on the 27th Oct 1831 Jane was from Coylton Ayrshire. They had 8 children William born 1849 James 1850 John 1852 Jane 1856 Robert 1859 David 1861 Charles 1863 and Mary 1866 They stayed at Glenhead Cottage Kirkoswald Ayrshire. Sadly Jane died on the 11th Aug 1870 aged 39yrs.from Tuberculosis. William re-married Mary Barnes from Ireland born around 1844 and they had 4 children Janet born 1873 Edward 1874 Gilbert 1878 and Samuel 1883. Hamilton Henderson was also brought up William and Mary mother given as Annie Henderson father given as John Brydon whom she later married. The 1901 cencus gives William aged 70yrs and Mary aged 56yrs staying at Kirkoswald but after that I can find no trace of them No death certificate nor burial records can be found for either of them. If anyone has any information on this family especially what happened to William & Mary would be very much appreciated. Please contact me at: samhenderson@googlemail.com

Robert Wallis 1642 / Craigie / 25. 01. 2017

In 1642 my ancestor, Robert Wallis and his wife Rebecca, landed in York county Virginia with a party of 14. I think they are from Craigie, Ayrshire, Scotland but have not been able to prove it. I am looking for any documents or information about them. Thank you in advance for any help you could provide, Donald Wallace. Email: pubpro@juno.com

Campbell Family / Kilbirnie / 04. 01. 2017

Hello, I’m trying to find out some information about my Great-Grandfather’s family. John Campbell was born 25th January, 1845 at Kilbirnie in Ayrshire, the eldest of seven sons. He later migrated to Australia, while his six brothers chose to go to America. Apparently his grandmother had a property in Northern Ireland where John spent some time as a young man. I’m hoping to find out more about John’s parents and grandparents so any suggestions or info is welcome! Fiona Hayward,. Email: airjambin@yahoo.com.au

Portrait of Eliza Longmuir / 19. 12. 2016

I have inherited a portrait (see below) of a woman named Eliza Longmuir (probably Langmuir) who was born in Scotland in 1729. The family would love to know who might have painted this portrait. We believe Eliza lived in Irvine in Ayrshire. The frame of the portrait comes from Belfast. It is a magnificent portrait that cannot have been generations. It was removed from Scotland during the second world war when the bombings began in 1940, and was sent to relatives in the United States where it has remained. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Who were the portrait painters in the area at the time? Allan Ramsay? Archibald Skirving? Thank you for looking into this, Polly P.S. I should probably add that there is another Eliza Longmuir in the family, but she would have been born around 1840 and her name was Elizabeth Longmuir Cochrane after her marriage. My mother thinks the portrait might be of her because of the clothing, Again, any light you can shed. Portrait Image. Email: polly.baumer@comcast.net

Elizabeth McDonald b. 1729 or 1730 / 16. 12. 2016

I am looking for my 5GGrandmother, Elizabeth McDonald. I know she married Samuel Craig about 1752 who was a LT in military; they lived in New Jersey and she was buried there in 1764, possibly dying from a baby born the same year. (Mary) My understanding is she is from Ayrshire, Scotland? There is an Eliz. McDonald who came to America in 1745 as a prisoner. I’m wondering if that is she, since in all the history written about Samuel Craig, all that is ever said is that Elizabeth McDonald was his wife. She is listed on many SAR applications as a mother. Her daughter, Esther who married William McClellan is my 4GG. If anyone knows anything, I am willing to share anything in my genealogy that may connect us. Thank you and hope to hear from someone. Cyndi Vandiver. Email: cyndivan@mac.com

John Kennedy b1772 / Ayrshire / 07. 11. 2016

I am interested in any information that you can provided about my ggg grandfather named John Kennedy b1772 left for the U.S.A. he died in 1832 and was buried in Scotland. The elder John b 1743 lived in Dailly, married in Scotland 1768 no information on spouse who d 20 Aug 1809. His son John b 1772 in Scotland, he married in Scotland then moved to Dromore (near Belfast), Ireland, where his only child John Eddie Kennedy was born in 1801 who married Jean Burns in Scotland 15 Feb 1822. Moved to Canada in 1854 with wife and family. I have searched forever to fill in these gaps with no luck. I am grateful for any bit of information you can give. Thanks very much.. Email: sadiebg1@hotmail.com

William (Billy) Clark Born 1845 / Maybole / 15. 10. 2016

Billy Clark was born in Ayrshire and grew up around Maybole, Ayrshire. Came to America on the ship called "The Seven Brothers" in 1870. Son of William Robert Clark and Mary Milligan they had eight children my gg grandfather William(Billy) being one. In 1861, according to the census, Wm. Robert and his family had moved to a cottage on the grounds of Kilhenzie Castle www.ourclarkfamily.com/kilhenzie-castle . After William Robert death Mary worked as a cowfeeder www.ourclarkfamily.com/cowfeeder at Killoch Cottage on Midton Road in Ayr. I will be visiting this area the summer of 2017 with my granddaughter and would be interested in doing some research while I am there, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Meanwhile if anyone has more information on this family. Thanks in advance, Darryl Morrison. Email: Darryl.Morrison@rsd.edu

McDonald, Calderwood / Ayrshire / 24. 09. 2016

Catherine McDonald emigrated to America late 1700's. She married a James Calderwood who emigrated on same ship. Any help would be appreciated, finding their parents, siblings etc. Thank you, Elaine. Email: emrus718@aol.com

McKnights / Largs / 21. 09. 2016

I am looking to contact a Ralph G. McKnight, from Grass Valley, Nevada, California, in regards to McKnight genealogy. Any help appreciated. John Mills, for my wife Barbara (MacKnight) Mills: Email: millsj@nbnet.nb.ca

Ms. A.G. ("Nan") Higgins / Largs / 18. 09. 2016

About what happened to my friend, Ms. A.G. ("Nan") Higgins of Largs, Scotland. I stopped hearing from her in about 2007 (?), and I never knew what happened to her. She lived alone and used to take care of retired seeing eye dogs. I wish I knew what happened. Can someone tell me? Thank you. Merrily Duncan: Email: merrduncan@gmail.com

Coopers / Ayrshire or Galloway / 16. 09. 2016

I've been searching for my ancestors for a long time now and the farthest back I can go is a document that states there was a family of Coopers in Ulster, Ireland in the early 1600's, and that they came from a John Cooper who was born in about 1516, "probably from Ayrshire or Galloway. Any information on this family would be apreciated.: Email: liverkickcooper@gmail.com

Andrew Hunter / Ayrshire / 30. 08. 2016

Looking for any info on Andrew Hunter 1752-1830 married to Sarah McAnage. Leaving for America from Londonderry. Possibly an Ulster Scot. K: Email: kathyslimmer51@gmail.com

Mitchell Family / Ayrshire / 29. 08. 2016

I have traced my family tree back to my 3x great grandfather Robert Mitchell. He served in the British Army 97th Regiment of Foot from around 1824/5 until he died in Colombo, Ceylon in 1832. His Army death record gives his place of birth as what looks like "Irvin, Ayrr", but gives no date of birth or age. His wife was called Mary, but I don't know her maiden name, as I can't find their marriage. I have found a baptism for a possible Robert Mitchell in Irvine in 1802, parents Robert Mitchell and Margaret Stewart. They appear to have many other children, but I can't find a marriage for the parents or trace them forward in the Irvine area to confirm or rule them out as the correct Mitchell family. I would be grateful to hear from anyone who may be connected to this family or for any suggestions of how to progress my search. Many thanks.: Email: mitchell@hotbase.co.uk

John Gibson / Ayrshire / 23. 08. 2016

I was interested to learn anything about John Gibson, who married a woman named Agnes. They are supposed to have emigrated to America in 1860. I recently bought an 1854 US Cent whose back had been removed and replaced with "John Gibson Kilwining Chapter No. 97" --- suggesting that he had been a Mason and belonged to that Lodge. I would apprciate any information that I can find. Thank you Chip Fortenberry: Email: chipfortenberry6@gmail.com

Hannah Family / Ayrshire / 21. 07. 2016

I am attempting to trace the family of John Hannah (b. March 21, 1819) and Janet (Murdoch) Hannah (b. April 4, 1829). The couple was married on March 23, 1855 in Ballantrae, Ayrshire. They had 7 children James (January 7, 1856 Ballantrae), Ann (January 1, 1858 Ballantrae), Agnes Jane (April 13, 1861 Ballantrae), Mary (1863 Ballantrae), Andrew (April 14, 1865 Ballantrae), John (b. 1867 Ayr-d. 1941 Calgary, AB, Canada), and William (January 10, 1873 Ayr). Son John Hannah married Annie Duff (b.1868 Old Cumnock, Ayrshire- d,1942 Calgary, AB, Canada), and they had 10 children, William, John Duff, Jean, Annie, Hugh, George, Sarah, James Duff, Thomas, and David. The family immigrated to Canada in 1912, settling in Calgary, Canada. William was born on September 11, 1887, in Ayr, and died April 9, 1917, in France, as part of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces. John Duff Hannah was born June 16, 1889, in Ayr and married Annie McNaughton Swanson in 1912. John Duff died in Lens, France, also as part of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces. Jean was born in 1891, in Ayr, and died in 1895, in Ayr. Annie was born in 1894, In Ayr, and married James McCracken (b. August 2, 1887, in Ayr, Scotland-d. May 7, 1917, Boulogne-sur-mer, France). Annie died in 1972, in Calgary, Canada. Hugh Hannah was born May 5, 1897, in Ayr, and died in 1958 in Calgary. George was born in 1899 in Ayr, and died in 1916, in Calgary. Sarah was born in 1901, in Ayr. James Duff was born in 1903, in Ayr, and died in 1920, in Calgary. Thomas (1905) and David (1907) were both born in Ayr, and little is known of them. When John Duff Hannah died on July 10, 1917, an article was written in a newspaper in Ayr......"News has reached the town of the death, on 10th July, of Private John Hannah, Canadians. He was a joiner to trade, and before emigrating to Canada some years ago, was employed by Mr James Forrest, Ayr. John Hannah, who was a member of the Central Branch YMCA, will be best remembered by townspeople through his record of lifesaving, he having several times rescued various people from drowning....." It was often mentioned in the family that John Duff Hannah had a plaque with his name on it, on a bridge on Harbour Street, and that his father had received the Humane Society's certificate for gallantry, for his own lifesaving event. The paper also mentioned the family once living on Content Street, in Ayr. Any information on the family history in Scotland would be appreciated.. Email: digger.duncan@hotmail.com

McIllmorrow family / Ayrshire / 13. 07. 2016

I wanted to post to ask if anyone knew anything/had details on the McIllmorrow family from Ayrshire. I descend from McLemore’s in the US and have found that we originated from McIllmorrow’s in Scotland, but cannot seem to find much information about them. I know we are from John McIllmorrow/Sir John McIllmorrow in the 16th Century. Thank you! Best, Lauren Benson. Email: laurenbenson721@gmail.com

Wallace Family / Ayrshire / 08. 07. 2016

Just wondering if anyone has any additional information on: Richard Youngest Son" WALLACE son of Richard WALLACE Laird of Riccarton and Margaret BUCKINGHAM was born circa 1211 in Riccarton, Ayr, Scotland and died in Scotland. Richard married Elizabeth CATHCART, daughter of William de CATHCART and unknown. Richard I understand was my 25th Great-Grandparent. Adam "The Eldest" WALLACE son of Richard "Youngest Son" WALLACE and Elizabeth CATHCART was born in 1220 in Riccarton, Ayr, Scotland and died in 1246 in Scotland at age 26. 24th Great Grandparent Sir John WALLACE son of Sir John WALLACE and Elizabeth EGLINGTON was born in 1315 in Riccarton. John married Margaret LINDSEY Heiress of Craigie, was born in 1320 in Craigie, Ayr, Scotland 21st Great Grandparent I have always been of the understanding the William WALLACE was my family, however, as most people would realise is is difficult to find and definite information on him and parentage. I was hoping someone could shed some light on it foe me. My family later moved to County of Tyrone, Northern Ireland around 1660 - later moving to Australia. Email: gailsproule@hotmail.com any information would be wonderful to receive. Regards Gail.

William Murdoch / Ayr / 23. 06. 2016

My 4th great-Grandather was William Murdoch who married Kathleen McMurtrie on June 10, 1797 in Ayr. They had 2 sons, John born in 1799 and Charles born in 1801. Charles at some point emigrated to Nova Scotia as my 2nd great-GrandfatherFinely was born there in 1826. I am traveling to Scotland on June 24 and hope to visit Ayr and did not know if there are any Murdochs still there that me be my relatives. Thank you Patricia Eagan Email: coastalcandy@gmail.com

Morton family / Newmilns / 02. 06. 2016

Hello—I am trying to find information about my family that lived in Newmilns. James Morton ( March 17, 1854 ) married Janet Smith McGill (April 19, 1861). They had 3 daughters—Isobel Smith, Helen Hamilton and Ann Smith before coming to Canada in 1889. I can’t find any record of them leaving Scotland. The parents of James were Robert Morton (May 1, 1834-1898) and Elisabeth Clewes Stirling (1836-1890). He was known as Fiddler Bob. I believe they were weavers. any information would be appreciated, thank you, Kathryn Email: kathryn_a@hotmail.com

Gordon & Murchie surname / Ardrossan / 29. 04. 2016

Hello , I am trying to find parents or family members of a Janette Murchie Gordon 29 Jul 1901 in Ardrossan, Ayrshire, Scotland and I am assuming Murchie would be her Mother's surname. If you can help me with our family tree I would be grateful. Thank you. Michele Email: mitchy1121@gmail.com

Alexander Kerr / Ayrshire / 26. 04. 2016

Hello, I’m looking for any information about Alexander Kerr born 16 June 1819 at Girvan or Grovin Ayrshire. He married Jean Dunlop at Riccarton, Ayrshire on 30 Dec 1842. They had 13 children. Alexander died 27 June 1861 at Largs, Ayrshire. They had 13 children on , James Dunlop Kerr was my Great Grandfather. I believe has was also married to a Jane Simpson, but not sure about that. I appreciate any information about the Kerr family for the Ayrshire area anyone can supply. Especially old pictures, family stories, picture of headstones, etc.. Thank you in advance and would love making contact with any Kerr family members. Dan Stuart Fishers, Indiana, USA Email: jdrintnt@hotmail.com

Closs / Kirkoswald / 18. 04. 2016

I am trying to find out more about my family roots... and it has taken years to get to this point... My great great great grandfather William Closs was born abt 1792 somewhere in Scotland. He married Sarah Printer born 1801 Ireland.They had quite a few children.. John, David, James, Helen, etc. all born in Kirkoswald in the 1820s-1830s and the entire family migrated to the U.S. about 1847. Any additional information that anyone would graciously share would be much appreciated. Documents, Fact, photos of people/places/things, maps, historical facts of the period, etc.Anything... I believe I have reached farther than any of my known relatives.. and I've discovered a few new ones along the way.So we are all up against a wall. Of course if anyone would like the information I have collected on their descendants I would be happy to share..... Email: jdrintnt@hotmail.com
William Closs Grave Stone image
Sarah Printer Close info image.

Crawford / Ayrshire / 05. 04. 2016

I am inquirying about John Crawford born in 1687 and left for America and settled in Pennsylvania in USA. Email: yorkies3@rcn.com
More Information at: www.genealogy.com

Andrew Ritchie / Sorn / Ayrshire / 31. 03. 2016

Am looking for information of possible relatives still living in Scotland. Andrew Ritchie - born around March of 1814 in Sorn, Ayr to father Thomas and mother Jennette Ritchie. Andrew left home at around age 11. Apparently studied in Edinburgh or Glasgow to be a physician. Worked in mines. Immigrated to CANADA around 1839, then moved to the U.S., New York where he met and married Anna O’Brien. Does anybody have more information about Andrew’s parents, siblings? Anybody who may be part of that Ritchie line? Thank you, Gail (Ritchie) Frailey. Email: rdfrailey@gmail.com

Ancestors / Ayrshire / Kilmarnock 29. 03. 2016

I have recently been researching my mother's side of the family (Brady) and found that my great grandmother's maiden name on her father's side was Sneddon. Her full name was Mary Sneddon; it may even have been Mary Shields Sneddon, although I am not sure where "Sheilds" fits in. It could easily have been her grandmother's maiden name. I have not gotten that far yet. I believe that Mary Shields Sneddon's mother's maiden name was Carolina/Caroline McFarlane. She married John Sneddon and they had two children that I have been able to find: Janet and Mary. It is difficult to know if I am on the right track, because all of the "key players," if you will, in my family have long since passed. However, here is some information I have. My Mother: Helen Brady Barbera B: 3/26/1924 D: 6/18/1977 Helen's Parents: Elizabeth V. Morrissey (B: 3/12/1901; D: 3/20/1937) and James Sneddon Brady (B: 10/25/1896; D: 10/15/1987) James Brady's parents: John Brady and Mary Sneddon ---- John's birthplace is listed as Northern Ireland and Mary's is listed as Scotland. James had a few siblings, but not all lived. Siblings include: John, Thomas, and possibly George and Caroline. I have family photos that show James (my grandfather) and his two brothers, Johnny and Tommy; however, I have no photos that include George or Caroline. My information comes strictly from census records, and James Brady is a common name, so verification is a painstaking process. Immigration records show that Mary Sneddon came to the United States in 1887. I have no idea if she met John Sneddon in Scotland and married him there, or if they were married in the U.S., as I cannot find anything on him. If anyone has any knowledge of this family, I would greatly appreciate any kind of information that would help me with my ancestry research. Thank you for your time. Carol, Email: carole1231@gmail.com

Elizabeth Steel / Ayrshire 25. 03. 2016

My grandmother Elizabeth Steel gave birth to a baby girl somewhere around 1905 possibly in Ayrshire. If there is anyone out there who has information concerning the child who would probably have passed away now, but maybe there is a child or grandchild still living in this area. I would love to make contact with them so we can reconnect our family. Thank you for your time, Beth Brown, Email: bethschan66@hotmail.com

Aird family / Cumnock / Muirkirk 27. 02. 2016

My name is Margaret Elcich and I live in BC Canada. I am trying to locate information on Matthew Aird. He was born in Cumnock in 1812-1813. He was a carpenter by trade. He belonged to no. 358 Bombardier for the Royal Artillery. He joined the services on September 18, 1833. He served 6 years in Canada and 2 years in the Crimea. He was discharged in 1858 with a disability. He married a Mary from Muir Kirk, Scotland. They had 3 sons, David' born in Canada in 1847, William, born 1848 in Canada and James born 1850. In 1861 Matthew was residing in Woolwich, Kent, England. If anyone knows anything about this family I would love to talk to them. Thanks from Marg , Email: edge_of_twilght@icloud.com

David and Elizabeth Andrew / Ayrshire 09. 02. 2016

Hello On 21 May 1848, David and Elizabeth (nee Wilson) Andrew sailed from Plymouth and arrived at Port Phillip, Melbourne, on 18 August 1848. David Andrew was 27 years of age at the time. He was born in Ayrshire, Scotland. David and Elizabeth belonged to the Free Church of Scotland. Love to hear from anyone who has further information. Regards Jennifer Andrew, Email: jennifera@netspeed.com.au

James Rankin - 1755-1835 / Kilwinning 29. 01. 2016

We are planning a quick trip to Scotland in September to specifically look for the family line there. Our focus is in Ayrshire based on what I think happened based on research. I have tried Scotlands Peopleand all the Ancestry sites, but have not been able to prove. I even have a DNA kit to go with me in hopesI can find a suspect to check their relation. Have traced my 3X great grandfather to a farm in County Tyrone, Ireland. There is reason to believe he came from Ayrshire. I know he was in Ireland by 1787 as I have his name on a farm lease from the Earl of Abercorn. In researching, I have a guy pegged, but cannot prove it. We are headed there in September and want to plan my search. Is there a resource in the area where I might do more research? Just looking for a few tips. This is who I think it is: James Rankin Born Nov.11, 1755 in Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland Father: JohnRankin Mother: MaryColvin Spouse: Rosana (and think last name was Semple) email: Rob Rankin at: rankin2010@yahoo.com

Donald King / Ayrshire 28. 01. 2016

Donald King (born in approx. 1922 + or – 5 yrs.) migrated to Australia and then returned to Scotland where he later died in approx. 1986. Had a sister Elizabeth she was a spinster (believed to be a school teacher), also a brother who served in the RAF during WW2. His first wife (also Scottish) and several children for many years lived in Melbourne when he was in Australia. After moving back to Scotland he had a relationship (l believe it was long term) with a woman whom bore him a son. He was named Ewan (l'm not sure of the spelling of Ewan) Donald King was in the merchant navy as a young man and sadly l know very little else. Any knowledge or information would be greatly accepted.. Email: pauljames172@bigpond.com

Joseph Caldwell / Dalry 28. 01. 2016

I am looking for the parents of: Joseph Caldwell Birth around 1752 in Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland and the parents of his wife Mary Boyl Married March 17, 1777. Any leads or information would be fantastic. Wayne Scott. Email: HAG4FISH@aol.com

John Patrick 1429 / Ayrshire Scotland 17. 01. 2016

I am trying to find out John Patrick of 1429 Ayrshire or Edinburgh Scotland is listed as dead 1463 Ayrshire Scotland, Parents name , where they are from. John was a notary, this job in that time would be in high demand from Nobles, Churches, Courts and such it was an educated occupation, some think he must have been schooled in England. ..but everyone has hit a brick wall and unless we find out at least a fathers name, we can go no further...there has to be school records, royal records, church records, birth records, death records, census records, tax records. ..somewhere we just can't find them, and by the word we..I mean hundreds of people hitting the same brick wall...he has a son John Patrick Jr, 1460 Edinburgh sScotla. died..1498 at age 38..can you please help. Email: jackie.white4026@ymail.com .

Craig Grant son of John Grant / Ayrshire 14. 01. 2016

Searching for Craig Grant son of John Grant. You came to Tacoma Washington, USA as an exchange student. I would love to hear from you again. Email: Joananelson@msn.com .

McGill sisters / Kilmarnock 11. 01. 2016

I'm trying to gain information about 3 older sisters of my grandfather. Their names were Jeannie, Agnes and Margret McGill. I have census records dated from 1891 that show that Jeannie was 21 at that time...the two others were 19 and 18 respectively and unmarried. A family member, who gave me these records, said he'd heard that the 3 woman came to the USA in late 1890's or early 1900's to the northern Ohio area. These ladies would have been my fathers aunts as their younger brother was my grandfather. Somewhere in my grandfather's history, he changed his name to Templeton which is my last name. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. Email: dtempleton987@gmail.com .

Sinclair Family / Ayrshire 05. 01. 2016

Hello - though I have lots of Ayrshire relatives on my Anderson side (and of course would love to find out more / contact living relatives) I am searching for connections on the Sinclair side of the family. An aunt, Sarah Sinclair Gray (husband William) appears to have lived in this area and passed in 2002. Her sister Christina Sinclair Cornock also seems to have a connection (husband Robert Cornock). Their parents were Sarah Preston & John Sinclair (Glasgow). Years ago I met some of the family who visited Canada but it seems contact was lost. I'd appreciate any help in filling in the missing pieces to our family tree. Kind Regards Kim. Email: horsemom91@rogers.com .

Robert Boyd Dale / Auchinleck 21. 12. 2015

Looking for information on Dr Robert Boyd Dale from 1800's. Lived Auchinleck Ayrshire . Supposedly worked/studied in the NT Australia. If you can help, please email: tunbridg@bigpond.net.au . Sharon Tunbridge WA

Beattys in Ayrshire 08. 12. 2015

I have our family traced back to a John Beatty born in Ayrshire in 1587, but that's where the story ends. Does anyone have any information on the Beattys that were in this area around 1587?. Email: mjs1988@sbcglobal.net

Thomas Stuart Murray / Ayrshire 05. 12. 2015

Just reminiscing about Stuart Murray from Ayreshire. He was a med student in St Louis, Missouri in the early 60s. I was a friend and have terribly lost track of him. Does anyone remember him or know what he's up to these days ? Terry Jackson. Email: terry.j@cox.net

Nathaniel Baxter query / Ayrshire 04. 12. 2015

We are hoping to substantiate that Nathaniel Baxter (born 1600) (wife = Margaret Ann Middleton born 1603, died 1650) was indeed resident of Ayrshire - we don't know what town. But his son, William Logan Baxter (born 1620) and his Grandson Thomas Baxter (born 1646) are all purported to have been from there. My family line hails back to Alan Fitz Walter, 2nd High Steward (1126-1204) through the Stuart lines. We are hoping to find his family that far back also. Most of the family genealogy has been done by others, so I'm a bit lacking in understanding. Thank you Julie B. The Baxters . Email: habak2_1@yahoo.com

Robert Mitchell / New Cumnock 18. 11. 2015

I am trying to continue my family line and have gotten to my 7 times great grand parents. Their names are Robert Mitchell born about 1698 in New Cumnock and his wife was Mary Ross born in 1702. I would also love to find out if I still have family in Scotland. Email: armysapper31@gmail.com

John Mccaw / Ayrshire 13. 11. 2015

Hello, my name is Pat Mccaw my gggrandfather was born on November 2 1825 in Ayrshire area I have a 1889 trip there of him mentioning of Ayer. Is there any info of him? Also he mentions a childhood friend named Jean Gray who married a Mr Nelson . Thank you Pat McCaw. Email: patmccaws2@yahoo.com

John de Provence / Ayrshire 12. 11. 2015

I am looking for Jon (or John) de Provence who lived in Ayrshire, Scotland in the 1600 and then moved to France. Any information, please contact Virginia Kirby. Email: divinemercyusa@yahoo.com

Grangehill, Beith Ayrshire 06. 11. 2015

Any information on the Love family of Grangehill Beith Ayrshire 1841 to 1860. Email: budvivmac@gmail.com

Robert Lawson born approx 1810 / Ayr 03. 11. 2015

We are trying to find any information regarding our above family member. Robert travelled to Australia on the Superb in 1839 settling in Mt. Barker South Australia. We believe he had at least three brothers killed in The Crimean War. He also owned properties (shops) in Ayr - 99 and 100 Main Street, Ayr, Bell Rock Cottage on the Golf Links and The Clunes Vennal property, a two storey apartment. We believe he was some sort of carpenter by trade. My daughter visited Ayr in approx 1995 and met with a charming elderly gentleman, who I think lived on the golf course and was a local historian. He was able to direct her to see some of the properties, some of which now have different frontages. He would now be deceased I am sure! Previous attempts to try and establish our early family history have always met with the comment that all information was destroyed in a church fire in Edinburgh, where the archives had been transferred to and lost in a fire. We would be very appreciative to receive any information you may have and would be happy to assist with the Australian branch of the family. Regards Andrew Lawson. Email: ala99724@bigpond.net.au

Alexander Calderwood / Stewarton 28. 10. 2015

Hi there, my 3x great grandfather was Alexander Calderwood born November 1800 in Stewarton, Ayrshire, Scotland. I was wondering if anyone has information on his parents or family. Thank you for any and all help, Connie. Email: nursemcrum@verizon.net

John Murray and wife Margaret Brackenridge 25. 10. 2015

I'm trying to find out the parents of John Murray-Born Jan. 30, 1783 in Hillhead, Fyvie Parish, Aberdeenshire Scotland. John Murray marries Margaret Brackenridge about 1805 in Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland. Margaret Brackenridge was the daughter of William Brackenridge and Elizabeth McNider. John worked as a weaver in Girvan. All 7 children of John and Margaret were born in Girvan, Girvan Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland. Those years of their birth range from 1806 to 1818. John, Margaret and their children immigrated to Quebec, Canada between 1818-1826 and here he became a very successful dairy farmer. John Murray died April 23, 1858 in Ste Foy, Quebec, Canada and is buried in the Mount Hermon Cemetery in Sillery, Quebec. Margaret "Brackenridge" Murray died on May 10, 1868 in Ste Foy, Quebec, Canada and is also buried beside her husband in the Mount Hermon Cemetery. Since John spent his early married life in Girvan Parish I was hoping that there may be someone with the same ancestry that could shed some light on him- mainly because of the Brackenridge/McNider family connection. I'm happy to share my research with anyone who is interested in these families. Thank you. Rhea Gilbert . Email: bahila1@msn.com

James Mair born 1804 / Newton on Ayr 16. 09. 2015

I'm looking for info for the parents of James Mair who was born in 1804 at Newton on Ayr. Apparently, this James Mair was a seaman. He married Agnes Hunter, who was born July 22, 1805 at At Quivox, Ayr. Any info on this James Mair would be greatly appreciated. Regards, James Mair. Email: jim_mair@hotmail.com

Crawford / Ayrshire 29. 08. 2015

For any Crawford's interested in tracing their Crawford families origins, The clan Crawford association has launched a new Facebook site to help their members with their ancestry research & also to help them understand what their DNA test results mean if taken, Clink on the link below to become a new member, They'll be delighted to hear from you. Facebook Page.

GALT Family History / New Dailly 22. 08. 2015

Attempting to research my fathers family. The following is what little information I have. John GALT (Jr.?) was born circa July 1805 in New Dailly (I believe) and died circa 1871 somewhere in Scotland. His occupation was that of a mason and or builder. He married Mary ROBERTSON in Lanarkshire, Scotland around 1841. Mary was born circa 1805 in Lanarkshire and died 1858 somewhere in Scotland. His father was John GALT and also a mason / builder. He married circa November 1794 in Ayrshire. Also interested in learning more about the name GALT - especially the origin. The GALT name continued in my family as a middle for a couple of generations. Thanks in advance and appreciate any information that will assist me in my research of the GALT and ROBERTSON families. Email: yn9man@yahoo.com

Wales and Ure Family of Ayrshire 16. 08. 2015

Hello from Victoria BC Canada. I have managed to trace my family tree back to 1791. My tree hits a wall at William Wales born 1791 marrived to Margaret Wales Born Margaret Grey 1795. I am not sure if they were from Ayrshire originally, but they had a Daughter , Catherine Ure (born Wales) born in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, April 9th, 1813. Died Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Dec 30th, 1879. Looking for any information to help go further back, and more information on William and Margaret Wales would be so helpful! Wales seems to be a very hard name to research. Thank you so much for any help! Kiara McLennon researching the Stewart Family Tree of William John Workman Stewart. My courageous Grandfather. Email: mrandmrsmclennon@hotmail.ca

James May Brown / Ayrshire 06. 08. 2015

I am looking for information about James May Brown who worked as a brass moulder in the shipyards in Troon. He was born around 1886 but I don't know where. It could have been in Kilmarnock. He married Agnes Pagan Middleton 1st January 1916 and they lived at 58, Portland Street in Troon. Agnes died 14th August 1917 in childbirth and Jimmy emigrated to New York in 1919. Grace. Email: BorderLass@aol.com

Joseph Murchey / Ayrshire 03. 08. 2015

Researching geneology on this ancestor Joseph Murchey, born 1829, Saint Quivox , Ayershire. Email: dorotheaemartin@yahoo.com

John Lindsay / Ayrshire 16. 07. 2015

My gggrandfather was John Lindsay m.Margaret Eggo. Margaret was baptised on 23-2-1783 Cortachy,clova,Angus. Her parents were John &Jannet Eggo. Know nothing re.the Eggos or John Lindsay. John had a son James (1812-1864) who married a Sarah Anne Booth of Manchester. Hoping you can help. Regards to all Ann Ross ( b.Lindsay). Email: annross1936@gmail.com

William Craig / Ayrshire 16. 07. 2015

William Craig b.Ayrshire 1795-1856. All I know is that he had at least one son John Craig b.1830-1908 m.Agnes Dalziel 1830-1884. From there down we have a great deal but of William we have nothing. Email: annross1936@gmail.com

Jean Porter / Crosshill & Hugh Auld / Ayr 09. 06. 2015

I am doing genealogy in preparation for a trip to Scotland. My grandmother, Jane (also known as Jean) Porter was from Crosshill, Scotland. Her parents were George Francis Porter and Helen Bell Porter. Samuel and Agnes Bell were her grandparents. Jane married Hugh Auld from Ayr. Hugh’s parents were John and Jeanie. Siblings: Jean, Burt, John and Tom. Jane and Hugh met in Ontario, Canada. They married and lived in Farmington, Michigan. They retired to Dunedin, Florida. Both are now deceased. My family and I are visiting Scotland and hope to find relatives. Any thoughts on how to make contact with relatives in Scotland is appreciated. Please email me at: jha5415@gmail.com

John Murdaugh / Ochiltree 03. 06. 2015

Greetings, I am researching my family genealogy. John Murdaugh 1750-1852 born Ochiltree, Ayer. Samuel L. Murdaugh Murders 1793. Elizabeth Smith 1761-1852. George Murdoch 1715-1756. Margaret Leitch 1716-1756. If you can assist my search that would be such a blessing. Karen Strickland Kramer granddaughter of Nora Elizabeth Murdaugh. Email: galadrielthoman@gmail.com.

Patrick / Ayrshire 03. 06. 2015

Hello, I've been researching my family from afar for the last several years. My families earliest traces back to Ayrshire. I would like to connect with members or possibly distant relatives in efforts to further our knowledge. My earliest ancestor is John Patric. Born 1429. In 1456, roughly, he was a notary at Kilwinning Abbey. This all I have on this person. Is it possible he is connected to Comes Earl Patrick around 1210? John Patrick born 1460, married to Marion Sample is listed in recors of Cunnighame as Patrick's of Trearne and Hessilhead. This is in Beith Parish. The family is listed here for several generations. My defended from this line, Robert Patrick born 1705. He emigrated to the colonies in 1725. Many say we are alias or Sept of the Lamonts. There is no direct lineage that I'm aware so far but love to find some link. But I'm open to other possible connections. The hard thing with name Patrick, there are many variation and many took variations of the name. Would love to find fellow Patrick's in Ayrshire. If nothing more than to say hello. Please let me know if I can post? Thanks for consideration. James Patrick Email: james.patrick@windstream.net

O'Barr/Barr of Ayrshire 02. 06. 2015

Hello to all- I am researching my O'Barr ancestral roots and have only managed to successfully trace it back to my 8th greatgrandfather, Michael O'Barr, who came to America as an indentured servant around 1750. I've learned that some of the O'Barr family (or just Barr possibly) originally either fled or were sent to Ireland from Aryshire, Scotland in the mid 1600s. I've just recently found out that there are still many Barrs there, and there is even a town named after them. I'm very interested in finding ancestors from the gap between Scotland and Ireland, as well as family that are in Scotland now. I am sure there are many cousins. And help would be greatly appreciated. You can email me at: galadrielthoman@gmail.com with any information. Thank you! Galadriel Thoman America

Matthew Carson /Mauchline 23. 05. 2015

Hello all from New Zealand, I am trying to track down this handsome fellow, Matthew Carson Birth: circa 1846 Mauchline, East Ayrshire, Scotland, United Kingdom. Immediate Family: Husband of Mary Carson, Father of Janet Henrietta Clarkson and Jane Carson. It would seem that he is /was my Great Grandfather. Any information appreciated Kindest regards Murray Carson Clarkson Email: murray_clarkson@hotmail.com

John Hunter of Doonholm /Ayr 18. 05. 2015

I am trying to fill in some early years of John Hunter, son of Andrew Hunter of Bonnytoun & Doonholm, who arrived in Australia in 1838. I have his Australian story. I believe he was in China with the 9th Lord Napier, and have some details in Barbarian Eye, but I wonder if he was in Calcutta before 1834 and when he returned home to Ayr after 1834? Thanks, Judy. Email: vikinghunt1@gmail.com

McWhirter / Dailey /Dailly 15. 05. 2015

My great grandfather William McWhirter was conceived into this world in your amazing country in the Parish of Dailey Ayrshire Scotland on February 23, 1825. He went to heaven ( I hope ) on September 03, 1911 from his departure zone here in Canada. His son,( my grandfather )William James McWhirter died on May 23, 1962 at the age of 67. My father Graham McWhirter was born on December 03, 1934, and died on December 17, 2003. I , Gregory Juul Donald McWhirter was born December 20, 1965 and am by the grace of GOD still alive : ) My son Isaiah James McWhirter was born July 27, 1994 and thankfully has no children yet ! I was wondering if there is anybody on your side of the pond that can help me with the McWhirter clan and is it possible that I might still have distant relatives living in my true homeland. any and all help will be greatly appreciated ! You can send any and all information and / or questions to me. thank you for your excellent help, Sincerely, Gregory D. McWhirter. Email: gregorydmcwhirter@gmail.com

Wilson, Fulton, Hutchison / Ayrshire 11. 05. 2015

Looking for information on the following families: Wilson, Fulton, Hutchison - all Presbyterian Covenentors who fled to Pennsylvania directly from Scotland and/or via Ireland in the mid-1700s. I have information that indicates Fulton was from Lanarkshire and Hutchison from Ayrshire. No info on the Wilson immigrant. They settled in different counties in SE Pennsylvania but the fact that their families intermarried indicates that must have know each other, perhaps back in Scotland. Any information of guidance would be most appreciated. Email: cwilson28@me.com

Ross / North Kilbride 06. 05. 2015

My sister and I look forward to visiting Ayrshire during our upcoming trip. We are descended from the de Ross family and are interested in finding more information about them, as our efforts from the US have reached a stopping point. We know that our branch of the Rosses descended from a James Ross who left Scotland for Ireland in the 1600's, and he was descended from the de Rosses of Ayrshire, specifically, we think around the area of North Kilbride. Email: mookienc@hotmail.com Thanks Dr. Connie Ross.

Tannahill / Kilmarnock / Ayrshire 30. 04. 2015

Tannahill DNA Project, United States - Seeking Tannahill DNA from Scotland!

Greetings All, my name is David Tannahill, co-Administrator of the Tannahill-Tannehill DNA Project in the United States. We have two different Tannahill DNA lines from our Tannahill Project members who have tested their DNA with us. Strangely both seem to be coming from the same T-hill family line during the late 1700's and early 1800's out of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. There can only be one!!! Actually, it is possible for there to be two DNA lines but not likely from the same township and/or family line. Since both DNA lines here want to claim Kilmarnock, let us think on that one. Now wouldn't it be a curiosity if another Scottish area claimed one or both lines. We now need DNA Project members from Scotland!

Our Tannahill families have an illustrious history here in America as frontiersmen and pioneer planter families who helped clear this wild land and settle many parts of early America. Land grants were given to these early Tannahill families as reward for their military service as Indian fighters and Revolutionary War soldiers who fought gallantly in America's struggle to become a new Nation. These T-hill families migrated into South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Texas as well as Tennessee and Kentucky, Missouri and all the Great Lakes territorial states. It is now the purpose of our Tannahill-Tannehill Project (both spellings are used here) to reach out and find which is the original Tannahill DNA line that is native to Scotland's Ayrshire region and in particular, the Kilmarnock area, where these family traditions have it as the Tannahill homeland. Is there another area in Scotland where Tannahill families also originated? We want to learn more about our family history in Scotland and the British Isles, therefore we welcome Tannahill-Tannehill family members from all areas of Scotland, Britain and Northern Ireland to join us. Family Tree DNA in Houston, Texas is our testing company for our DNA research. While FTDNA has several DNA tests for both men and women, it is the Y-DNA test (male lineage) that we are now using for this research. So if you are a male Tannahill-Tannehill or know of one who would be interested in participating in our DNA research we would be very happy to have you join our Project. Please contact me for more information, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

For more information, email me at: www.familytreedna.com/groups/tannehill and please direct your inquiry to my attention .: David Tannahill. Best regards, Dave Co-Admin., Tannahill-Tannehill DNA Project

Edward Johnston / Kilwinning 29. 04. 2015

Seeking family of Edward Johnston, (1910-1996), married to Annie Adam Walker Young. Edward would be my great uncle, his sister, Georgina Johnson (Watson, Banks) was my grandmother. I am interested in making contact with descendants of Edward. Please contact Donna Turner at Email: we3turners@gci.net , or 20428 New England Drive, Eagle River, Alaska, USA 99577.

William Boyd b.1846 / Ayrshire 17. 04. 2015

Hello, I'm trying to research my family's ancestry, and I've hit a snag. It stops with a William Boyd, born in 1846 in Stevenson, Ayr and has him residing in Kilwinning, Ayrshire. It also has him married to a Sarah S. Johnson. Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Email: smiths782@yahoo.com

Cochrane / Ayrshire 14. 04. 2015

Robert Cochrane born 1829 Ayrshire, married Jean Unknown born 1839 Ayrshire, Brother: Thomas Cochrane born 1841 in Ayrshire. Looking for name of Robert & Thomas Cochrane's Parents. Looking for Jean's Surname & Parents, Regards Lynette.
Email: lyncoltham@iafrica.com

Scott Family / Kilmarnock 09. 04. 2015

Searching for the family of Joseph SCOTT, b. 1800 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. He married Jane, b. 1811 Ireland. The family moved to Argyle, LaFayette Co., Wisconsin, USA between 1820 and 1840. They had two known children, Janet (Jeannette) and John T. John married Elizabeth Pennistone of Plungar, Leiesteshire, England.in 1862 and had Rose Ella, b. 1864 in Argyle. My Great-Grandmother. Any assistance with this Scott family search, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Carol Sechrist Email: CarolS5234@aol.com

Henry Mcewan / Monkton 01. 03. 2015

Hi! My great-great-great-grandfather Henry Mcewan was born in Monkton, Ayrshire in the early 1800s, though I know very little else about him. His wife was born in Ayrshire too, Margaret Mcewan, but we’re having trouble sorting out exactly where. I think there were a few Margt Mcewans in that time! I’ll be in Edinburgh in May 2015, and would love to stop by. I’ll try to learn more about my family before then. If anyone would like to meet and chat about all this, I’d be happy to meet up. Thank you for your time. Coming from San Francisco, California, I’m a bit starved for history. Mysti Berry mystiberry.com. Email: mysti.berry@mac.com

Baird Family 19. 02. 2015

I am trying to find any reference to my grandparents who were born in Canada but their parents are from Ayshire. The name is Baird. Could be John or Archibald?? Thanks Rob Bennethum. Email: rbennethum@loomisco.com

The Mcdonald family in Saltcoats Scotland 26. 01. 2015

Trying to find Jeannie Mcdonald met her on the Brittanic cunard ship in the fifties? Email: softlad@verizon.net

Andrew Blair /Cumnock 13. 01. 2015

My Grandfather was Andrew Blair form Cumnock Ayrshire born 24 January 1903, brother was Robert and 2 sisters one I think was named Susan. Came to South Africa in 1925 and was married to Nancy Crawford and had 3 daughters and they had 6 grandchildren. The grandchildren have had 10 children and the next generation has been born. These names are all available if you would require them. Regards Andy. Email: andy@minesrescue.co.za

William & Margaret Hanlon /Ayr 06. 01. 2015

My Great Grandfather, William Hanlon was a sailor born in Dublin in 1870/71. My Great Grandmother was named Margaret, I do not know her maiden name, she came from Ayr in Scotland, born 1871/72. William was Catholic and Margaret was Protestant, she converted to a Catholic. I can only assume that they met and married in or around the ports in Ayr as William was a sailor, as already mentioned. In 1895/96 they had a baby girl named Catherine. Catherine was born in Scotland, presumably in Ayr. The family had moved to Dublin by 1899, my grandmother Mary Hanlon, their second child was born in Dublin in 1899. Thank you for your time reading this email, hopefully you can help me in my search, if only for the maiden name of Margaret, and maybe their wedding cert and a birth cert for catherine Sincerely Yours Liam Doyle. Email: liamswallop@eircom.net

McMurrain Families /Ayrshire 01. 01. 2015

Are there any residents remaining in Ayrshire or vicinity with the surname McMurrain or McMurrian. Records indicate that there were McMurrains there in the mid-1800's and my personal family stories tell of McMurrains in Scotland before they moved to Northern Ireland. I am interested to know if there are any still living there. If there are, would you please give them my email address or, if they do not mind me contacting them, give me their email address. I live in Atlanta, GA and was born in the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia. My dad's family is from South Georgia. Supposedly they landed in the north part of the US and migrated into the mountains and then south. Thank you for any help you can give me. Tom McMurrain Atlanta, Georgia Email: tom.mcmurrain@live.com

Thomson /Welch / Welsh / Ayr 31. 12. 2014

I am researching my grandmother's family. Her name was Margaret Fisher Thomson born 28/09/1898 at Ayr, Scotland. She had a brother William Thomson born 02/04/1900 at Ayr, Scotland. Their Parents were William & Helena Thomson (nee Welch/Welsh). Margaret was separated from her brother William after their mother died 22/12/1907 at Paisley, Renfrewshire. I am especially interested in what happened to William. I would appreciate any information regarding this family. Email: glenda.fh@hotmail.com

Margaret Jane Donnelly (or Young ) / Annbank 31. 12. 2014

Hello, I am looking for information on my Grandmother, born Margaret Jane Donnelly, on August 2, 1895 to a Samuel Donnelly and his wife in Annbank, Scotland. Attached is a newspaper clipping from her parents 50 wedding anniversary. Margaret died in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1987. She emigrated to the US through Ellis Island sometime between 1911-1920, settling in Cos Cob, Connecticut and married Archibald Stirling who had emigrated from Scotland during the same time period.They had one daughter, Florence Kinnaird Stirling, my mother, born September 8, 1928. Samuel Donnelly and his wife lived @ 21 Stewart Road Ayr at least on their anniversary, June 7, 1944. They were married by a Rev. Mann Callan and had 5 daughters and one son: Margaret, Agnes, Sarah, Sam, Jr., Jesse(Jessica?) Margaret was the eldest. The puzzle is that her social security card issued here in the USA lists her as : Margaret Young Stirling and we have never known the Surname Young in our family history. Thank you for any information you are able to give. I am one of three children of Margaret's only daughter, Florence, who married Roy L. Blanton in Gainesville, Texas, October 15, 1957. We lived almost our entire childhood in Corpus Christi, Texas and Grandma Margaret moved to Corpus Christi to be with her only daughter and only grandchildren in the early 1960s. Margaret's daughter, Florence Kinnaird Stilring Blanton, died at the age of 78 on January 2, 2007.. Email: lkbd59@gmail.com

Richard Carlteon / Ayrshire 30. 12. 2014

Hi, I live in Murfreesboro, TN. I have been researching my dad's side of the family and discovered that his 5th great grandfather (my 6th) came from Ayershire Scotland. His name is Richard Carleton. He was born circa 1720 there in Ayershire and died in 1790 in Craven County, NC. His son, Thomas Carleton Sr is my 5th great grandfather and is a Revolutionary War patriot. I believe Richard came with a brother from Scotland to PA. I wonder if there are any Carleton relatives that may have traced their ancestry to this branch. Email: vanurse1@comcast.net

McMillan Ancestors / Ayrshire 30. 12. 2014

Hi I'm looking into the McMillans who lived in Ayrshire . Henry McMillan who was born in 1865 he Married Elizabeth chestnut . They had Children. Elizabeth died and he then married Catherine McArther Howie . He had two children with her then he packed up the family and moved to Tasmania. He is my great great Grandfather. He had a Son in Tasmania John Howie McMillan who was my Grand father . He died just after his father was born so dad never new much of him. I would love any information anyone has or if there is any direct relatives alive, Andrew McMillan. Email: AMcMillan@millingtons.com.au

Martha McWhirter / Ayr 18. 12. 2014

I am researching my husbands family. His name : John Phillip Risk 3/6/1947. We live at Fairview Park, South Australia, Australia. His Gr Gr Grandmother was Martha Mc Whirter. She was born 1817 in Ayr Scotland and died 1896 in Creswick Victoria Australia. She married David Risk in 1840 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. He was born in 1813 in Magherafelt, Northern Ireland. I would appreciate any information regarding these two people. Susanne Risk. Email: jprisky@tpg.com.au

Hannah Family Background / Ayrshire 25. 11. 2014

Was trying to follow family tree back to origins in Ayrshire. I believe was a William & Sarah Hannah whose children: William, Edward, Sarah, George & Aggie came to New Zealand aboard ship "Oamaru" September 1876. Would appreciate any information. Cheers Ray Hannah Gore New Zealand. Email: han.fam@xtra.co.nz

Alfred James Cochrane / Prestwick 23. 11. 2014

I am hoping someone can assist me with some information on Alfred James Cochrane who was the Provost from 1915 till 1919 and passed away in Ayrshire in 1933. I believe this to be correct, Alfred James Cochrane was born in Edinburgh, and moved to Prestwick at Ayr and was a wine merchant that lived in Prestwick until his death in 1933. His wife was Elizabeth Dawson. Thanks for your help James Russell. Email: jimmag1@bigpond.net.au

Murry and McQueen / Muirkirk 21. 11. 2014

My great grand parents emigrated to Australia in 1913 then moved to Newzealand. Their names were Marion Murry married to Thomas McQueen. My grandmother was Catherine McQueen married to Robert Lowe. Her sisters name was Helen McQueen married William Kirk who then changed his surname to Russel. My great grandparents lived in Muirkirk before emigrating, any information would help. Email: loweann54@gmail.com

Vernon ancestry 16. 11. 2014

I am trying to trace my ancestry back through the UK to France on the Vernon side of the family. My great great grandfather was William Gordon Vernon (1822-1850) he married Elizabeth Ross Forbes. Unfortunately thats as far back as our framuily tree has gone but I do know that WG Vernon had a father also called William Vernon who came from Ayrshire. Unfortunately I have no more details. I am also trying work back to establish any connection between us here in NZ and the Vernons of Haddon Hall or Tong. Any help is appreciated Richard Vernon. Email: richard@glamorgan.co.nz

McClure Ancestry 15. 11. 2014

Hello, my name is Walter Adams from Jacksonville, Florida. I have just discovered that my fifth great grand-father is from Ayrshire, Scotland. His name is Andrew McClure, born in 1630. His wife was also born there, her name is Jeanne Janet. She was born in 1630 and died in 1720. They may have been the last of this family to be from Scotland, their son James Arthur Andrew McClure was born in Ireland in 1660. Apparently this clan of McClure’s left Scotland before this sons birth? I would appreciate any information you may provide on this family and the county of Ayrshire. I would be happy to reimburse any copying or mailing costs you may incur. Email: waltadams53@att.net

Montgomerie/ery family 14. 11. 2014

Looking for more information re this family. Robert Mongomerie m Mary Lauchlan at Kilbirnie 7.6.1833. His parents were John Montgomerie/ery- and Mary Lauchlan. Robert and Mary had 3 children:- John, born 29.3.1834, Kilbirnie. m Euphemia McCulloch on 7.12.1866 at Lochwinnock. Immagrated to New Zealand Barbara, born c1838 at Beith. Married William Gibson Craig on 4.6.1861 at Lochwinnoch Mary, born c1837 at Beith. Married William Robert Dick on 21.1.1869, Lochwinnoch. Especially looking for the right John who was born around 1763-66 at Kilbirnie. There are so many Johns. I know quite a bit about my family that came to New Zealand. Looking forward to more information. Dawn Groves. Email: ddgroves@xtra.co.nz

Boreland Castle 11. 11. 2014

One of the most important finds for our family was on googlebooks which is free "The history of Ayr" you can download this yourself. It tells the history of Boreland which is where our family once lived. The only real information I have for our earliest Howatson ancestor apart from the marriage is attached. My great x 8 grandmother Sarah Montgomerie was the daughter of the Laird William Montgomerie of Boreland, and my grandfather told me that James was the "Factor" on the estate of Boreland, and that being of lowly statue when it was known he was seeing Sarah they fled the area, hence they moved to Crawford and leadhills, a mining town where they had several children, later they all made up. The Boreland Montgomeries were also related to the Eglinton Montgomeries of Skelmorlie, Sarah being a Montgomerie is also descended / related to the Olivestob Hamiltons etc. From my own research of around this time, there were 10 main Howatson familes, and I have not been able to go back any further on James Howatson ie who his parents were though he was born in Lanark. And all the families have similar first names. Kind Regards Vince. One of my relatives has created this website which you may find interesting. www.surnamepages.com/Howatson.html. Email: rees.vincent@googlemail.com

Mills Ayrshire 10. 11. 2014

Hello! My family has traced our ancestry, via DNA, to Ayrshire and Northern Ireland. The story of our surname, as I'm told, is that we - the Mills - were 'expelled' during the Second Bishops War and sent to Northern Ireland from Ayrshire. It's hard to settle on any particular assumption as to why, due to all the crazy fighting going on during those times. One can assume we were royalists, but why exile to Northern Ireland? Work on Plantation? Just searching for any insight into Scots migration from Ayrshire to Northern Ireland during that time. Update! As to why we were 'expelled' to Northern Ireland during the Second Bishops War: Apparently we were Covenanters fleeing religious persecution...makes sense. The thing is, our highest matches are not Mills. We believe we changed our surname during this time, highest matches are McCullough/McCulloch, McCracken, McTaggart/Taggart, Ferguson, and Boyd.Thanks! Email: jamesmills3000@me.com

Mackrel (Mackrell, Mackerel) family 10. 11. 2014

According to my research the Mackrel family settled in Ayrshire Scotland before a branch of the family moved to Yorkshire West Riding, England to work the lead mines there. The first Mackrels recorded in Yorkshire were born in around 1740-1760, but I do not know whether they were born in England or Scotland. There is a Mackrel coat of arms associated with Scotland and they apparently had a seat in Ayshire. They apparently came over during the Norman invasion and their name derives from their work as fisherman of mackerel. I would be most interested in learning more about this surname. In Yorkshire it appears early on with various spellings, and now has been normalized as Mackwell. Thank you. Sharon Mackwell. Email: sharon_06513@yahoo.com

McDonald & McLeish / Dundonald 08. 11. 2014

Hello I am trying to find information on the following: AGNES MCDONALD MOTHER AGNES MCLEISH/MCLISH/MCCLISH My Grandmother Agnes McDonald at age 6, estimated birth 1894, lived in Ayrshire, in the Village of Dundonald. Her Mother Agnes McCleish listed as a Laundress and Head of the household aged 29 yrs estimated birth was abt 1872. Her parents were James McLish and Elizabeth Calderwood. This information is from the 1891 and 1901 Scottish Census, Parish of Dundonald, ED:1 Page 21, Line:1 Roll No: CSSCT1901_223. Registration No 590/1 Household 102, The Census was taken on the night of 31st March/1st April 1901. Agnes McCleish was an unwed Mother, the father may have been known in the Village as she gave the child her fathers name. The Father is listed as Neil McDonald Farm Servant High Newton Darval. There are no further records for Agnes or her Mother after 1901 Census I am unable to find what happened to them or find further information on Neil McDonald. Thank you Lyn Burley. Email: nlburley1@bigpond.com

Ayrshire Campbell Christening 06. 11. 2014

Attached is an extract of the OPR records for Campbell christenings in Ayrshire. I'm very interested in any help stringing these Campbells together or anyone who knows if any of these individuals emigrated to America. I am particularly interested in either of the James Campbells who married Susanna Campbell or Margaret Jamison in Sorn Parish. Thank you Kevin Campbell. Email: Kevincamp@aol.com . Christening List PDF

James Burns c1778-bef. 1851 Ayr 04. 11. 2014

Have been wanting to find more information on and his ancestors and descendants James Burns. James was born about 1778 in , Ayr, Scotland. He died before 1851 in Kirkoswald, Ayrshire, Scotland. RECORD: 1. Scotland Census Schedules, 6 Jun 1841. Name: James Burry Age: 50 Estimated birth year: abt 1791 Gender: Male Where born: Ayrshire, Scotland Civil parish: Kirkoswald County: Ayrshire Address: Culzean Demerney Occupation: M S Parish Number: 601 Name: Sebina Burry Age: 50 Estimated birth year: abt 1791 Gender: Female Where born: Ayrshire, Scotland Civil parish: Kirkoswald County: Ayrshire Address: Culzean Demerney Parish Number: 601 Name: Jane Burry Age: 20 Estimated birth year: abt 1821 Gender: Female Where born: Ayrshire, Scotland Civil parish: Kirkoswald County: Ayrshire Address: Culzean Demerney Parish Number: 601 Name: Elisabeth Wilson Age: 25 Estimated birth year: abt 1816 Gender: Female Where born: Ayrshire, Scotland Civil parish: Kirkoswald County: Ayrshire Address: Culzean Demerney Parish Number: 601 Sebina Wilson Age: 4 Estimated birth year: abt 1837 Gender: Female Where born: Ayrshire, Scotland Civil parish: Kirkoswald County: Ayrshire Address: Culzean Demerney Parish Number: 601 Name: Margaret Wilson Age: 2 Estimated birth year: abt 1839 Gender: Female Where born: Ayrshire, Scotland Civil parish: Kirkoswald County: Ayrshire Address: Culzean Demerney Parish Number: 601." Scottish Ancestry research: Kirkoswald - Address: Culzean Demesne James Burns, aged 50; male servant, born in the county of Ayr.; Sebina, 50, born in the county of yr; Jane, aged 20, born in the county of Ayr; Ann aged 15, born in the county of Ayr. 2. http://www.scotsancestry.co.uk/, Scots Ancestry Research Society - B/38,882, 21 Nov. 1978, 16 Jul. 1979 and 7 Oct 1986, Scots Ancestry Research Society, 3 Albany Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3PY Scotland. " The Old parochial registers of Straiton and Ayr were searched for the births of children.... In Ayr - Jean born 4th baptised 7.6.1807 - - In Straiton - 1811 John, lawfull son of James Burns and Sibby (sic) McQualter at Slatehouse was born 8th Augst, 1809 ALSO Anne born 14.11.1816, Robert born 14.2.1819." Scotland Census Schedules, 6 Jun 1841 Kirkoswald - Address: Culzean Demesne James Burns, aged 50; male servant, born in the county of Ayr.; Sebina, 50, born in the county of yr; Jane, aged 20, born in the county of Ayr; Ann aged 15, born in the county of Ayr. It is said that the family is tied into Robert Burns (the poet) lineage but missing is at least one generation if not 2 or more to make the connection if at all ever possible I have yet to prove this if the connection even does exist. James married Sabina Sibby Sibbey Sibbald McQualter [McWater, McWaker Qualter McQuater was born about 1778 in Kirkmichael, Ayr, Scotland. She died 14 Sep 1860 in Kirkoswald, Ayr, Scotland. RECORD: 1. Scotland Census Schedules, : 30/31 Mar 1851. " Parish Number: 601 Civil parish: Kirkoswald County: Ayrshire Address: Burnside ED: 5 Page: 7 Household schedule number: 19 Line: 4 Roll: CSSCT1851_134 Name: Sibbina Burns Age: 73 Estimated birth year: abt 1778 Relationship: Head Gender: Female Where born: Kirkmichael, Ayrshire Occupation: Formerly House Maid Name: Jean Burns Age: 41 Estimated birth year: abt 1810 Relationship: Daughter Mother's name: Sibbina Gender: Female Where born: Ayr, Ayrshire Occupation: Dress Maker Name: Ann Burns Age: 31 Estimated birth year: abt 1820 Relationship: Daughter Mother's name: Sibbina Gender: Female Where born: Straiton, Ayrshire Occupation: Formerly House Servant. DEATH: 2. http://www.scotsancestry.co.uk/, Scots Ancestry Research Society - B/38,882, 21 Nov. 1978, 16 Jul. 1979 and 7 Oct 1986, Scots Ancestry Research Society, 3 Albany Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3PY Scotland. Sabbina (sic) McQualter or Burns, was then found to have died on the 14th September 1860 at Kirkoswald, Ayrshires. According to her death entry, she was then aged 82 widow of a land steward, and the daughter of David McQualter, land steward, and Margaret McIlwraith, both deceased. The imformation for this entry was given (to the registar) by her daughter, Ann Burns." they had: 2 M Hugh Gavin Park Burns was born 18 Jun 1803 and was christened 23 Jun 1803 in Dailly, Ayr, Scotland. 3 F Mary Burns was born 23 Mar 1805 and was christened 24 Mar 1805 in Dailly, Ayr, Scotland. 4 F Jean Burns was born 4 Jun 1807 in Ayr, Ayr, Scotland and was christened 7 Jun 1807 in Ayr, Ayr, Scotland. 5 M David Burns (1808-1884 was born 2 Sep 1808 in Colmonell, Ayr, Scotland and was christened 6 Sep 1808 in Colmonell, Ayr, Scotland. He died 7 Aug 1884 in Thornhill, Morton, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. married (MRIN:104) Janet (Jessie) Boswell "Jessie", daughter of James Boswell *-321 and Elizabeth (Eliza) Walls *-322 (MRIN:219), on 17 May 1822 in Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland. Jessie was born 1801 in Inverkeithing, Fife, Scotland. She died 7 Feb 1876 in Thornhill, Morton, Dumfries, Scotland . 6 John Burns was born 8 Aug 1809 in Straiton, Ayr, Scotland. 7 Anne Burns was born 14 Nov 1816 in Straiton, Ayr, Scotland. 8 Robert Burns was born 15 Feb 1819 in Straiton, Ayr, Scotland. Judith E. Burns Email: reibur@centurylink.net

Thomas Family of Muirlirk 27. 10. 2014

1. Patrick Peter (Peter or Patrick) Thomas was born between 1840 -1844 in Mayo, Ireland/Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. He died 26 Feb 1902 in Burnside, Murikirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. Patrick married Mary Mullin [Mullen] daughter of Edward Mullin [Mullen Molan] *-448 and Cecelia McCann on 2 Apr 1860 in Ayr, Scotland. Mary was born 1844 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. And grandson or Patrick and Mary had the following children:
2 M i. Michael Thomas was born 6 Feb 1863 in Burnside, Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. He died ?1918 certificate #43? in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. Michael married Janet Maxwell daughter of Agnes or Elizabeth Maxwell , on 13 Jun 1884 in Murkirk, Ayr, Scotland. Janet was born 21 Mar 1864 in Durrisdeer, Thornhill/ Clenchside, Dumfries, Scotland
3 F ii. Ann J. Thomas-289 was born 23 Jul 1861 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. She died before 1871.
4 M iii. Edward Thomas-290 was born 30 Oct 1864 in Burnside, Muirkirk, Ayrshire, 1
5 F iv. Helen ( Ellen Ston) Thomas-11292 was born 14 Dec 1868 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. Helen married Michael Fox . Michael was born 1871 in Longriggind / Glenmavis, Lanarkshire. He died 1949 in Larkhall, Lanarkshire, Scotland . Helen also married James Fox son of Matthew Fox and Mary Dolan on 31 Dec 1891 in Muirkirk Ayrshire Scotland. James was born about 1868 in West Calder, Edinburghshire, Midlothian, Scotland.
6 M v. Peter Thomas was born 6 Oct 1866 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. He died before 1870 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland.
7 F vi. Mary Thomas was born 6 Oct 1866 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. She died 24 Jan 1893 in Cumnock, Ayrshire ( East Ayrshire), Scotland. Mary married Robert McAllister son of Robert McAllister and Rosanna Devlin on 26 Jun 1884 in St.Thomases, Muirkirk, Ayrshire. Robert was born 4 Mar 1861 in Townfoot Cumnock / Old Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. He died 18 Sep 1915 in Railway Station Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.
8 F vii. Margaret Thomas was born 13 Dec 1872 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland.
9 F viii. Bridget Elizabeth Thomas was born 6 Nov 1874 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. Bridget married William Donochie , son of James Donochie and Sarah O'Hear on 13 Oct 1899 in St. Sophia's R C Church, Galston, Ayrsihre, Scotland. William was born about 1872 in Newmilns, Scotland. He died in Newmilns, Scotland.
10 F ix. Ann Jane Thomas was born 7 Sep 1876 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. Ann married Robert Higgins Robert was born 1877.
11 M x. Peter Thomas was born 9 Jan 1881 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland.
12 F xi. Celilia Thomas was born 21 Dec 1883 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. Celilia married James Devlin , son of Hugh Devlin and Hannah Ms Hugh Devlin James was born about 1882 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. He died about 1954 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
13 M xii. Edward Minnie Thomas was born 3 Apr 1887 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. He died before 1891.
14 F xiii. Edith Thomas-473 was born 1888 in Muirkirk Ayrshire Scotland.
1. Edward Mullin (Eddie) Thomas- was born 19 Sep 1904 in Garronhill, Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. He died 21 Feb 1975 in Murikirk, Ayr, Scotland and was buried 1975 in Muirkirk Cemetery Murikirk, Ayr, Scotland FAG # 106108030. He was the son of Agnes Maxwell Thomas born 27 Mar 1884 Garronhill, Muirkirk, Ayr, Scotland died 12 Jan 1955 Plymouth, Marshall, Indiana buried 14 Jan 1955 Culver Masonic Cemetery, Culver, Marshall, Indiana she was the only child of Micheal Thomas and Janet Maxwell and grandson of Patrick Peter (Peter or Patrick) Thomas and Mary Mullin [Mullen] Family tradition says his father was a coalminer and that he and Agnes were engaed to be married but he was killed in a mine explosion. David said that he was to come to America with his parents but the grandparents took him off the boat just before it sailed and raised by Michael and Janet (Maxwell) Thomas his grandparents Eddie married Martha A (Mattie or Mat) Kirkwood on 18 Jul 1924. Mattie or Mat was born 26 Jul 1903. She died 13 Jul 1978 in Rownsly/Stafford, Staffordshire, England and was buried in Muirkirk Cemetery Murikirk, Ayr, Scotland FAG # 106109326. England & Wales, Death Index, 1916-2007 Name: Martha Cunning Thomas Birth Date: 26 Jul 1903 Date of Registration: Sep 1978 Age at Death: 75 Registration district: Stafford Inferred County: Staffordshire Volume: 30 Page: 0964 Eddie and Mattie or Mat had the following children:
2 F i. Annie K Thomas-267 was born 7 Dec 1922 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. She died 28 Jan 2006 in Tampa, Hillsborough, FLordia and was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Petersburg, Menard, Illinois FAG# # 34967840. Annie married Dallas L Schaad son of Albert M Schaad and Lola B Thasher . Dallas was born 25 Aug 1917 in , , Illinois. He died 22 May 1988 in Petersburg, Menard, Illinois and was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Petersburg, Menard, Illinois FAG# 34967848. Tec 4 US Army Air Corps World War II.
3 M ii. Michael Thomas was born 6 Nov / 7 Dec 1924 in Probably Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. He died 4 Mar / 6 Mar 1987. Michael married (MRIN:190) Helen ----
4 M iii. William Gourlay (Bill, Scotty) Thomas Sr.-260 was born 7 Mar 1928 in Probably Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. was buried in Woodland Cemetery McHenry, McHenry, Illinois. Bill married Margaret Mary (Maggie) Hall- on 7 Mar 1953 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. Margaret was born 13 Jul 1931 in Londonderry, North Ireland. She died 27 Sep 2006 in Crystal Lake, McHenry, Illinois and was buried Oct 2006 in Woodland Cemetery McHenry, McHenry, Illinois FAG # 74568359.
5 M iv Janet (Jenny) Thomas was born 16 Apr 1930 in Probably Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. He died 11 Feb 2011. Janet married Walter Muir .
6 M v. Edward (Eddie) Thomas was born 21 Dec 1934 in Probably Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland.
7 F vi. Jean Thomas was born 31 Aug 1936 in Probably Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. Jean married James (Jimmy) Paterson
8 F vii. Agnes Thomas was born 2 Dec 1939 in Probably Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. Agnes married James McCabe
9 M viii. Robert (Bobby) Thomas-258 was born in Probably Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. He died 4 Oct 1993. Robert married Nan --- Email: reibur@centurylink.net

Cannon Familly of Muirkirk 27. 10. 2014

1. Agnes or Elizabeth Maxwell was born 6 Sep 1840 Abt 1840/1841 in Thornhill / Shornbelt, Dumfrieshire Scotland She had the following children:
2 M i. William Walker Maxwell- was born 23 Dec 1860 in Durrisdeer, Dumfries, Scotland. He died Probably BEF 1871.
3 F ii Janet Maxwell was born 21 Mar 1864 in Durrisdeer, Thornhill/ Clenchside, Dumfries, Scotland Janet married Michael Thomas son of Patrick Peter (Peter or Patrick) Thomas and Mary Mullin [Mullen], on 13 Jun 1884 in Murkirk, Ayr, Scotland. Michael was born 6 Feb 1863 in Burnside, Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. Agnes also married William Cannon , son of James Cannon and Mary Gillespie, on 29 Dec 1868 in Durisdeer, Dumfries, Scotland. William was born 6 May 1839 in Plascow Kirkgunzeon, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland and was christened 17 May 1839 in Kirkgunzeon, Kirkcudbright, Scotland. He died before 1891. William and Agnes had the following children:
4 M iii. Alexander Maxwell Cannon- was born 28 Feb 1869 in Morton by Thornhill / Carronbridge, Dumfriesshire.
5 F iv. Jane Cannon was born 6/7 Jun 1871 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland.
6 F v. William Cannon was born 22 Nov 1873 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland.
7 F vi. Isabella Cannon was born 1877 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland.
8 M vii. Adam Cannon was born 8 Mar 1881 in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. He died before 1891. Email: reibur@centurylink.net

Andrew Patrick / Janet Neilson / Irvine 24. 10. 2014

Andrew Patrick and Janet Neilson were married in 1787 at Stewarton, Ayrshire, Scotland. They had 9 children all born in Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland. James PATRICK born 1788 Irvine. John PATRICK born 1791 married Ann STEVENSON in 1821 and had 8 children born in Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland Andrew PATRICK born 1792 married Agnes FLETCHER in 1828. Janet PATRICK born 1797 Isabella Patrick BORN 1798 Robert PATRICK born 1801 married Janet DICKIE. Lived Kilmarnock 1841- 1887. Jean PATRICK born 1803. Hugh PATRICK born 1805 in Dreghorn Any information on family would be appreciated. Lynette Patrick. Email: lepatrick16@gmail.com

Searching for Muir ancestors / Kilmaurs & Fenwick 19. 10. 2014

Hi there I am searching for ancestors of James Muir born Kilmaurs, 1798 and married to Agnes Fulton in Fenwick, 1823. His parents were James Muir and Janet Wilson, for whom I have no dates and cannot find any information. Regards Jacqui Duthie Email: duthie4@xtra.co.nz

McDade's / Kilmarnock 18. 10. 2014

Hi, I am looking for *any* family. My Dad is Edward(1923-2013) his twin Thomas(1923-1977) and sibling Patrick(1926-2011) McDade. Their Father is George(1886-1971) and Mother Margaret Meehan Campbell McDade. Margaret passed in 1963 of gangrene among other things. She had 3 daughters; Sarah, Margaret/Maggie(?-1988) and Mary Campbell. I know Patrick did not marry or have children. He was a POW during WWII. Thomas married but the only child(Alexander Caddis) I found was from his wife's(Letitia Baird Caddis) previous marriage. Edward married Alice Mair, they had 2 children Margaret Rose and George Edward. They left Scotland for America in the mid to late 50's. They settled in Connecticut and I was born in 1962 :) Thank-you for any help in my search!! In appreciation, -- *Mari* Email: wryrwmn@gmail.com

My Campbell Family 15. 10. 2014

Hi my names Cheyenne Jouavel I'm really interested in finding out my heritage. My mother is a Campbell and i've always been fascinated in her geneology because i'm a history buff. And what i've gathered from my grandfather is that, he is from the Argyle Campbell Clan from Ayr and that somewhere and at some point in time his family line were Scottish missionaries for the church of Scotland who ended up in Fiji. If you have any knowledge of who these Campbell's were that left Scotland, and how we are part of the Campbell clan, I would love to know. my grandfather also has some very old photographs of his great grand parents who may have been the ones who had left. many thanks. would love to hear back Email: cheyennejouavel@gmail.com

Armstrong / Flaherty 15. 10. 2014

Looking for relatives of Frederick Armstrong b. 1894 Ireland, married Mary Flaherty in 1924. Arrived Scotland c. 1925, a son John Fred b. 1919, Patrick b. 1926 and Kathleen Mary ( Bellamy) b. 1928, possibly more. They setlled in Cardenden, Fife, kathleen and patrick were born in Auchterader. John Fred was born in Ireland. Frederick had a son Patrick, he died in 2011, he lived in Kilmarnock. Email: byrneeve@yahoo.com

Hamilton & Craig, Ayrshire 30. 09. 2014

CRAIG Peter 1853 - 1928 Stevenston, Ayrshire; married Ellen Hamilton; 10 children. His grandparents were John Craig & Barbara McBride both originally from Kilmory Bute but Barbara was born in Ardrossan. Any info on John Craig 1798-abt 1851 would be appreciated - he was a seaman. Barbara's parents were Charles McBride & Barbara McMillan. Email: carolekb@gmail.com

Hamilton & Craig, Ayrshire 30. 09. 2014

HAMILTON & CRAIG; Joseph H 1830 (Ireland) - 1879 Kilbirnie, Ayr & Jane Craig (1826 (Ireland) - 1902 Stevenston; had 7 children in Dalry; any info appreciated. Email: carolekb@gmail.com

McNair Family, Dalry, Ayrshire 27. 09. 2014

I am searching for information on Robert McNair born abt 1820, he married(possibly) Mary McMarr(?). They came to Australia 1854, Mary and daughter Marion died on the voyage, but James and Barbara (my great grandmother) survived. I think Robert's father was James, he had siblings; James, Andrew, William, and Margaret. His mother was Marion, I think. They lived in Dalry, 32 Main St according to the census 1851. Any information would be appreciated. Email: maureenp458@gmail.com

Peter Brown born 1760 / Ayrshire 26. 09. 2014

Hello I am in dyer need of info on a Peter Brown whom is presumably to have been born in Ayrshire Scotland and came to America late 1780's. Any info on his father/mother would be greatly appreciated as it will help in my genealogical research for my family. Any info is welcomed. Thank you Brandon Surber. Email: surber777@gmail.com

Clark relatives / Ayrshire 23. 09. 2014

Sidney George Clark, married to Mary Jane Coughlin Doran. Moved to western Canada in the 20s to have a son of the same name. Originally of Kilmarnoch, birth dates I'm not sure of. Email: sidclarkpark@gmail.com

Blackwood name / Ayrshire 08. 09. 2014

I'm looking for information on the Scottish branch of our family. We don't know a lot about where people came from, but we've been told there is a relation to Rob Roy McGregor (or MacGregor). I'm not sure how far back in our ancestry that relation might be... There was a Margaret Love Blackwood born in 1924 (either in Scotland or the U.S.), who spent most of her life in the U.S. She married Vernon A. Smith, then later became a widow, then re-married. She passed away a few years ago. Recently I came across a webpage claiming that the Blackwood family name came from Ayrshire. I wonder if this is where her parents lived? I'm trying to preserve the privacy of family, by only putting a few details here. But I hope there are enough details for someone to give me a lead. I used to be part of the Ancestry.com website; had to break from that when my files became "messy." I'm cleaning up files, and hope to get back on there. However in the meantime, please let me know about a lead (if you have one)! Thank you! -- Christina Email: lucilliere@yahoo.com

Kirkpatrick / Ayrshire 03. 09. 2014

I am researching the Kirkpatrick line, specifically Andrew Kirkpatrick said to have been born in Ayshire in 1803 and later fled to Scotland. His parents were Andrew and Margaret Jane Law, possibly. This line finally settled in Canada in New Brunswick. I would love to find out how to find vital records that early in Ayshire. Email: judygailh@att.net

James Hamilton McIlwain-Mary Ann Cassidy 27. 07. 2014

James McIlwain born abt. 1827, lived in Dublin Ireland where he married Mary Ann Cassidy of Ayrshire Scotland ancestors. Have some knowledge her ancestory lines goes back to king of Scotland? I can only assume Hamilton was James mother's family name. Email: martywhitney@sbcglobal.net

Taylor family from Ayr 15. 07. 2014

The earliest record we have is of Mathew Taylor, b. c. 1690 near Londonderry, Ireland. He married Janet (probably Wilson) and they came to Londonderry, New Hampshire, USA, in 1719. Tradition says that this Presbyterian family was originally from Ayr, Scotland, but some left there around 1620 and went to Ireland. I know there isn' t much data from those very early days but I'm still optimistic. I have DNA and extensive information to share if only I could find some Taylor family. Email: busybee1952@hotmail.com

Jon De PurVaiance/Ayrshire 09. 07. 2014

My relatives go back to 1570, Jon De PurVaiance or a close variation. He went to France and then his children to Ireland and America. He cane from this area in Scotland but I find no connection of name or relatives. The variation is also De Provience, etc. Virginia (Province) Kirby. Email: divinemercyinc@dishmail.net

David Cooper/Toronto Canada 06. 06. 2014

I have managed to trace my Fathers line back to John Cooper who was born in 1733 in Lincoln, Ayrshire and Died in 1772 in Wigtown,Wigtownshire He married Janet McMicking and in 1768 he had the first of 2 Sons- Thomas Cooper Born 1768 in New Luce, Wigtownshire and Died in 1811 in Queenstown , Lincoln County, Upper Canada and James Born in 1770 in New Luce, Wigtownshire and Died in 1856 in Queenstown, Upper Canada John Thomas Cooper was the first to be Born on Canadian soil in 1802 at Stanford, Upper Canada. His father Thomas Cooper was a United Empire Loyalist and looks to have arrived in Upper Canada in 1792 from New York State he married Anne Conkle in the Wilderness and later their marrige was recorded Any further info on John Cooper's family in Lincoln, Ayrshire would be most appreciated. Interesting in that I am a Canadian but served a period of time in the British Army having attended the Royal Military Academy and served in a Scotish Regiment! At the time I did not fully understand the depth of my Scotish roots (On both side of my family) I travel regulariy to Scotland and would love to do further research in the area!. Email: dcooper@octagoncap.com

Bowes family of East Ayrshire 05. 06. 2014

I'd apperciate any information anyone may have on: Robert Bowes (husbandmen) who married Elizabeth Finlay on July 16 1657. This is from the book "A Register of Marriages performed by me. -R.F. " In the collection, "Midlothan: Edinburgh - Register of Marriages, 1595-1700". Email: stephenmbowes@gmail.com

Andrew Dalrymple, South Ayrshire 03. 06. 2014

Would appreciate any info for Andrew Dalrymple born 1684 in Drummerchut, South Ayrshire. Searching for his parents. Thank You. Email: dfrazee3@cox.net

Sarah BAIRD b1811 Irvine, Ayrshire 31. 03. 2014

Hi: I am in search of parents and family of Sarah Baird born 24 Aug 1811 in Irvine, Ayrshire. She died 9 Nov 1878 in Buchanan, Iowa. Sarah married William Wallace (born 1809 Dundonald) on the 10th of April 1829 in Ayrshire. They had three children in Scotland then emigrated to Quebec in 1834. This family lived in Goderich, Huron, Ontario, Canada until circa 1865 when they traveled to Buchanan, Iowa where they lived out their lives. They had a sizeable family and I have a large tree on Sarah Baird and William Wallace once they emigrated to Canada. I am trying to find out more about Sarah Baird and the Baird line. This family was presbyterian and the occupation was carpenter and farmer. Any help would be gratefully excepted. Also any leads would be helpful. I check with the Baird.net website along with the Ayrshire site. I have posted on rootsweb and other surname message boards. I have a copy of William Wallace's Bible with the dates and correct childrens names. I also have copy of William Wallace's Will. However, no details of any Bairds. Did any of Sarah's siblings also emigrate? I have checked the ships records and have created trees on Bairds in Ontario, Canada hoping for find a connection with out luck. Any researchers with tips? So grateful to have the Ayrshire Website, Ann. Email: annstewart@wildblue.net

James Close, Ayrshire 08. 01. 2014

I am looking for information about my Great Great Grandfather James Close, and his father William Closs. James was born Jan 13, 1831 in Ayrshire, migrated to the U.S. and died Jan 17,1898 in Eckhart, Maryland. William was born 1788 in Ayrshire and died 1872 in Aryshire. WIlliam's wife was "Mary". That is all the information I have. If any one has any information they can share I would greatly appreciate it. David. Email: jdrintnt@hotmail.com

McClure family Irvine, Ayrshire 25. 11. 2013

My grandmother was Ann McClure b. 13/8/1866. She came to Australia (by herself) in 1886 and married in Sydney in 1888. Am having difficulty tracing her siblings William b. 1857; Janet b. 1859 John b. 1861 Thomas b. 1864 James b. 1870. Their parents were William b. 1823 and Mary (Cook) b. ? d. 1888. Would love to hear from anyone who may be able to help. Many thanks. Deirdre. Email: dqdiddles@yahoo.com.au

Daniel Brown (1753-1853) Largs, Ayrshire 18. 11. 2013

My family has been linked by DNA to Daniel Brown, born 1753. I am looking for possible male siblings that he might have had, or siblings of his son, Daniel Brown, born 1789 in Largs. My gg grandfather was James Henderson Brown, born about 1820, but we do not know where. We first find him on St. Vincent Island in the British West Indies. Would love more information. Email: pbleonard@netzero.net

Pam and Karen Armstrong/ Ayr 15. 09. 2013

I am trying to trace two cousins who were Pam and Karen Armstrong living in Ayr when I last saw them in 1956 age about 12 and 15 years old. Father's name was Willie and Mother Rose. Email: lilian_mitchell@talktalk.net

John Carmitchel 07. 09. 2013

I am looking for information regarding my great great grandfather, John K CARMITCHEL. I show him as born on 9 February 1943 in Scotland, which is the date on his headstone. I know he arrived in America on or before October 1861, as he was a soldier in the Union Army during the American Civil War. He lived in Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania, worked in the coal mines in and around that area. He married and had 21 children, 13 of whom survived to adulthood. He passed away on 15 April 1897. I suspect he emigrated with a brother or cousin named Robert CARMITCHEL. Both were residents of Mt. Carmel (a small town), both served in the same unit in the Civil War and both are buried in the same cemetery. Robert's headstone specifically mentions that he was born in Ayrshire, Scotland. Any information regarding John, his birth place, parents and siblings, and reason and date of emigration, would be greatly appreciated. Jams L. Stover Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA . Email: stoverjl@cox.net

Boyd 21. 08. 2013

I am looking for information concerning a John (Jock) Boyd b. ~1895, he served in the Black Watch for WW1, and married Sarah Lowe, all out of Ayrshire Scotland. He emigrated to Canada in the 1920's. Three of his 8 children were born in Scotland, the remainder, including my grand per, were born in Canada. Any information would be appreciated! Amanda . Email: amanda.seebeck@gmail.com

Gilmore/McClure/Kilpatrick 28. 07. 2013

I am coming from California to Belfast and then hopefully to Ayr. The information I have on ancestry led me to the name Gilmore and to Ayrshire. I'm interested to learn anything I can about my ancestry and would appreciate any information. I have listed my family names in the subject line. My family were Ulster-Scots and landed in the Carolinas in the 1700's. Another name that was prominent in our family was Knighten. Hope to get to Ayrshire in September. Melanie Bous. Email: drydocked1951@yahoo.com

William Dunn Born Approx 1780 . 03. 07. 2013

Son James was born 1803 Monkton Ayrshire and christened in Mauchline unfortunately Mothers name was not on the certificate any information on William or his wife would be appreciated. Email: pandmdunn@gmail.com

Albert Trainer/ Irvine/Ardrossan 13. 06. 2013

I have been trying to contact a friend of mine who I cannot seem to get a hold of. Background: I was born in Ayr Scotland in 1942. From 1943 till 1950 I lived with my Grandparents Mr and Mrs Sam Campbell, until I was adopted in the United States. I at that time lived at 62 Ayr Road in Irvine. My Childhood friend Albert Trainer who lived in the upstairs of the same house and whom after many years I was able to contact, 12 years ago to be exact through I believe it was the Scottish Heritage Association. Albert lived in Ardrossan and we have visited several times and have had telephone contact at least once a month. Recently after returning from a visit in the United States, I tried to contact Albert at his Tel # was 00441294608523. The recording now stated that there was no connection to this number. Since I have never met any of the other family members, His Son whom I believe lived in Edinburgh and who works for a large distillery as a sales rep I was also never able to contact . I am trying to determine what happened to Albert. I know we were very happy to be in contact after so many years and if he changed his number he would have contacted me. Unfortunately as stated above I was out of the country for almost 8 weeks. Albert and I are the same age 70 and one never knows what will happen one day to the next. I just hope that nothing serious has happened to him. I was in hopes that you would be able to help me even if the news is bad. Albert and I were like Brothers through our eighth birthday at which time I was adopted in the US. If you can help me here or give me an email address were I may be able to find out Albert's status I would appreciate it very much. I thank you in advance for you help in this matter and remain. Sincerely yours Donald W. Evans Obermichelbach Germany. Email: a-d-evans@t-online.de

John Crawford circa 1600, 27. 04. 2013

I'm looking for the parents of John Crawford, born about 1600, emigrated to America with his son David in the 1640s, did not bring a wife. He was from Ayrshire, Scotland. Email: Mommypower@comcast.net

Donald Family, 15. 04. 2013

My friend here in Nz has just found out her mum was adopted out at birth and just found out her mums grandparents were Elizabeth Donald born around 1830 in Ayrshire and she married a Andrew Taylor from Buteshire. I am afraid thats all we know. regards Sue. Email: LesT@xtra.co.nz

Mair, 24. 03. 2013

Some of my family members immigrated from Ayrshire to America and I and my son want to visit Ayrshire and find what family members might be left. The family name is Mair, my father being John Allen and his father being George who married Annie Barnes of Aberdeen . I have been told that there are members of the Mair clan that still live in Ayrshire so I would very much like to get in touch with them. Charlene A. Wynn, Salt Lake City. Email: c.wynn@prioritydispatch.net

Robert Barbour and his wife Mary Orr, 18. 03. 2013

Hi I am trying to locate information on my great great grandparents Robert Barbour and Mary Orr. Both Robert and Mary were born about 1806 in Ardrossan and they moved to Ontario, Canada with their 8 children. My great grandfather, Ephraim Barbour moved to Australia. I would love to learn more about Robert and Mary's families but have struck a brick wall. Strangely enough my mother's family also originated from Ayrshire and my great grandfather's name was Hunter. I haven't looked too deeply into that side as yet but I found it strange that my parents, of which only my mother, knew originally came from Scotland actually came from the same region. Would appreciate any help or information you might be able to offer me. Many thanks Andrea Berner (nee Barbour) Email: legally_blonde1626@hotmail.com

McReynolds / McCrindle, 16. 03. 2013

Dear Girvan, County Ayr People, I am researching my McReynolds / McCrindle ancestors from Scotland who immigrated many years ago to Ireland, before 1666. They left Ireland in 1737 for the William Penn Colony of Pennsylvania in the Americas. This was the colonial period in America. This family appeared in records in Virginia but I have been able to trace them back to their Scottish homeland. Many early records were lost over the years, just as has happened in Scotland. With the help of Dr. Tyrone Bowes who created the website called Scottsh Origines http://www.scottishorigenes.com, I think there is a good chance that my ancestors came from County Ayr as McCrindle and have been situated there for several centuries before moving to Ireland in 1666. To prove that my McReynolds, sometimes spelled McRannells, in Irish records, were originally from the Ayrshire area, I am asking that a few of the McReynolds / McCrindle males from County Ayr oblige me by taking a Y-Chromosome DNA test which I will supply. Dr. Tyrone Bowers will help interpret the results of the test and prove a conclusive link. There are several cousins in the United States that have already taken this test and it is probable that their DNA will match one of the early McCrindle lines in County Ayr. This comes about because the Y-Chromosome carried by males was inherited from their father who inherited it from his father, who inherited it from his father - remaining virtually unchanged going far back in time, hundreds, if not thousands, of years. When two people's DNA matches, they are genetically related. To participate in this project, any male with the surname McCrindle can request one of the several test kits available. This person should give a good description of their McCrindle ancestry including the names of great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents, and further back (if known) for their McCrindle line. This information is confidential and will only be used for genealogy and family history purposes. DNA tests for genealogy are different than the usually DNA tests as they only test markers that point to ancestral information. The person testing is given a barcoded kit number and not referred to by name. You can see the McReynolds DNA Project at http://www.familytreedna.com/public/mcReynolds. When there, go to Y-DNA Results along the top and then select Classic. Here you can see all the kit numbers of the participants, their most distant ancestor, and their DNA results. Please send your letter of application to: William Andrew McReynolds 3834 Creswell Ave. Shreveport, LA USA 71106 Or email me at: bill4csa@bellsouth.net

Hugh Turner & Jean Wilson / Kirkmicheal, 10. 03. 2013

My name is Peter Webster, & my Mother's maiden name was Turner, her ancestor's came from Ayrshire, they were located in Kirkmicheal & Dalrymple in the 18th & 19 century, I have been unable to find any other than the fact that a Hugh Turner & Jean Wilson were married in Kirkmicheal on the 22nd November 1771, & later moved to Dalrymple. I have been unable to find out anything else about this couple, any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Peter Webster. My email address is : webster20@dodo.com.au

Pollock Family, 07. 03. 2013

Requesting any information on Robert Pollock born 1743 in Ayrshire. A son Robert Pollock born 1784 in Wakefield married a Grace Wilkes, b 1789 Cove in Cork, Ireland. One son a Robert Pollock born 1813 emigrated to NZ and he married an Ellen Fuller. A daughter Grace Wilkes Pollock was my g-grand mother. Just trying to put together a picture of the early relatives, Regards Jeannette Caldwell, nee Robertson Whangarei NZ. Email: caldwell-theabbey@xtra.co.nz

Jane Roxburgh / Irvine, 01. 03. 2013

I am seeking information on my ggg aunt Jane Roxburgh, born in Irvine 29\5\1804, her parents were Daniel and Janet Auld, brothers Daniel and Allan, would greatly appreciate any info on her, Heather nz contact: heathergee@xtra.co.nz

Ferguson/Cunningham/Reese, 01. 03. 2013

I am searching for info on the Ferguson family that lived at "Mossdale", New Cumnock. My mother, Wilhelmina Cooper Cunningham, was born Dec.11/21 and resided at the above address with her mother, Agnes Cooper Cunningham (nee Ferguson, born Nov. 19, 1901) till they immigrated to Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 1924 (?). Agnes married Robert Cunningham, of Prestwick in 1921. She had two sisters, Margaret and Chrissy (other siblings unknown). In 1985 I met the William Reese family of Kilmarnock on a visit with my mother and would like to contact them. I know there were two sons, Colin and John. I are trying to find further information on the grandparents, Wilhelmina and William Ferguson, ie their birthdates, relatives names, etc. They resided at Mossdale till their deaths (dates unknown), William Ferguson was a miner, they were married in 1896. Please contact Nancy to provide or share info at:. nancy3116@gmail.com Thank you

Bell Family in/near Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, 27. 02. 2013

I'm looking for family of John Bell (b. 16 Sep 1733) in Kirkmichael. We think his father was Thomas (b. est. 1707). John was apparently impressed into the British Navy and ended up in Nova Scotia and Pennsylvania. Any information of hints would be appreciated. Email: blackroberte@hotmail.com

Isabella Hamiltson, 21. 02. 2013

I am trying to find any information about Isabella Hamiltson, b 1814 Ayrshire, Scotland and d 4 Apr 1863 Ayrshire Scotland. She married John Fairlie b 1811 Ireland and d 28 Apr 1879 South Australia. Email: oak@keynesconsulting.com.au

Lost Mother Myra Crawford, 21. 02. 2013

My name is Scott Greig and I am trying to get in touch with my birth mother or any other family that she might have. Her name is Myra Crawford and I think she and her family are from the Ayrshire area. She would probs be in late 60's by now and I think her dad's name was John. I am unsure if any of them are even still alive. Myra lived in Easterhouse with my dad (Tam Greig) in the early 70's before they split. My brother and I have never seen her since. I was born in 73 and my brother (Grant Greig) was born in 75. He was only 18 months when she left. I am 40 this year and now haven't seen her in roughly 37 years. If anyone has anything at all they might know please please do get in touch with me. Email: 73scottyg@gmail.com

Andrew Hugh Peden (Isabella Robb), Ayrshire, 12. 02. 2013

I am seeking information on my ancestor, Andrew Hugh Peden and his wife, Isabella Robb, born about 1590 in Ayrshire, Scotland. Their son, James Peden has death record in Virginia, USA, in 1694. I have found a lot of conflicting information on the ancestors of Andrew Hugh Peden, and am looking for anyone who has more accurate information. My line of ancestors from James Peden are: Elizabeth Peden, John Arrington, Ann Arrington, Leonard Holt, Louisa Emelia Holt, Sarah Tennessee Buckner, Robert High James, Dewey Dow James, Carl Wayne James, and myself, Tamara Denise James Barton. Thank you for any information. Email: tammy1833@yahoo.com

Thomas Muir (Thomas Moore) / Catrene, 10. 02. 2013

I am seeking information on Thomas Muir (Thomas Moore). Thomas and his wife Jean McAdam left Scotland in January 1838 for Australia. Thomas lived or was born in Catrene. His parents were William Muir and Helen (Ellen) Mcgreggor. They may be the couple listed on Ayrshireroots and being married in 1795 in Craigie. Thomas later married Jessie Wighton Millar. I would like to find more information on the family. Regards, Pam. Email: pam.neill@gmail.com

James Mackay / Ayrshire, 08. 02. 2013

Hello. I'm looking for a gggggreat grandfather, James Mackay, born in Ayrshire Scotland in 1720 according to my family's records. We are trying to confirm this (son Angus or possibly grandson George immigrated to U.S.). We don't have clear names/dates until you reach my gggreat grandpa, George Washington McCoy (last name was changed so I'm told.). And his son James Edwin McCoy, finally his son, Clinton Waldo McCoy. We've been doing research for years...any help would be greatly appreciated! :) Melonie McCoy. Email: meloniemccoy@hotmail.com

John Douglass / Ayr, 06. 02. 2013

I have recently discovered a descendant whom was born in Ayr on around 1687, his name was John Douglass. Can anyone advise me where I can find any further information, Kath and Mac Douglas. Email: kathdouglas@sky.com

Galt Irvine & Kilmarnock, 29. 01. 2013

James GALT, shoemaker, of Kilmarnock, and Elizabeth YOUNG ( my great-great-great-grandparents) had 5 known children -- James 1823, Barbara (or Agnes) 1825, James Jan 1828, Elizabeth Dec 1828, Elizabeth 1836. In 1851 James & Elizabeth were living in Glasgow Vennel, Irvine, with youngest daughter, who c 1852 had an illegitimate daughter, Elizabeth, then died in 1858 still single. James died in Kilmarnock in 1868 and his wife and granddaughter were still there in 1871. My great grandmother, their granddaughter, was married in Kilmarnock in 1873 to William McIntyre, giving her name as Elizabeth Galt JOHNSTONE, though no Johnstone connection has been found. From Nov 1861 James GALT had been receiving parish relief owing to a disabled hand. He died in 1868 and his wife continued to receive relief until 1875 when she went to the Cunningham Combined Poorhouse in Irvine on her own accord. She died there in 1877. I would like any information on the other children, James and Barbara/Agnes. Jill Smith. Email: jscorindi@westnet.com.au

Barr family information, 22. 01. 2013

I am looking for any information about William Barr (born about 1807) Elizabeth Barr (born about 1810) and Agnes Barr (born about 1851) the only information I have is that they came from Ayrshire. The arrived in Australia (Port Adelaide ) on 26 December 1862 the name of the vessel was the Castle Eden. Kind regards Lisa Clancy. Email: lisa_clancy@yahoo.com.au

William Close or Closs / Kirkoswald, 08. 01. 2013

I am seeking information on one of my great grandfather's William Close or Closs. He was married to Sarah Printer(?spelling). He has a son named David that was born in KIRKOSWALD, Ayrshire Scotland about Feb. 18, 1923 and moved to the U.S. Any information is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Carol L. Werdebaugh-Corbin. Email: ccorbin66@yahoo.com

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