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A list of Solicitors in Ayrshire with websites, phone numbers and reviews where available.

All solicitors can acquire legal aid for you if you qualify for legal aid.

Adding reviews of the company you use can help others pick the right company for them.

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McLennan Adam Davis / Ayr

We specialise in Family Law, Wills & Executry, Road Traffic Prosecutions and Criminal Defence with a reputation for not holding back in the defense of our clients.

McLennan Adam Davis
13 Alloway Place
Tel : 01292 844 859

McLennan Adam Davis Solicitors Ayr image

AC White Solicitors / Ayr

We cover Criminal Law, Employment Law, Family & Child Law, Guardianships, Mental Health, Powers of Attorney, Property Sales, Wills & Executries.

AC White
23 Wellington Square
Tel : 01292 266 900

AC White Solicitors Ayr image

Austin Kelly & Co Solicitors / Irvine

The services in which we specialise are: House purchase, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Long term care, Personal injury and damages, Wills, Trusts and Executry Estates.

Austin Kelly & Co Solicitors
29 Bridgegate
KA12 8BJ
Tel : 01294 275 215

Austin Kelly Co Solicitors Irvine image

Black Hay / Ayr & Prestwick

Services provided are: House purchase and sale, House rental/factoring, Trusts and Estates, Civil and Criminal Court work, Divorce and Separation, Family and Child Law (Accredited Family law Specialist and Family Law Mediator), Employment and Tribunal work, Commercial Leasing and Conveyancing, Licensing.

Black Hay
5 Wellington Square
Tel: 01292 268 988

Black Hay
45-47 Main Street
Tel : 01292 477 235

Black Hay/Ayr image

Digby Brown Solicitors / Ayr

Our Ayr office is home to specialist personal injury lawyers in areas such as: Road Traffic Accidents, Accidents at Work, Motorcycle Accidents & General Accidents.

Digby Brown Solicitors
24 Sandgate
Tel : 0333 200 5925

Digby Brown Solicitors Ayr image

Jas Campbell & Co. / Saltcoats

We cover all aspects of law including Commercial Law, specialising in agriculture, EC law, information technology, commercial property and leasing, litigation and licensing laws; Family Law with expertise in child law, divorce, separation and more.

Jas Campbell & Co.
57 Dockhead Street
KA21 5EH
Tel: 01294 464 301

Jas Campbell & Co. Solicitors Saltcoats image

Carruthers Curdie Sturrock & Co / Kilmarnock

We specialise in the administration of Estates of clients who have died, life-assurance, mortgage arrangements and investments in stocks and bonds (we do not however advise on pensions), help with purchase or sale or leasing of commercial properties and farms, specialise in licensing work, Industrial Tribunals or at planning appeals, defend prosecutions against you under the Road Traffic Acts, Factories Acts or other statutes.

Carruthers Curdie Sturrock & Co
1 Howard Street
Tel : 01563 572 727

Carruthers Curdie Sturrock & Co/Kilmarnock image

D & J Dunlop / Ayr

We cover sll court matters - with or without Legal Aid, Buying, selling, leasing land and properties, Wills, death duty planning and tax planning, Matrimonial and family law, Powers of Attorney and Trusts, and Executry matters following a death.

D & J Dunlop
2 Barns Street
Tel : 01292 264 091

D J Dunlop Solicitors Ayr image

Frazer Coogans Solicitors / Ayr

Providing a comprehensive suite of legal services with particular expertise in accident claims, personal injury damages, property conveyancing, divorce and family law, wills, estates and executries.

Frazer Coogans
46 Dalblair Road
Tel : 01292 280 499

Frazer Coogans Solicitors/Ayr image

Kilpatrick & Walker / Ayr

We specialize in Property Law, Business & Commercial Law, Agricultural Law, Leasing, Wills, Estates and Trusts.

Kilpatrick & Walker
4 Wellington Square
Tel : 01292 618 585

Kilpatrick Walker Solicitors Ayr image

Lockharts / Ayr

We cover individuals, families and private businesses in areas such as Criminal law, Business law, Agricultural law, Wills, Estate Planning, Trusts and Charities.

12 Beresford Terrace
Tel : 01292 265 045

Lockharts Solicitors Ayr image

Martin & Company Solicitors / Ayr

Offices by Ayr Sheriff Court, specializing in a wide range of court and tribunal matters including Criminal law, family law, reparation and employment law, with both Civil and Criminal Legal Aid to those who are eligible. Also much more as can be seen on the website.

Martin & Company Solicitors
2 Wellington Square
Tel : 01292 265 024

Martin & Company Solicitors Ayr image

McKinstry Company / Ayr

We specialize in Property Law, Business Law, Wills & Estates, Family Law, Litigation and Accident Claims .

McKinstry Company
39 Sandgate
Tel : 01292 281 711

McKinstry Company Solicitors Ayr image

McSherry Halliday Dale & Marshall / Ayrshire

We specialise in agricultural law, conveyancing, estate agency, business law, executries and matrimonial work offer a full range of legal services to our clients.

Tel: 01563 820 216.
Galt House, 78 East Road, Irvine KA12 0AA,
Tel: 01294 274 097.
42 Bank Street, Kilmarnock, KA1 1HA,
Tel 01563 533 121.
8 Academy Street, Troon, KA10 6HS,
Tel: 01292 313 737.

McSherry Halliday Dale & Marshall Solicitors image

Sandgate Law / Ayr

We focus on personal injury compensation claims, settling employment disputes, expertise in property, conveyancing and executry work.

Sandgate Law
34 Dalrymple Street
KA26 9AE
Tel: 01292 292 933

Sandgate Law Ayr image

Smith & Valentine / Girvan

We focuses on buying and selling property (conveyancing), preparation of Wills and Powers of Attorney, inheritance and other tax planning, trust and executry administration, matrimonial and family matters together with a wide range of services to our commercial clients.

Smith & Valentine
34 Dalrymple Street
KA26 9AE
Tel: 01465 712 345

Smith & Valentine Solicitors Girvan image

Sprang Terras / Ayr

We concentrate on providing first class legal services with the emphasis firmly on the personal touch providing court representation for almost every event, deal with property issues, Wills & Executries and Commercial & Corporate legislation.

Sprang Terras
64 Kyle Street
Tel : 01292 288 300

Sprang Terras Solicitors Ayr image

Taylor & Henderson Solicitors / North Ayrshire

In addition to our legal services, we also offer estate agency, mortgage advice and advice on any financial advice.

51 Hamilton Street, Saltcoats,
KA21 5DX . Tel: 01294 464 341
Ritchie Street, West Kilbride,
KA23 9AL . Tel: 01294 823 888
65 High Street, Irvine,
KA12 0AL . Tel: 01294 278 306
Main Street, Kilwinning,
KA13 6AN

Tel: 01294 557 506

Taylor & Henderson Solicitors image

Wallace Hodge and Co Ltd / Ayr

We specialize in Conveyancing Wills, Civil Law, Executries and Wills, Investment Help, and we can provide expert advice on all matters of employment and company law.

Wallace Hodge and Co Ltd
6 Killoch Place
Tel: 01292 611 177

Wallace Hodge and Co Ltd Solicitors Ayr image

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