Glaisnock House

Glaisnock Mansion House, built around 1833, 1 mile south of Cumnock, was designed by James Ingram of Kilmarnock for a Mr James Allason. The house has been extended over the years to what can be seen today.

Glaisnock House


Glaisnock House

Little is known about the Allason's accept they were high ranked in the military and involved in politics.

In the mid 1800s, the Estate passed from the Allason family to Captain Robert Campbell of Auchmannoch in the parish of Sorn.

The estate was broken up around 1949 with the mansion being bought by the County Council. The Council opened Glaisnock in 1952 as a junior secondary school. The school specializing in rural education, took in boarders as well as day pupils. Glaisnock was operated as a four year school from 1968 until its closure in June 1973.

The house gradually fell into disrepair as it was being used as a residential centre for outdoor studies.

In 2005, a £6 million refurbishment plan got underway to transform Glaisnock House into a European Centre for Creativity. That work was being carried out when the image above was taken.

In 2015, the house seems to be abandoned, although in good condition with security in place. Not sure if the refurbishment in 2005 was ever completed, and if it was ever used as a Centre for Creativity.