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The image below is looking north towards the village of Blackwaterfoot on the west side of the Island of Arran, 11 miles west of the main ferry port of Brodick.

This is the largest village on the west side of Arran.
Brodick to Blackwaterfoot Map

Blackwaterfoot from south image

The image below is of the Kinloch Hotel in the centre of Blackwaterfoot. The hotel has a large restaurant and bar diner, popular with visitors and golfing parties. There are a few shops around the hotel, and the Blackwaterfoot Lodge is 50 yards up the road.

Kinloch Hotel Map / Reviews

Blackwaterfoot Hotel image

The image below is of the Blackwaterfoot Beach looking north with the Mull of Kintyre over to the left. The Shiskine Golf Club is to the right, and Kings Cave is out past the hill top right.

Blackwaterfoot Beach image

The image below is of the Shiskine Golf Club situated on the north side of Blackwaterfoot. The clubhouse here serves tea, coffee, snacks and meals, with fantastic views. There are also 2 all weather tennis courts.

Shiskine Golf Club image

The image below is from the north end of the Shiskine Golf Club looking back towards the clubhouse and Blackwaterfoot. This is classed as the top golf course on Arran, attracting many visitors from far and wide.

All Arran Golf Courses.

Shiskine Golf Course image

The image below is from the hill at the end of the Shiskine Golf Course, looking north to the Kings Cave. You can walk around this hill, or hike straight over the top. Beware of the cliffs though if you hike over the top.

Kings Cave Photo Tour & Information

Kings Cave from Blackwaterfoot image

Other attractions in the Blackwaterfoot area are the Cairnhouse Riding Centre, and Machrie Moor Standing Stones.

Cairnhouse Riding Centre

Photo Tour of the Machrie Moor Standing Stones