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Alloway Gardens are on the south side of Alloway village, next to the Brig O Doon Hotel and Alloway Old Bridge, made famous by the poet Robert Burns tale of Tam O Shanter.

The Burns Monument and Memorial Gardens were designed by Thomas Hamilton, as seen to the left of the Hotel.

The gardens were completed in 1823 with them opening to the public on the 4th July of that year. The gardens also contain statues of Tam O Shanter and Souter Johnnie.

There are three entrances to the gardens, this one in the image below, another down by the Old Bridge, and an other at the north end, by the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum.

The Hotel has a popular bar diner, cafe, and scenic beer garden next to the River Doon.

Alloway Gardens entrance image

The Gardens have a number of seating areas, ideal for lazing around in good weather.

Alloway Gardens image

The main attraction in the Gardens is the Robert Burns Memorial. You can enter the Memorial and make your way to the top for good views over Alloway and the Old Brig O Doon.

Burns Memorial Alloway Gardens image

The image below is of the Statue House in the Gardens.

Alloway Gardens Statue House image

The image below is of the inside of the Statue House showing the Statues of Nanse Tunnock, Tam O'Shanter and Souter Johnnie, carved from local stone by James Thom.

Alloway Gardens Statues image

The image below is of the Brig O Doon from the Burns Memorial.

Brig O Doon image

The image below is from the Burns Memorial building looking towards the main entrance and Brig O Doon Hotel.

Alloway Burns Monument View image