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Crawford’s are believed to be of Norman origin, taking their name from the barony of the same name in Lanarkshire.

Sir Reginald Crawford was appointed sheriff of Ayr in 1296. His sister Margaret married Wallace of Elderslie. Their son was Sir William Wallace, the great Scottish patriot.

The Crawford’s fought alongside Wallace in his quest to remove the English occupiers from Scotland.

The family of the sheriff of Ayr had lands at Auchinames (Renfrewshire) and Craufurdland (northeast of Kilmarnock /Ayrshire).

Sir William Crawfurd of Craufurdland was said to be one of the bravest men of his time, he was knighted by James I. He fought with Scots forces in the service of King Charles VII of France where he was wounded at the siege of Creyult / Burgundy 1423.

John of Craufurdland fought and died alongside King James IV at the battle of Flodden 1513 against the army of King Henry V111 of England. The Lairds of Auchinames also died at Flodden.

Sir Thomas Craufurd of Jordanhill, a protestant, fought against the forces of the catholic Mary Queen of Scots. He was credited with capturing Dumbarton Castle from her forces in 1570 with only 150 men.

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1600s, Craufurdland Castle at Kilmarnock was much extended by the sixteenth Laird.

John Walkinshaw Craufurd, 20th Laird, rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel. He fought at the battles of Dettingen in 1743 and Fontenoy two years later.

Although faithful to the house of Hanover, he remained a friend of the Jacobite Earl of Kilmarnock (Boyd). He accompanied the captured Earl of Kilmarnock to the scaffold in London as a last act of comradeship. He received the earl’s severed head and arranged his funeral.

Craufurdland Castle was remodel with a gothic style frontage in the 1800s.

The present day owners, the Houison-Craufurd’s, have opened the Estate to the public with walking, mountain bike trails, fishing and part of the castle is available for B&B or Self Catering.


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